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Thought of doing what I do? In order to answer that, I guess you need to know what it is that I do! I host…


Thought of doing what I do?

In order to answer that, I guess you need to know what it is that I do!

I host this fashion oriented blog, posting at least 3-4 times per month (most of the time it is more and sometimes less, depends on my schedule)

I help women feel confident in their skin with Ruby Ribbon’s amazing foundation pieces, wardrobe basics, on trend fashion and now even Swim❤

I regularly post on social media, IG, FB, Twitter, and SC a fun part of my job

Well my entire job is so so much fun! I get paid to shop and play dress up, where else can you say that’s your job? 

I set my own hours, I am in Grad school, I have a full-time job day job so with Ruby Ribbon I am able to set my own hours some weeks I only post on Social media and write on my blog, while other weeks I take my business in a box to a local coffee shop or Salon, while other weeks I schedule Trunk shows where I take my entire rack out on the road, while other weeks I am able to schedule a couple of PSA’S  (personal style appointments).

Maybe you are reading this thinking you have a lot on your plate and couldn’t add another thing to it, believe me my plate is FULL but a really good friend once told me if you want to get something done ask a busy woman 😊

One of the things I LOVE about Ruby Ribbon is it can work for every woman in all walks of life, any age, any background.  Guess what one party per quarter can keep you as an Active Stylist, who doesn’t need girl time 4 times per year? Every woman goes shopping 4 times per year anyway so they could shop with you! 

We have stylists who have replaced their corporate career with Ruby Ribbon, they are bringing home a six figure income😆🌟🎉

Ruby Ribbon’s commission checks are growing to monumental levels for direct sales company! Most stylists make anywhere from 75-100 per hour, WOW!!!

During the month of April you could get up to 100.00 off your starter kit, this is HUGE so you could be in business for less than $200.00🎉

We have so many options for you

🎀Ambassador- you get an outfit and shapewear in your kit, this kit option is a great option for those who love Ruby Ribbon and want to give the stylist option a test drive, those who want to work casual time

🎀 Shapewear  Specialists- you get our business in a box option as your kit including all shapewear in various sizes. You can purchase your wardrobe at a discount or earn money while shopping 

🎀wardrobe stylists- you will get all of our awesome leggings (get a tummy tuck in each pair😉) skirts Too

🎀fashionista’s- this kit option will give you all the on trend fashion pieces (currently we are in Summer) 

🎀swimwear specialists- we are the very first company to bring shapewear into the comfort if your own home, we will personally fit clients and style swimwear for clients in the privacy of their home

Go to this website to see our CEO explain our Amazing Opportunity 

I would love to have you on my Royal Rubies team👑

You can e-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com 

Or go to my Ruby Ribbon website to join 

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