Opening the box–JoAnn Fabrics

A couple of weeks ago JoAnn’s had an amazing sale a couple of weeks ago on the prima traveler journal, which I had to have when I first saw it online(cue the heart eyes!!!)

I loved the look of it, not to mention the included zippered pouch(wow how helpful that would be)

While I was shopping I found a lot of Prima dolls that I didn’t have yet so I put them in my cart too(lots of gorgeous projects coming soon!)

Lets open the box


21432958_1646890462055999_1421590266401330153_n29543261_1646890538722658_2115508208125383900_n29683172_1646890648722647_3076479109678525574_nokay I am so excited right now!

Here is a closer look inside the box(yippee)

The Prima Traveler Journal- I have never seen a more gorgeous yet functional traveler journal I LOVE it!!!Already 🙂


Here are the prima dolls and princess’

I cannot wait to open them and get to stamping some gorgeous projects… I have so many ideas!!!

Happy Crafting!

Introductions and welcome to my blog

I am a college instructor by day, medical coding to be exact but I teach all the allied health classes like med term, anatomy, disease, coding…. I absolutely love my job so I never really thought about social commerce, but when the opportunity to become a Ruby Ribbon stylist came to me last year I jumped on the opportunity.  I can now say I am an independent stylist for Ruby Ribbon now as my second job, I am a crafter by night sell a little on ETSY and I blog about my crafts here.  I love to scrapbook and make jewelry so along with other posts you will definitely see some DIY craft related blog posts!

The purpose of this blog is to mainly showcase Ruby Ribbon, I want to also review fashion, tech/gadgets, share recipes, tutorials, craft DIYs, pinterest finds, shopping deals I find,  Travels and much more!

Where did the blog name come from, more than girdles well one day I was explaining to someone what Ruby Ribbon was and they said “oh you sell girdles” I replied “oh but we are more than girdles!” and thus a blog was born.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog!  Look for opportunities to guest blog, giveaways and Ruby Ribbon promotions!