About me:

My name is Danielle Chapman
I joined Ruby Ribbon 12-18-2013 because WV did not have a stylist. 
I have had big goals since joining this awesome company and I am seeing each being fulfilled! I was not looking for an opportunity when I joined Ruby Ribbon, however I loved the products and when the home office told me that we had zero stylists in WV, I knew I had to change that, so I quickly decided to join.  Without seeing a trunk show I jumped in with both feet and started my business.  Within one month of joining I had promoted to senior Stylist which was my first goal with the company. I was really excited and eager to see where Ruby Ribbon would take me.
My next goal of achieving the career title of Leader was accomplished 1 year after joining and now I have a goal to be a director with this company! 

I am a Certified Medical Coder, who teaches at a local college during the day.  I absolutely love my job and would not trade it for the world but I see Ruby Ribbon as being a creative outlet to keep me busy while earning a true second income for my family.  I also like to escape to my creative Corner to create scrapbooks, jewelry and other DIY items!