I love receiving happy mail

Just for working my business in August(let me just say that I had an amazing month, and it wasn’t hard at all, more like fun!!!)

My amazing team director Susan decided to have a friendly contest for August and guess who was one of the 4 winners????

Me I was a winner😁

She had 2 contests and I was in the running for both prizes… wow, that hasn’t happened in a long time, I forgot how fun it was to work your business(especially when there is q potential gift😊)

Today I went to the mailbox and there was a package peeking out😍

Look what I won

The demiette in cheetah, look how cute it is paired with my briefs😍

So guess what if you purchase 2 this month at $118.00 you can get a pair of leggings for 39 or 69.00

118.00 +39= 157 (free shipping)

118.00 +69= 187 (free shipping and tax is on me)

For any purchase of $100.00 you can add a suedette or leather legging for 69.00 or ponte for 39.00

While we are taking about great deals of you gather your friends for a virtual facebook party and the orders equals $1,000 you will get a ponte jacket for FREE (up to a $99 value) plus 10% of your show($1,000 will give you $100.00 FREE Ruby Ribbon plus a few 50% off items!!!

Fashionably yours