Christmas Wish

Give yourself the gift of Financial freedom this year for Christmas! December is the BEST time to join this AWESOME company, how do I know you may be asking, Because I joined in December!

Ruby Ribbon has the most stylist friendly set up of any direct sales company– most fashion companies requires stylists to purchase large quantities and inventories that costs well into the thousands with Ruby Ribbon you can be in business for less than 200.00 and no overhead or required inventory to maintain!

Do you love our shapewear? Become a Shapewear specialist, with our shapewear pop box you can be in business!  the shape pop box is easy to transport and set up as a nice display and it only costs $299


Do you love our Shaping essentials? Become a legging specialist, with our Essentials business kit, you can be in business for $299


Do you love our fashion? become a Fashion specialist with our ambassador kit you can be in business for $199


Do you love it all? Become a personal stylist and with our ultimate kit you can be in business for as little as 599 up to $649top-to-bottom599ultimate649

Will Ruby Ribbon be under your tree this year? You will be so happy you jumped in! go to for more information or contact me at




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