Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own that i developed myself with all of my education and training in the medical field, I am not and do not claim to be a doctor, my references are listed at the end of this post. As always this blog is just to share my opinions and is not meant to be taken as official medical advice, check with your doctor before making any medical decision.

Hypoxia defined- Hypoxia is a condition or state in which the supply of oxygen is insufficient for normal life functions; hypoxemia is a condition or state where there is a low arterial oxygen supply — in some publications these terms are used interchangeably.(https://www.medicinenet.com/hypoxia_and_hypoxemia/article.htm)

The supply of oxygen is reduced not sufficient to maintain homeostasis(balance- this is the place we are when everything is working properly and we are healthy, this is the goal to be in homeostasis all the time).

What are the signs and symptoms of hypoxia?

  • changes in the color of a persons skin(red, white, blue)
  • cough
  • confusion
  • fast heart rate(tachycardia)
  • rapid breathing(tachypnea)
  • shortness of breath
  • slow heart rate(bradycardia)
  • sweating
  • wheezing

If you are experiencing symptoms/ signs of hypoxia you need to get immediate medical attention so not to causes any long-term damage due to the lack or reduced amount of oxygen traveling through your bodt

How is hypoxia treated?

  • oxygen therapy, either with a mask or a nasal canula and sometimes medications are needed, if it is anemia causing it blood transfusion may be needed

What are the causes of Hypoxia? How does hypoxia happen?

  • Lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, pneumonia, pulmonary edema
  • Strong pain medications that block or slow down breathing rate
  • Heart problems (congestive heart failure)
  • Anemia- RBC’s carry oxygen through the body anemia is lack or absence of blood cells and could be RBCs so if you dont have as many RBCs to carry the oxygen through the body you may experience hypoxia
  • Cyanide poisoning

How can you prevent hypoxia?

  • eat a balanced diet
  • stay active and physically fit
  • get plenty of rest
  • take prescribed meds properly
  • keep a rescue inhaler handy at all times if you are an asthmatic

Now that we know what hypoxia is, what the signs and symptoms of hypoxia are and what causes hypoxia and even how hypoxia is treated lets go over what hypoxia is not.

During this covid-19 pandemic there are some who think that wearing masks will cause a person to develop hypoxia and this is just not a proven fact. I cannot say that if the person suffers from restrictive lung or obstructive lung disease or Congestive heart failure and wears a mask that it would not negatively affect them but for the regular person who does not have any of those pre-existing conditions wearing a protective face covering will not cause that person to get hypoxia there has to be other factors that play into that.

Do not be scared to wear a mask, when you first put a mask on yes it is more difficult to breath and feels like you are suffocating, take a breath and try to breathe through your nose this helps with that feeling, also try putting the mask on at home while sitting in a cool calm room wear the mask for a few minutes while seated then get up and walk around, I know that the more you have the mask on the more you get use to it and are able to tolerate it for longer periods of time.


Park Lane essential 3

There are 5 essentials of jewelry that every girl needs in her jewelry box

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Chicken Fajitas

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Here is what you will need


  • Chicken


  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • Sides

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Happy day

Nursing collection

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Book Club Week 3

Week 1: Day 2

White fragility

Never have I heard of this term either, this book is full of educational facts and it is proof you are never too old to learn or continue to learn. I consider myself a professional student.

White fragility is defined as a state in which minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.

Think about that for a minute

I have experienced this first hand, remember a few posts back when I shared my very first facebook post that said I was standing with my black family, friends and those I have never met and I said “Black Lives matter!” and that post was met with so much anger so much hatred and so much ignorance.

I began seeing white fragility up close and personal and it wasn’t pretty. Sometimes the truth hurts though so here we go.

People commented on my post with words like ” it is a black problem” “I grew up in a different time and that is why I have a different perspective” “All Lives Matter” “Stop believing BLM” “BLM is a bad organization”

Everyone of those commenters were missing my point but were proving to me that white fragility is a real and a powerful thing.

Why is the phrase “Black Lives matters” so angering to some white people? I needed to figure it out, I mean you can disagree with me about a lot of things and I am fine with it I mean I can say I dont like a certain food and that food is your favorite people disagree everyday, God made us all uniquely different and so we all are not the same and that is a good thing. But when I take a stand and say that human life is precious and that black lives matter because in the past 3 months we know of 4 major killings of black individuals their lives are in danger, we have to recognize that we must recognize that.

Once reading this book with this particular chapter it all made perfect sense to me. White people have always been on top always had the upper hand and always had the advantage, the supreme group of people, the best, the center of attention, and now the “Black Lives Matter” movement is taking that away making white people feel uncomfortable feeling like white lives are not as important. (this is not the case at all but how often do you see a white person get pulled over get yanked out of their car thrown onto the ground in a choke hold or shot by police…. I will give you a second you may need to read that question again…. not very often if ever!!! On the contrary we see it happen far too often with people of color, it isn’t right it has to stop, their lives matter too!

When responding to Black Lives matter statement with “All lives matter” it makes white people look fragile, immature, selfish, insensitive and foolish.

I encourage you the next time you read black lives matter and feel like you are getting angry or defensive take a minute before you respond, consider why are you getting so angry, what would God say about the statement, look inward are you perhaps part of the problem?

the song that we teach our children to sing in children’s church Jesus loves the children

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world
red or yellow black and white they are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world

Did you ever notice that white is the last to be named? Hmmmm that is something to think about!

White fragility is trying to justify to others you are not a racist. When people have to say it out loud to other people it is a good sign that they exhibit racial tendencies or racial bias or are in fact racist.

It is not enough to be Not a racist we have to be Anti-racist

ways infections spread

with Covid-19 in full swing some may be confused or even curious on how infections can spread so I wanted to share my knowledge of epidemiology with you my readers.

My educational background: I have a Masters degree in Public health, I am a medical auditor and compliance officer for a multi-specialty group practice. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be all of the opinions reflected in this article are mine I will also link out to all of my references so you can research further on your own.

I believe everyone should be able to confirm facts that have been put out there for themselves don’t just take peoples word for it.

Ways infections spread

  • respiratory droplets contain the infection in the case of COVID-19 it is the virus, when people speak, sing, cough, sneeze, and breathe these respiratory droplets exit the body and can land on other people or surfaces that other people can then touch and contract by then touching their face afterward.
  • Blood– some infections can be transmitted through contact with blood the best example of this is HIV. when the infected persons blood comes in contact with another person the infection can be transmitted.
  • Fecal matter– some infections are transmitted through contact with fecal matter. Very important to wash hands after using the restroom for this reason, if you use the restroom and don’t wash your hands elements from your bowel movement could be on your hands and then when you touch your face(bite your fingernails) eat a meal that bacteria is then passed into your body and could make you sick.

Helpful definitions

  • Vectors– anything that carries the infectious disease such as a insect
  • Contaminated food– Ecoli, Salmonella can enter the body through under cooked food.
  • Community spread– this is when people pass the infection/ virus to each other
  • Nosocomial infections– when someone contracts the infection/ virus from being hospitalized
  • Direct contact– person to person
  • Indirect contact– when the infectious disease is transmitted via a vector(mosquito, tick…) or through touching common surfaces.

We have multiple layers of defenses against infections

  • Skin is the 1st layer defense against infections and when it is intact you are protected from such types of infection transmission, when there is a cut, scrape open wound or needle stick this is when the protection is broken and a person is susceptible to contracting the infection.
  • Immune system- White blood cells, T-Cells, Lymphocytes
  • normal flora- this is normal good for you bacteria that live on and in the body


COVID-19 is a respiratory illness and is spread through respiratory droplets the virus is inside these droplets and once they are in the air they will begin to descend on whatever surface is nearest to it(unsuspecting person, object such as counter top, doorknob, wall, floor…) The virus does not just float or fly around in the air it is contained within those droplets(we cannot see with our naked eye) once it is on a surface the droplet can dry leaving the virus behind, it is still unclear exactly how long the virus can live on surfaces outside the host. Which is why it is imperative to continue good hand washing hygiene and to disinfect common touched surfaces regularly.

How to prevent the spread

  • Hand washing is the number one way to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases
  • PPE– wearing Personal protective equipment such as face coverings and gloves when dealing with an infected person- keep in mind that in order to protect yourself you must wear the PPE properly
  • social distancing– keeping a safe distance from people you don’t know or if you know they are infected
  • cook food properly according to directions refrain from eating raw meat/eggs
  • clean surfaces in kitchen when preparing meat so not to cross contaminate utensils
  • disinfect commonly touched surfaces
  • cough into elbow not hand (you will touch your face or a common area after and could transmit infection)
  • sneeze into elbow away from others
  • refrain from touching your face as much as possible(this is harder than it would seem, wearing a mask helps with that)
  • Stay home if you have a known infectious disease, don’t go to work, school, church or into the community(grocery store, restaurant, mall…) Even if you feel better, you could be shedding the virus actively consult with your doctor to see when it is safe to return to the community.

OPINIONS- everyone has one so do I

There are so many opinions on masking and social distancing now and new ones are popping up everyday that it can be confusing and somewhat difficult to make a decision for your personal health and safety

I will tell you that my opinion has been and continues to be-that masks are a good thing and social distancing is a good thing and here is why

Covid-19 is a respiratory illness that is passed from person to person or from person to object to person (see description above) through respiratory droplets that are expelled from a person while speaking, singing, coughing, sneezing, breathing if those respiratory droplets get in your face it is very likely that you will contract the virus, if you wear a mask this lowers that chance, notice I said lowers that chance nothing is 100% here. being in close proximity with people is not a safe measure now, if you have a mask on it makes it safer.

I have heard from medical professionals even say masks are just for the ill like during flu season so well people don’t need a mask. That is true I agree completely but with COVID-19 there are more asymptomatic individuals who are carrying the virus and spreading the virus unknowingly so my opinion is that we should treat everyone as if they are “ill” and we should also assume we are “ill” wear our masks and stay distanced from other people.

I know and realize that none of this is fun, none of this is convenient but I would much rather wear a mask than a ventilator, think about that the next time you choose to not wear a mask.

Also it is the nicest thing anyone can do for other people right now, and Lord knows we need kindness, thinking of others during this time and wearing a mask or face covering!

When wearing a mask and coming in-contact with a covid-19 infected individual the mask is going to help prevent those droplets containing the virus from entering in, the droplets will get on the outside of the mask getting trapped before the droplet can evaporate releasing the very small virus pathogen. Yes the COVID-19 virus is super small at 1 micron that is very very small and some argue that it can get inside a cloth face covering because the cloth face coverings are not that tightly woven but as I just pointed out the cloth face covering traps the respiratory droplet which is much bigger than 1 micron and will get trapped inside the mask or on the outside of the mask before the droplet can evaporate releasing the pathogen.

I am all about the protection even as minimal as it may be, at least it is something and you are not exposed to a high virus load(the load that you are exposed to will determine how sick you get) of the virus while wearing the mask.

The only mask and it is not even 100% effective but more so than the cloth and surgical masks(not for medical use) that we the general public have access to is the N95 mask but these need to be reserved for healthcare professionals who are dealing with COVID patients up close and personal, we should not be buying N95 masks, using a cloth mask or surgical non-medical use mask are going to be effective for us because we are not in closed rooms with known COVID patients for long periods of time, there is a shortage of these medical grade PPE and we should respect that and only wear non-medical grade PPE.

I have also seen many young people my age a little older and a little younger say “oh this is a old person problem it wont affect me!” That is very ignorant thing to think and to say, COVID-19 is not a respecter of age there are children who are dying from complications to this disease now older individuals are at a greater risk for contracting the disease but anyone any age can get COVID-19

The mask is only effective if worn properly, disposed of or cleaned properly and if you don’t mess with it throughout the day(pulling it up and down multiple times, touching the outside of the mask…), there is no need to wear in a car unless you know a passenger is sick there is no need to wear inside your own home unless you know of someone who has been exposed or is ill. Leaving your home to work, play or run errands that is when having a mask handy to put on is a good idea, you may not have to wear the mask where you are going but having one ready in case you do!

See if both individuals whether you know you have COVID or not wear a mask the risk of spreading it is very low! the risk of spreading it continues to rise with less and less mask wearing so healthy or not consider wearing a mask it could save lives it could save your life!

At the end of the day you are going to have to decide what is best for you and your family I posted the links to my research below, please research it on your own, just make sure the source is reliable!

One more thought before I leave today: When seat-belts became a thing, like mandatory to wear them while driving a car people got all tore up about it saying it took their rights away when in reality it was a protective measure to save their life. When it became mandatory to put a seat-belt on if you are a merely a passenger in the car people got tore up then too, why is this? So masking is really no different, asking you to wear a mask in public is no different than asking you to put a seat-belt on or a helmet on while riding a bike it is a protective measure for you and your family.

Thanks for reading have a great day!


Flying this summer?

Have you flown Allegiant?

I absolutely love Allegiant airlines

For affordable tickets to my most favorite destination… Florida among other places but I fly to Florida 1-4 times per year to see family and it is such a convenient way to fly

Here are some tips when booking an allegianr flight

  1. Don’t get too excited when it says your flight is $29.00
    1. The flight price shown is Ala carte style
  2. Make sure you pack light try to get everything in a carry on or a checked bag but you won’t want both
  3. The flights are direct nonstop flights
  4. All food and beverage service is a paid service meaning no commentary beverage or snack unless you are an allegant Mastercard holder
  5. The best seats on the plane cost more but it is worth it
  6. Get travel insurance

Typically if you go to purchase airfare you will see a price and then once you proceed to book that flight you will see the extra government surcharge and taxes added on but for the most part the ticket price is very close to whet you end up paying.

With Ala Carte pricing you will see an amazing price of $25 $ 45 $60 dollars for a flight(wow that is amazing you say let’s go on vacation right now at that price!!!!) But then you realize that low price is one way only and you must pay a second price for your return flight(it is still low though)

Once you select your desired dates… keep on mid they don’t fly everyday and sometimes especially during non-peak season they may only have one flight per day.

Allegiant just introduced bundles recently I am not sure of the exact date. Essentially what this does is helps to lower the price of all the add-ons

The three bundles are

  1. Allegiant basic
    1. You will still need to add all your extras like bags, seats and more later on in booking process
  2. Allegiant bonus adds $118.00 per person
    1. One personal item
    2. Seat selection
    3. Carry on bag
    4. Trip flex insurance
  3. Allegiant total- adds $171.98 per person
    1. One personal item
    2. Seat selection
    3. Carry on bag
    4. Checked bag
    5. Priority access
    6. Trip flex insurance

I am going to walk you through a booking to Florida from WV

Aug 21-31

Flight price $49 each way

If I choose allegiant basic here is my total

  • Flight- $83.60
  • Taxes, carrier charge, govt fees- 112.40
  • Seats-seat selection cost $0.00-$80.00 per passenger per way
  • Priority boarding- $4-$12 per passenger per flight
  • Trip flex insurance-$8-$20 per passenger per flight
  • Carry on bag- $10-$75
  • Checked bag-$50-$75
  • In flight refreshments- $2-$7

So you can see how your $49.00 trip can quickly turn into $100s of dollars for a flight

Well so now you are probably wondering why would I be recommending Allegiant why not fly United or Delta or American…?

Well it is convenient for me, the airport is close, the flight is direct and short at 1.5 hours you’re in Florida at the beach, yes please!!! The staff feels like family, now you will probably encounter a flight attendant or too who are grumpy but 99% of my flight experiences with Allegiant have been very positive, with nice polite and friendly flight crew.

I have had 2 experiences in which my flight was severely delayed, in both instances they went above and beyond to accommodate us, the first flight that was delayed they ordered pizza hut and fed us dinner for free

The second flight that was delayed they fed us from the airport restaraunt and gave us vouchers for a free future flight!!!

Allegiant is the way to go for me and my family, quick, convenient and somewhat affordable!

Go here to see all the deals Allegiant has and where in the world they fly, hey maybe you can fly Allegiant on your next trip!!

Happy Travels

Park Lane Essential 2

Continuing my reviews/summaries of our 5 most essential pieces of jewelry

Brings us to number two the hoop earring

From small ear hugging to the largest hoops from round to oval to shapes Park Lane has a pair for you!

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During quarantine I kept thinking how cool it would be to go on a picnic. Which is probably the funniest thing ever considering I dont really like the idea of eating outside.

Then our state began its re-opening plan and made it to where restaurants who had outside eating could re-open, Okay I am good with that.

We have eaten mexican outside, pizza outside, BBQ outside, ice cream outside, sandwiches outside, fish outside… anywhere that has outdoor seating we would go.

But what about a picnic? wouldnt that be fun?

Every Friday night we (my mom and me) take my moms friend out for dinner and we call it girls night out and we typically make them into tiny adventures were we end up laughing so hard we cry, it is so much fun!

So last week after the mis adventure we had (that will have to be a whole other post on its own) I decided that this week it would be perfect time to try having a picnic!

I planned it all out, I gathered my supplies and presented the plan to my mom who said this sounds fun and lets make this a fun surprise.

I arranged to pick our friend up at 4:30PM the picnic supplies in the back of my car

we began driving, got on interstate drove for 20 minutes and got off went into Captain D’s parking lot which was empty she said “no one is here!” then there was a sign that said Drive thru only! PERFECT!!!!

We ordered our 3 piece fish meals and drove off to the local park found us a nice picnic table under a shelter and began setting everything up. I brought a tablecloth, paper plates, real silverware, sweet tea my mom made, ice and cups, salt/pepper, ketchup, ranch and lots of napkins

We had the best time eating our fish outside alone there was not anyone else there and then we packed up and left went to DQ to try the new drumstick blizzard which I am not a big fan I would rather have my heath or oreo blizzard but at least I tried it.

Have you ever had a picnic? if not you should definitely try it, super fun!

Get your exercise on

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With Ruby Ribbon’s sport collection, we are sure to be your go to for your workout attire!

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Our sport demiette got a little upgrade when we launched the zip front demiette, dont worry the zipper locks so you don’t have to worry about it unzipping while working out.

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Happy Thursday