Did you hear the news?

We are opening an online boutique!!!! We meaning myself and my sweet mommy! I cannot wait but at the same time I am shaking so…


We are opening an online boutique!!!! We meaning myself and my sweet mommy! I cannot wait but at the same time I am shaking so scared. I have done pretty much everything from direct sales to a little ETSY to retail side hustles and now opening our own boutique… this is HUGE!!!

The darkest August ever

In the midst of planning our second family beach trip of the year to Hilton Head South Carolina. We got the worst news ever.

Let me back up a few more ths prior me and my mom took a mother daughter beach trip HHI. On the way to our condo mom started coughing and she couldn’t stop. We both thought it must be pollen coming I to the car. Our vacation was one of the very best we have had. Mom continued to cough all summer.

In July I took my mommy to walk in clinic which diagnosed her with sinusitis we left with antibiotics which didn’t help. A few weeks later I tool her back to walk in clinic who diagnosed her with allergies, we left with allergy meds which also didn’t help. I took her again to the walk in clinic and finally they got a chest xray… we barely got home before they called and said get back to the hospital to get a CT scan- they found a spot on xray. We got the results that it appeared cancerous but she would need a biopsy.

The very next week we were admitted to the ICU with pneumonia she got a bronchoscopy with biopsy. After the biopsy the doctor said it looks cancerous but we will await the pathology report.

The next Tuesday I brought mom home and I cried the entire week we had some difficult conversations and then that next Friday the phone rings it was mom’s pulmonologist. My world stopped as I heard non-small cell lung cancer come out of his mouth… I was devastated my knees were weak and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I looked up at my mom standing in front of me she smiled and said it will be okay! She is so strong and I don’t even know just how strong yet.

Mom was not able to work the large team of doctors took her off work. I began filling out the massive amount of paperwork to get her leave of absence approved.

Just the 3 of us

My dad was diagnosed with leukemia when I was nine and the Lord called him home when I was ten. From then on it has just been thr three of us(mom, me, the Lord) 27 years

I began brainstorming things we could do to help out while mom is off work. I thought of really pushing my stationery store on ETSY then I thought about the possibility of opening a boutique.

We discussed it and decided

Creating a fun uplifting graphic tee boutique that helps women of all ages share her faith would be perfect!

We are creating new designs every week and eventually want to sell denim, leggings, skirts, dresses and more!!!!

Sparkle and Peony

Where did the name come from?

If you know me, you know that my favorite color is glitter, sparkle is my favorite thing- it makes me so happy!!!

My mom’s favorite flower is peonies

When naming our boutique I wanted something thst represented the both of us!!!!

Introducing Sparkle and Peony Boutique

What you will find at Sparkle and Peony

Faith inspired graphic tees and crewnecks!

Sparkle and peony boutique is where faith meets fashion- share your faith easily with our graphics

Graphic tees perfect for any age any ocassion!

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