Searching for…

The perfect cross-body purse

I have been searching for 3 months for the perfect crossbody purse

The ones I have found were either too big too little the wrong color(really wanting a red bag)

Had my heart set on Michael Kors and when I was on vacation went to the Michael Kors store and was disappointed I could not find it😫

I searched online and found it… but you know about buying designer bags online, never know if it will be authentic, so I tried to find at Macys I couldn’t, so I kind of gave up on this particular bag… still looking for red

Super cute crossbody bags both red at Macys backstage pass but a little on the small side so I passed and continued looking

I went to and found what I thought was the perfect bag, just look at it, even had a bow(girls with bows have more fun🎀

One the bag came in it was not big enough to hold my sunglasses case(a must especially in summer and travel) and it was orange😫

I went to Target after finding this gorgeous red bag online

The feel of it was rough and it was mini as in so tiny too tiny 😂

I went to Marshall’s and found the PERFECT crossbody bag and nope it isnt red lol 😂😂😂

I don’t have any bags this color or shape or style. It hold all of my necessities plus room for more🤗

I was so focused on a red bag I almost missed out on this beautiful bag that feels luxurious(vegan leather… oh so soft)

I don’t know if your Marshall’s/TJ maxx will have it but it doesnt hurt to look😉

Happy shopping

Plus Sized fashion tips using Ruby Ribbon

I recently read an article by Instyle Magazine about dressing tips by Ashley Graham here is the link to the article

So Did you know that Ruby Ribbon offers great style options for plus sized women, We sell our line in size xs-xxxl and as many xxxl pieces sell out as xs, not to mention our award winning shapwear that will help you look fabulous in any outfit!!!
Her nine tips are
1. leather leggings
2. bright colors
3. wrap dress and tops
4. off the shoulder look
5. small prints
6. strategically show skin
7. less is more
8. fit 
9. Little black dress

How can Ruby Ribbon help?

1. We have vegan leather leggings that are absolutely gorgeous and look great on all body shapes

2. We have 2 new colors which are more muted for fall than bright but balsalm and sapphire 

3. We have a gorgeous wrap dress available in black which can also take care of number 9 too

4. We have a talented tunic for fall which can be worn over 18 different ways and one of the ways is off the shoulder

5. We have a new print for fall called the geo print it is a gorgeous print including cinnabar, and sapphire

6. We have a crocheted top in a beautiful fall color of balsam the top is crocheted and shows skin but not too much

7. we have the Judi cardigan in black now which is perfect to dress up or wear to the grocery store and errands

8. We have a ruched top our version of the v-neck tee that fits like a glove and offers a slimming look with our attached shapewear and ruching– we offer it in both short and 3/4 sleeve

9. Our little black dress is the fit and flare black dress, we have the wrap dress and for fall we have a little brown dress with vegan leather accents so we have you covered for dress selection!

Ready to try on fall call me today for your personal appointment!!!

Or click here to shop now

No matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22 I can help you feel confident inside and out!!!

Fashionably yours,



Fall is officially not here until the end of September but Ruby Ribbon’s fall line launches officially today for ordering!!! I have so many favorite pieces it is going to be hard to just pick one outfit, oh wait I don’t have to I will have everything on my rack I can choose from anytime I want, just one of the perks of being a stylist!!!! 

Fall is the best season to start your business, it is a known fact that women spend more during this season and want to party more than any other time of the year! I can help you get started today for FREE, yep I said that you can join without paying anything– interested in learning more?  call me or e-mail me at for more information!

One thing that I Love about Ruby Ribbon is the versatility of the line, with one top you can wear it 6 different ways for 6 completely different gorgeous looks(this may be my favorite top)

How cool is that, and this is not the only top we have 3 more released this season that you can wear different ways– Get more for your money– 6 tops in one!

I am scheduling trunks shows
(virtual and live) now through Sept 3rd 
Every trunk show and PSA will help me get to the beach

a virtual copy of the fabulous fall lookbook(I will be mailing out lookbooks to my VIPS do you want to be a VIP?  Let me know)

Fashionably yours

Spring 2016 Saturday lunch out outfit

Spring 2016 Saturday lunch out outfit

What type of Trunk show is the one for you?

There are new ways to do trunk shows Popping up every day!

Which show would be right for you?

1. Traditional in home/live in person trunk show
          I bring my Ruby Ribbon rack with the entire collection to your home! You invite 4-8 friends and you fix something sweet, salty, and a beverage to share with your guests. I present the Ruby Ribbon line and then guests step into the magic of Ruby Ribbon(try on) then guests get a one on one with me at my design Table (place orders, go over wishlists, and discuss business opportunity and hosting opportunity)

2. Online/Virtual Trunk Show
           I create a Facebook group, you will invite all of your friends and family to join group.  I post pics and info about Ruby Ribbon for a week! Then I set up my Ruby Ribbon Rack and get online for a webinar lasting 30 mins, orders are placed directly through my e-commerce website at

3. Catalog party
       This is where you take catalogs to friends and family (this option works best if the guests have experienced Ruby Ribbon before) if local tou can also take a bag of Cami’s and or leggings to show off
Your catalog party can be open for 7-14 days

4. SOLO Fashion shoes
       This is where I bring my entire Ruby Ribbon collection to you in a suitcase! You invite friends and family to come over and you basically play dress up with Ruby Ribbon! Inside the suitcase is everuthing you will need, including; RR, fit guide, cami  fit explaination, catalogs, order forms, wishlist, and booking/opportunity packets! SOLO Fashion shows have been very successful in other areas, I am excited to try I’m WV!!!
           Who will be my first Fashion Show   hostess?

5. After work party
      The after work option is a traditional trunk show but instead of being in your home it is at your office! A fun way to end a day/week at work with your coworkers

6. Personal Styling Consultation turned Trunk Show
      Schedule a 45 min PSC with me and invite 3 friends to join, after all it is always more fun to shop with friends! I bring Ruby Ribbon to you for a personal wardrobe/style Consultation, and when you invite 3 friends to join you will get rewarded for sharing our secret! Remember you+3=FREE

Which option is best for you?
I also do themed parties for traditional trunk shows— traditional trunk shows are perfect for your girls night out!!!

Host a trunk show, my calendar fills up fast, my goal is to do 2 traditional shows, 2 one on ones, 2 SOLO Fashion shows and 1 virtual party per month!!!

Fashionably yours
Danielle Chapman