What is direct Sales?

So, I think many still don’t quite understand what direct sales really is and therefore don’t feel the need to support it.

I am happy to share with you what it is and what it means today… right here on this blog!!!

I have been in direct sales business for over 7 years with a clothing, swim, athletic wear and intimate apparel company called Ruby Ribbon!

I joined Ruby Ribbon December 18th 2013 as the very first stylist in the entire state of WV

I worked so hard everyday promoting my new business sharing with everyone… to my surprise no one seemed interested to listen to my commercial but I kept pushing on and a little less than 1 year later I promoted to leader, the youngest leader in the small but growing company!!!

In April of this year, yes in the middle of a global pandemic I joined Park Lane Jewelry as an area leader and stylist.

Why did I join as such a time, you may be wondering?

Well for starters the global pandemic never really crossed my mind, I wasn’t really looking for an opportunity, but it found me and I could not pass it up.

I love the quote by Sheryl Sandberg

If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship don’t ask what seat, just get on!

And that is pretty much what I did with both companies,

With Ruby Ribbon it was all so very new, I mean the company was around 1 year old and the opportunity to grow and flourish building a business and earning money was just too good to pass up.

With Park Lane, they have been in business for over 60 years(65 actually) but the opportunity was too great to pass up… I mean the opportunity to earn $1500 worth of jewelry every month, the opportunity to build a business and earn income, the opportunity to earn 2 all expense paid vacations per year and the opportunity to drive a white Mercedes…yea to good not to pass up.

I am very discouraged when I see or hear people talk about direct sales negatively and say they wouldn’t support it.

I am to the point now I think it is ignorance (not knowing what direct sales truly is) rather than being intentionality mean.

So what is direct sales?

For me it is a creative outlet for me and a turnkey business where I can make an income immediately without any overhead or additional business expenses

When you are single and almost 34 🙋‍♀️ you really have to do what you can to bring the money in, with no help paying bills or extra money to help put food on the table like you have when you are married, it can be quite stressful at times worrying about paying bills and making it to the next paycheck all while eating, surviving.

Direct sales helps to cushion that and helps to alleviate the financial burden or stress.

When you are married but perhaps a stay at home mom, your family is in the same situation as mine with one income coming into the home, direct sales can allow the mom to make some additional income for her family all while staying at home doing the most important job anyone can do, raise children.

Whether you are single, married, dating, engaged, mom, single mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, or even widowed Direct sales can work for you.

Just like you get up everyday and go to a job whether you stand on a sales floor, sit at a desk or work construction 🚧

We too get up everyday and go to work, we work hard at booking shows, personal one on ones, and vendor events, promoting our businesses through social media and blogs just like this one, we take continuing education and go to national conferences just like you do in your traditional 9-5 job.

But unlike you, knowing exactly how much your paycheck is going to be we don’t really have any control over that some months it may be thousands and the next month(s) it may be zero.

So when you see a direct seller promoting her/his goals and trying to hit a certain goal… just remember they are trying to make an income just like you!

Direct sellers will sell a variety of items

  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Purses
  • Accessories
  • Exercise equipment
  • Vitamins
  • Diet supplements
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Skincare
  • Crafts/supplies
  • House supplies
  • And so much more

If you can but it in a store there is a really good chance you can get the item through a direct seller.

Buying with direct sales supports the person not the corporate America group sitting at the top(who really could do with less)

Direct sales supports families, supports individuals, supports dreams, supports kids

It may cost you a bit more but more than likely the quality is a bit better too!!!

Ruby Ribbon you can’t find any of our products anywhere else, yea you can find shapewear and swimwear and leghings anywhere but nothing will compare to Ruby Ribbon and that is a fact… I encourage you to give it a try

You can buy jewelry anywhere but does Kohls, Macys, Charming Charlie give you an unconditional lifetime gaurantee? Park Lane does!!! Go check it out, you can even create your own sale everyday of the week!!!

When you walk into a department store you may receive really good customer service and then again you may not.

With direct sales you receive one on one service and your stylist/consultant should, I do at least make you feel like you are the only customer, makes you feel so special and important like a VIP. I roll out the red carpet for my customers I treat them like Royalty, good luck getting that in a department store.

Think about this… have you ever wanted or needed support of others? Selling your homemade crafts, or fundraising for your children or you can fill in the blank… well how did it feel when people wouldn’t support your cause? Not very good I would imagine!

Direct sales isn’t all fun and games although it is a lot of fun getting to play dress up(I feel like I am in a constant game of pretty pretty princess 👸 🤣) and getting to help women rediscover her confidence and sparkle on the outside, yea I would say this is the most fun I have had in a very long time. With that being said, this is very hard sometimes harder than my day job(which is not easy) it is like an emotional roller coaster I can’t get off of

Your company sets forth an incentive then your team gets you pumped up as you watch your teammates crush the goal with what seems like ease and you struggle because everytime you reach out you hear…NO, I dont, I can’t, I’m sorry, I won’t, NO, NO, NO

With each passing day and no is said one more time you wonder what you are doing wrong you wonder if you just aren’t cut out for this business if maybe you aren’t good enough.

Everyday you must keep going, keep working your goals because eventually you will hear that YES, you will hear I would love to, sign me up, I can do that, I will, YES, YES, YES

I am not going to cover this topic in great detail but many think direct sales is a pyramid scheme which is the crasiest most insane myth out there. Number one in order for me to make money with Ruby Ribbon or Park Lane I have to work, I have to sell… Think of the makeup counter the designer purse section and shoe dept of Macys those sales associates work on commission so a portion of the sale of your bag, pair of shoes or eye shadow goes in their pocket, the more they sell the more commission they earn… it is the same with direct sales.

With a pyramid scheme the person makes money off their downline without doing any work all the people in the downline work and the leader makes the big bucks… okay think about the owners of a major dept store they are making the big bucks while the associates and workers are working hard for little money… this woukd be like shopping at Target, Macys, Walmart, Kroger…any major line of stores. The corporate management is making huge paychecks while the associates are barely making above minimum wage, the executive management team making large bonuses while the worker bees of the company rarely see bonuses.

I am in no way saying that Macys, Walmart, Target, Kroger or any other major dept store is a pyramid scheme I am just trying to show you the difference between commission workers and regular workers and corporate America and direct sales. Direct sales should be thought of as commissioned sales because that is what it is.

Just giving you something to think about the next time your friend asks if you would like to host a show or order a product?

Direct sales is not a game, direct sales is a real way to make an income and by supporting it you are supporting your friend/family members as well as getting a good quality product to call your very own.

There are many ways you can support your friend/family members with their direct sales business without spending a penny.

I encourage you, I beg you the next time you

  • Need lipstick or mascara find a Mary Kay girl
  • Want a new handbag find a thirty one or initials inc girl
  • Need jewelry for an upcoming event find a park lane girl
  • Need vitamins or a diet regimine consult with a health coach
  • Need a cute matching outfit for mommy and me look find a Matilda Jane girl
  • Need a fun different… on trend outfit find a lula Roe girl
  • Need some shapewear or a great swimsuit find a Ruby Ribbon girl
  • Want your nails done without going to the salon, get you a color street girl
  • Want some fun athleasure wear find a peach girl
  • Want to downsize your wardrobe but expand it all at the same time find a storyline collection rep
  • Need to spice up your kitchen and cooking find a tastefully simple girl
  • Want to clean your house without the toxic chemicals find a Norwex rep
  • Need some craft supplies like stamps find a stampin up! Rep or Close To My Heart rep
  • Want your house to smell fantastic get with a pink Zebra rep
  • And so many more

Give direct sales a try, remember you are supporting real people, real dreams, real goals all while getting excellent customer service and great high quality items!!!

Host a show, buy a product, join a team, share posts, comment on posts, like posts , refer friends/family

Support direct sellers❤

Starting soon I will spotlight a different direct seller each week… stay tuned☺

have you ever

Wanted something so bad you could taste it, feel it, see it?

This has happened a few times in my life but 2 particular times stands out to me, and it all revolves around a bracelet.

Yeah you read that right! A bracelet… I wanted a bracelet(now 2) so bad I could see it on my wrist and just wouldn’t rest until it was on my wrist

Why you may be asking well it is really more than a bracelet it is achieving so much more… achieving a monumental goal I had set for myself working so hard that the bracelet was just the icing on the cake.

Well here is my story the story of the 2 bracelets!

In December of 2013 I joined Ruby Ribbon as the only stylist in the whole state of WV I had a lot of work ahead of me introducing women to a life changing cami and awesome leggings. I immediately saw the Prima promotion/ incentive that when a stylist became a leader they would earn a bracelet but not just any bracelet a Tiffany bracelet…. Insert the heart eye emoji. I mean to some Tiffany may not be a big deal but to me it was huge and so it was my very first goal in my new business adventure

I began working hard promoting my new business partnership with Ruby Ribbon I began recruting and less than 1 year after joining this amazing company I did it I earned leadership status and the youngest leader in the company at that!!! (a pretty big achievement if you ask me)

Shortly after learning that I had hit my leadership qualifications Ruby Ribbon reached out to me to invite me to Palo Alto to celebrate my achievements (this is where I would get that bracelet).

I took a few days off work and we headed west to Palo Alto my mom was able to travel with me and stay with Family while I stayed at the four seasons with my Ruby Ribbon sisters and had an absolute blast the entire weekend.

I could not wait till Saturday night when recognition time came, we got all dolled up for the event everyone in their finest attire and headed to the ballroom had a fantastic dinner and then came time for the awards. I scanned the room with anticipation I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

I saw a table with handbags, red boxes and blue bags… you know the Tiffany bags and I was ready!

I got lined up with the other new leaders and waited for my name to be called

I was handed a little red box and given a hug by our amazing founder and CEO Anna and then we all took a photo together with Anna

I headed back to my table, my leader came over and said oh let me see your bracelet, I was excited I put my wrist up she said oh that is really cute and sweet… I said let me see yours, she put her wrist up beside mine and I quickly saw a big difference. I said why are they different?

She said the 2 words that still haunt me to this day. “mine’s Tiffany!”

I then understood that my bracelet was in fact not a tiffany I had not made it

Then worse news came from our sales director when she came up to give me a hug to tell me how proud she was of me she said I was so close only 1 person away and just a few hours too late for the Tiffany but what an accomplishment!

I felt like a balloon that all the air got let out, I was devastated as I scanned the room of all the smiling faces and happy excited celebrations going on around me I was just let down and couldn’t celebrate 🙁 The overwhelming feeling that I just wasn’t enough I had not done enough, I felt like I couldn’t breathe I needed to get out of there…

Fast forward 6 years and here we are again working toward a bracelet and I feel like it is also slipping through my fingers… What can I do? Can I achieve it? I would think so I mean we have had this promotion for 2 weeks and it was sell $1,000 in 2 weeks that is $500 per week and with all the awesome promotions Park Lane has it would be really sad if I couldn’t hit this goal too!

There she is… the Scandalous bracelet the one that every Park Lane Stylist is working hard to achieve…

If you knew me you know that this bracelet is right down my alley, loving all that sparkle!!!

Selling $1,000 has not been hard for most, some find it hard work while others like me are looking at this as near impossible.

Park Lane also has for the same amount of sales $1,000.00 by this Wednesday a chance to get to be in our next look book! WOW what an amazing promotion and incentive to work toward for sure but really it is all about that bracelet to me!

I want to prove to myself that I am more than enough, that I can do hard things, that I can achieve this goal! It is more than a bracelet to me it is a redeeming chance to prove that I can in fact do this!

If you feel so inclined to help me acheive this goal, I am also purchasing from my jewelry boutique but I cannot buy $1,000.00 worth of jewelry nor should I have to!

you can go to this website and make your purchase

I appreciate you and your support more than you know!!!

Jewelry may not be your thing, and that’s okay… Confidence building shape wear may not be your thing and that is okay too I appreciate your support by sharing, encouraging, hosting, and of course shopping with me… I hope you know that!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could…. ?

Hugs I hope you all have a GREAT day!!!


All about the stars

This weekend

I decided to offer a flash sale for all our gorgeous Star jewelry pieces

Each are marked down 50% off and need to be ordered directly though me email me here danielle2586@frontier.com with memorial day star sale in the subject line

I am working toward a very big set of goals… every order helps me get there!!!

I appreciate your support💕

Yiu can also go to my website to creat your own sale buy 2 get 4 50% off!!! Plus access to customer specials exclusive collection

Happy Sunday Shopping


Outfit of the day

After 3 months we were able to go back to church today and I could not wait to go get ready… it was so great getting dressed up and going to church!!!

My outfit

  • Michael Kors maxi skirt black
  • Cato fashions leopard print tank
  • Vera wang cardigan sweater
  • Park Lane Jewelry
  • Impression bracelet blush
  • Impression bracelet honey
  • Halsey bracelet
  • Macchiato earrings
  • Sydney necklace

The perfect earrings for your face

Okay so this is actually a thing, I never really knew this but maybe we have all been wearing the wrong earrings this whole time.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you!!!

Do you know what shape your face is? Is it heart shaped, square shaped, round shaped, or oval shaped?

Heart face shape has a forehead that is wider than the cheekbones and then the face narrows toward the chin

Square face shape has strong bone structures with sharp angles that give a square look

Round face shape is as wide as it is long giving it a round or circle appearance

Oval shape face has a forehead and cheeks that are very similar in width and then the face slightly tapers to the chin

examples of celebrities that have these faces are

heart shaped faces in Hollywood

Are you a heart shape?

Square faces in Hollywood

Are you a square shape?

Round faces in Hollywood

Are you a round shape?

Oval shaped faces in Hollywood

Are you a oval shape?

So now that we know what our face shape is, what earrings should we be wearing?


Heart shape- any earring that is wider at the bottom and thin at the top think teardrops and dangles


Square shapes- earrings with rounded edges and curves, hoops are always a great idea, and teardrops


Round shape- long earrings your goal is going to be to elongate your face have fun with earrings that have geometric shapes and are angular


Oval shapes- Lucky girl any earring you pick out will look great, whether it be stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings or statement earrings

Have fun shopping for your next pair of earrings now that you know what your face shape is… when it comes right down to it, if you like it you like it and you need to wear it don’t worry about the shape of your face!!! 🙂

Let’s do an earrings blitz

It’s Memorial Day and so let’s play a game

I have 3 boards very similar to a bingo board

Each square has a pair of our most popular earrings

You pick the pair or pairs yiu would like to have then I will tell you what prize you won on your board… fun right?

Every square is a winner

Game will start today and only available until tomorrow Sunday May 24th 8PM ET

Free shipping on every purchase made now through Wednesday May 27th!!!

What could you win

  • Free pair of earrings
  • Free bracelet gift
  • 10-25% off your next purchase
  • 50% off your next purchase
  • Buy 1 get 1 50% off next purchase
  • Free 100.00 jewelry
  • Shopping spree of up to $400.00
  • Free shipping on your next purchase

Every square is a winner

Here are the boards

Here is the info for the earrings including prices

How to order:

1. Go to my website and then e-mail me at danielle2586@frontier.com to let me know what you purchased and I will let you know what you won

2. You can also comment below to let me know what you purchased of your dont want to email

3. E-mail me your wishlist and I can put together a VIP mart cart at that timeI will tell you what you won!!!

The more you buy the more you win… every square is a different winner!!!

Happy shopping!!!

Let me know if I can help you

Wedding Wedesday

I am excited to begin this series to show you iconic bridal looks park lane style

Every Wednesday from today until July 1st i will show you gorgeous jewelry for your big day!!! Looks for your best girls, looks for the moms, looks for guests too!!!

Don’t stress about your jewlery I have what you need and will help you create your dream look

Guess what when you buy your girls jewelry you get your bridal jewelry absolutely FREE!!! How does that sound?

Are you reading this and know someone who is engaged planning their big day? Refer them over or have them follow the hadhtag #sparklewithmeatyourwedding

Today I want to share my most favorite pair of earrings

Sparkling studs– 3/8″ featuring both Austrian crystals and Cubic Zirconia stones to ensure you will be sparkling

The other fun fact about these earrings is…

These studs were designer inspired

When Park Lane saw this royal wedding they knew they had to design their own version 💕

Contact me today by e-mail with Park Lane Wedding in subject line

For your very own style session!!!

A beautiful dainty sparkling necklace would pair nicely

Khloe features a 16 inch silver necklace with tiny austrian crystal butterflies

The purpose of wedding jewelry is to accessorize or accentuate your dress not take attention away from it keep that in mind when shopping for your jewelry

For a beautiful bracelet what about Brooklyn featuring cubic zirconia stones

This customized wedding look retails for $196.00 (remember you get your jewelry free when your girls jewelry is purchased with me)

More looks coming next week

Going live for the first time on IG

Well I am thinking that my internet is just not good enough to live stream

I look pixilated and I don’t know how to get better…

I am on the ground floor next to the exterior wall/window and very close to my router

No other device was using the internet bandwidth

I just don’t know


That is the link to the live

Since we are all on a safe at home order and if we can go out it is only outside I really need to figure out the internet so I can continue to working virtually from home

I am off to research alternatives right now

Have a great evening


So many times I wonder if I were not involved as a stylist how would I feel if my friend asked me to join her team or to host a party.

I thought if had not been involved in direct sales for the past 7 years I would maybe as her why?

Q: Why would I host a show, whats in it for me?

A: now more than ever women are craving connection virtual connection is all we can do but that will work… a virtual style session will provide you and your friends
1. Connection time… much needed girl time
2. You as the hostess will get FREE Jewelry and your guests can get free jewelry with our amazing zingers right now

Q: Why would I want to join your team?
A: right now the kit is $99.00 you get $750.00 in jewelry of your choice in a turn key business… website customers can shop from
1. No minimums or quotas to meet
2. Weekly paychecks
3. 30-50% commission
4. Debt free cash rich family owned company in business for 64 years
5. 2 amazing all expense paid vacations to earn every year
6. Opportunity to earn a Mercedes
7. Opportunity to make lifelong friends
8. Free training and support
9. Joining the most amazing team #treasuretribe
10. We have an awesome ince time right now… a model call to be in our next look book
And so many more

Q: Why would I buy park lane when I can buy at Macys, Target, Kohls, walmart…?
A: although the jewlery may be cute and affordable does the jewelry you buy from the mall come with an unconditional guarantee for lifetime? If you loose a set or earring can you go back to that store for a replacement? Ummmm I don’t think so, Park Lane does have a lifetime guarantee… so if it tarnishes, breaks Park Lane will make it right

Now I have a question for you as a stylist in direct sales for 7 years I have heard just about every excuse in the book so not to support direct sales business

Did you know you don’t have to buy a thing to support me?

Seriously…do you know 5 ladies who would like Park Lane Jewelry?

Yes, I am sure you do…I am sure you know more than 5 but that is besides the point!

Could you get us connected by hosting a show?

You don’t want the shopping spree? Donate it make it a mystery hostess event, grab up some great gifts with your hostess benefits
It costs you nothing to host a show unless you want to purchase something

Hostessing is easy… invite your friends, comment and be involved, with virtual shows you don’t have to.clean your house, or fix treats or even get a babysitter

Other ways to support friends who are indirect sales

  1. Referrals… send friends family coworkers to her for their shopping needs
  2. Like posts on FB IG Twitter Snapshot TikTok
  3. Comment on her posts
  4. Share her posts
  5. Encourage her when you can as direct sales industry can be like riding a Rollercoaster constantly she could use more kind words than unkind
  6. Pray for her this business is not easy it is a lot of work yes it may be fun but it is not easy
  7. Don’t talk bad about direct sales if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything

The next time your friend asks you for a sale or to host or to help her reach a goal dont be so quick to say no way, at least take some time to think about it… that goal means more than a promotion, that next paycheck pays her bills or helps her dreams come true

The next time you go shopping in a big box store ask yourself is this something I can get from a small business or a direct seller because I am sure she will appreciate your sell and support way more than that department store.

Live big