Private Styling Consultations

Interested in Ruby Ribbon but not interested in hosting a trunk show?

How about a private Styling consultation?

Set up an appointment with me your independent stylist

Appointments take from 30-90 minutes depending on what type of consultation you choose

  • Shapewear consultation- I will bring Ruby Ribbon shapewear– personally size you to ensure you get proper fit the first time!  (30 mins)

  • Shaping essentials consultation- I will bring the Ruby Ribbon shaping essential line to introduce you to fit you and design a look for you! (30 mins)

  • Fashion consultation- I will bring the ruby ribbon fashion line for you to try and create outfits for the season(30 mins)

  • The Ruby Ribbon consultation- I will bring the entire line and personally fit and create outfits for you!  (60-90 mins)

You will only find this type of service of personally fitting and styling around shapewear through an independent stylist– you definitely will not find this type of service in a department store.

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