How to accentuate your shape the best way!!!

What shape are you? Have you ever wondered what shape you are?
Everyone wants to be an hourglass of course but we can all be gorgeous in our own skin and shape!!!
That is what this page is here to do, help you own  your body shape!

We have all heard of the famous hourglass and women all over work at getting this shape but there are other shapes to be had
1. oval- also referred to as apple
3.Inverted triangle
4. rectangle
5. triangle- also referred to as pear
6. thin column- also referred to as banana or pencil

Now lets figure out what shape you are!

Hour glass

  • defined bust
  • defined waist
  • neat bottom
  • neat hips

Full hour glass

  • bigger thighs
  • rounded bottom and hips
  • small waist
  • full bust


  • rounder shoulder line
  • flat bottom
  • average to large bust
  • fullness around the middle
  • good legs

Inverted triangle

  • bottom half smaller
  • little definition between waist and hips
  • flat hips and bottom
  • straight and squared shoulder line


  • full hips(saddle bags)
  • defined waist
  • shoulders that are narrower than hips
  • small top half
  • small bust

thin column

  • narrow shoulders
  • flat/small bust
  • small and non-defined waist
  • narrow hips
  • flat bottoms


  • straight shoulder line
  • straight rib cage
  • straight hips and bottom
  • very little waist definition
  • average tummy