Getting Dressed should be fun!!!

Are you overwhelmed every time you open your closet door?
Do you want to know your personal style?
Would you like to feel like a model every day?
Do you struggle knowing what jewelry to wear with your outfit?
Would you like to redefine your closet?
You have come to the right place!!!

Getting dressed should be FUN!!!

Blackstone Grill Review

The best time to buy could be at the end of a season, if you can make it through thr current season! Walmart had a grill on sale and it got me thinking… Time to start looking for next year’s grill, as my grill is pretty much seen better days, it woukd cost more replacing…

Taco shells and cheese

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, her way of cooking is my style and not to mention her line at Walmart!!!! on our way home from vacation I saw her post this recipe on IG and thought it would be easy and yummy to fix once home…

Southern Chicken Parm Pizza

Nothing quite like southern style chicken and pizza so why not do a mash up? To create chicken Parm pizza!!! This recipe uses frozen bread dough and frozen chicken nuggets to create this pillowy fluffy crispy pizza crust! perfect for busy weeknights from prep to table in 30 minutes!!!! Do you love chicken Parm? You…


Today more than ever before Self-Care is important! For years I thought self-care was selfish but there is a reason that flight attendants tell you in case of loss of pressure oxygen masks will drop from above, please secure your mask before helping others. Have we ever stopped to think about that? Loss of oxygen…

Deluxe Veggie macaroni salad

Love macaroni salad? every-time I eat macaroni salad it reminds me of family reunions and summer cookouts! This is macaroni salad with a little twist! can you guess what the secret ingredient is? well are you ready for the recipe now? okay here it is

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