About Redefine your closet with Danielle

I am mid-thirties and loving it!

Christian Single and Blessed

I am a fur mommy to Fresno he is a Norweigan Forrest cat and he is my child!!! An aunt to 4 amazing little girls(6,4, twins 1)! I am a family oriented girl who loves to spend time with her family on their family farm!

This blog is my creative outlet and my second job

During the day I am a full-time Medical Auditor and compliance officer at a very large group physician practice and Medical School, also sometimes I am a coder and biller too(certified in that)

I graduated in 2018 with my Masters degree in Public Health
In 2007 I graduated with my Medical Codign Degree and in 2010 I graduated with my bachelors degree! I have the following certifications(CPC, CPMA, CRC, CPC-I)

I am also a direct sales girl, loving that journey too!!!

Hi, I am Danielle

This blog was born September 2014, I was working with a direct sales company at the time and on my way to leadership, I was so excited and I wanted to share it with the world! That direct sales company was a fashion company so it made sense to call this blog Redefine your closet with Danielle!

We have so many closets when we stop and think…

Okay you have your…

  • Food closet– this is where you will find my easy yet yummy recipes, food reviews and restaurant reviews
  • Prayer closet– This is where you will find spiritual and faith based blog posts and my Bible Study reviews
  • Jewelry closets– some may call them jewelry boxes– This is where you will find all of my style drops, and curated looks with Park Lane jewelry
  • Clothes closet- This is where you will find all of my fashion related posts my favorite shopping locations and some shopping guides
  • Personal closets– This is where you will find my Travel journals, product reviews, personal posts(I try not to get too mushy)
  • Craft and DIY closets– This is where you will find my craft projects and my planning and digital downloads

My goal and mission of this blog is to help you Redefine your closet by helping you

  • Cook delicious family friendly meals that are easy and perfect for those busy weeknights
  • Build a stronger spiritual life through prayer and Bible study
  • Sparkle on the outside with gorgeous jewelry that wont break the bank
  • Discover your personal style and learn that shopping from the clearance rack can be fun!
  • Share my love of Travel and products that I have used (you wont find random product reviews here… on;y items that I have used)
  • Help you redefine your plans- with my digital downloads you will be able to plan out your day, week, month and year and you will find that you have extra time left in your days all while getting all your tasks completed!

I am so glad you decided to stop by and spend time in my corner of the internet



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Jewelry Stylist


Cook/ recipe creator


Business owner


Product reviewer


A little bit about my past experiences

Personal Stylist and Leader Ruby Ribbon
I was the first stylist in the entire state of WV, and the youngest leader of the company(a huge accomplishment) We sold shapewear and fashion essentials but it was more about helping women feel confident in her skin!

Personal Stylist and Area Leader with Park Lane Jewelry
Jewelry changes everything, helps boost our moods, we smile more when we wear jewelry, it is the vehicle to get compliments which boosts our confidence! When we wear jewelry we are completely dressed and ready to tackle what the day has for us! I LOVE curating personal unique looks for my customers and sharing fashion with my readers

I began blogging about my crafts in 2008(creative corner) and began blogging here on this blog in 2014

ETSY shop owner
Although I am not active I do have an ETSY shop to share my handcrafted greeting cards and scrapbook accessories