Trendy earrings

I have created some really cute trendy earrings wanted to share here

Creative corner is the name of my craft studio and ETSY shop, unfortunately I have had to temporarily close my shop because I do not have time to dedicate to my shop

I wanted to share them here and if you are interested let me know I can sell them through this blog along with my statuonary/greeting cards

Tear drops
Classic bar
Lucy in the sky
WV state teardrops
Marigold yellow
We Are Marshall
Bubblegum pink

More colors and shapes coming. These earrings are made to order(keep in mind that colors may vary from what is shown)

Production time is 5-7 days with shipping

Let me know which one you would like

Leather earrings- $8.00

Leather earrings with charms -$10.00

Tassel earrings- $10.00

Buy 2 for $12.00

Buy 3 for $15.00

Buy 4 for $18.00

The more you buy the more you save

Let me know which one you want in the comments or email me

Dreaming of the beach

So it is April and we have all probably began dreaming, thinking and probably planning for our summer vacations!

It snowed yesterday at my house but that did not stop my daydream of the beach 🙂

Ruby Ribbon has you covered with gorgeous swimwear, swimwear might I add that will make you look and feel like the most gorgeous girl on the beach or at the pool!

our famous shapewear that we all love has now transformed the entire swimwear experience! we have invisishape a patented technology you will not find anywhere else!

So you go ahead and go to Target and get that swimsuit for $10.00 just remember when it doesn’t hold up after one time use and when it doesn’t tuck everything in and make you look fabulous you could have had a Ruby Ribbon swimsuit!

Come on you know you want one go ahead and treat yourself you deserve it!!!

We have options that will take you from pool to patio all of our tankini tops are appropriate to wear as tops away from the pool or beach, yes you heard that right, I wear my tankini top all the time with denim capri or maxi skirts!!!

We fit everyone from xs-xxl and honestly sell as many xs as xxl– when women try our swimsuits on they say “wow I have not worn a swimsuit for ____ years”, or “man I look good!!!”

Try one on for yourself if you are not completely satisfied we accept returns for 30 days(do not remove the protective lining from the swim bottom and keep the poly bag the swimsuit comes in for a hassle free return (you will not be returning this swimsuit)

I challenge you to order a swimsuit

If we know your cami size we know your swimsuit size,

how to size a cami- bra band size

how to size a swimsuit add 4 to the bra band size

34(bra band size)+4= 8
36+4= 10

Ready to see the gorgeous line?

okay here we go

you will want to go here to shop for swimsuit

Do you budget?

Finances, debt, bills, paychecks can be overwhelming

I am going to attempt to budget on 2020

I am going to post this here today so I can track my progress with building a better budget/spending debt to income ratio

I mean I don’t even go to the mall, I really dont spend money???

Where does all of my money go?

I dont eat out or order in that much

Bill’s, groceries, gas all of which are necessities for me

I purchased Dave Ramseys book

Are you struggling with finances, budgets, or money in general? Are you curious on how to budget? check out my favorite Instagram accounts

  • Dave Ramsey
  • The budget mom
  • Budgetqueen_blog
  • Easy Budget- merrily

Curious about budgeting? Follow along I will be posting money Mondays a special day dedicated to ways to save and budget

The Red Line Diner

This nostalgic restaraunt was one of my favorites growing up

We went Friday and the food was just as good as I remember

If you are ever in the St. Albans area of West Virginia this is a worthwhile stop, rightboff the exit at St. Albans

They have a full menu to choose from including diner classics… cheeseburgers, philly cheesesteaks, fries, as well as pizza and italian dishes

Desserts include milkshakes and fried oreos

Look the menu up online Here

The Demiette

I can not express to you how much I love the Ruby Ribbon Demiettes 🥰

My posture is greatly improved for the price of a bra maybe a tad bit more(depending on which style you choose)

We have a demiette for tour everyday look, as well as a more glamorous occasion

This is not your grandmothers shapewear!!! You know what I am talking about you know the ones that have metal stays and itchy lace and make you feel like a stuffed sausage😫 and absolutely NO underwire

With Ruby Ribbon you will find support, smoothing, shaping, back support, under arm smoothing, and core smoothing (if you choose a cami, torsette, slip,or full body shaper

The demiette is as close to a sports bra you can get without being a sports bra 😂

You know one thing I discovered after wearing nothing but a demiette for a week then going back to a bra for a few days?

  • No adjusting straps
  • No tugging at the bra to readjust the girls no uncomfortable trap like feeling from the underwire
  • Everything stays place until you move it
  • The girls look lifted and larger(wow I was amazed)

See we have a demiette for every occasion

Try one on today you’ll be glad you did!!!

Shop here

Have you tried one already?

What do you think? Comment below we would love to hear!!!

Intermittent fasting

So new diet trends pop up continually, some are so outlandish with such strict rules no one can be successful!

Most recently I decided not only did I want to loose some extra unwanted weight but I also wanted to feel healthier

I began researching some diets that I thought perhaps I could try… when I ran across intermittent fasting the 16:8 ratio the fast for 16 hours eat for 8 hour plan

I remember a time I did not like breakfast, rarely if ever did I eat breakfast. Until I grew a bit older and saw where breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I started eating breakfast daily

The 16:8 fast you would essentially not eat breakfast your first and largest meal would be lunch at 12:00 (noon) you will have a midday snack a dinner and after dinner snack stopping all eating at 8PM

So then I began thinking could I do this? I mean there are days i felt i would never make it to lunch after eating breakfast so how would i do skipping breakfast?

The first day was no too bad it was Thursday, I packed some extra snacks in case I couldn’t make it. I drank 17 ounces of water all morning… it was 11 AM 1 hour to go I began getting hungry I was determined at that point to make it!!

For lunch that day I enjoyed my noodles with broccoli and cheese, and a little debbie oatmeal cake. I drank 17 ounces of water after lunch

For dinner I had half portion mashed potatoes, half bucket steak gravy and double portion zucchini

I was pleasantly full and felt very successful ready to tackle this intermittent fasting, I felt lighter inside and I felt overall good

Friday went well no breakfast again lunch was veggie tacos from chipotle dinner was left overs… again felt GREAT

Saturday I decided to have breakfast so I switched up my fast and started eating at 9AM and quit eating at 5(I am not too strict on myself)

Sunday I did not fast at all except the last thing I ate was before 8 so I could resume fasting schedule werk 2

So far so good, I actually feel better, feel more energized I reat better my tummy feels better, I hope to loose my weight too but overall I am already very pleased with the lifestyle change AKA the diet

I will post more in the coming days… werks about my progress

I urge you to research this diet it may not be for you but then again it might just be the easiest most effective diet ever!!!