I know many of you came here just for this part! Fashion is fun and when you see Redefine your closet that peaks your interest a little, right? Fashion is the sole reason this blog was started back in 2013 I was a personal stylist with Ruby Ribbon and I started this blog to showcase my business and provide fashion tips and trends. Little did I know that years later my blog would be this big and offer way more than fashion!

Fashion is here to stay

The mission of this blog is to help busy women! Whether that be planning, organizing, home projects, personal product reviews or fashion trends I am here to help! Trends will continue to change with each season which is super nice, well unless you don’t care for change then maybe not but I love that trends come and go, keeps things interesting!


Fashion trends come and go, personal style never does. Remember to always wear what makes you happy, what makes you smile, what makes you comfortable and what makes you confident. Wear it even if it is technically “not trendy”

Personal style

Defining your personal style is important and owning it is even more important! Do you struggle with style knowing what is in style and what is out of style? I say personal style comes from what makes you feel confident!

Shopping on a budget

Without sacrificing style is something I am very passionate about! I hardly ever pay full price for anything. I LOVE shopping off the clearance rack, at TJ Maxx, Walmart, Amazon, and at outlet malls! As a personal stylist for Park Lane jewelry it is my mission to help women sparkle on the outside while saving tons of money! I was a stylist for Ruby Ribbon for 7 years and although I am no longer a stylist I still love and support this brand.

Shopping guides

Sometimes have you ever thought it would be nice to have a guide to shop by, you know like the most popular gifts for those on your gift list or a list of everything you need for events? Yes, I have many times thought it would be so helpful to have a gift giving guide. I have created a few shopping guides and a few gift guides…hope you enjoy these!

My favorite places to shop

STOREWhat they offerWebsite
Closet CandyName Brands, Boutique Brands, and our exclusive brand CBrand clothes, shoes, accessories
***Affiliate stylist with this boutique***
TJ MaxxName brands at a discounted rateSHOP
MarshallsName brands at a discounted rateSHOP
Home GoodsName brands at a discounted rateSHOP
WalmartPretty much anything you could needSHOP
Amazonfrom A to Z they have anything and everything you can get it in 2 daysSHOP
KohlsPretty trendy fashions, accessories, shoes, and home accessoriesSHOP
Ruby RibbonThe BEST shape wear you will ever fin, you shop with a personal stylist, also offers clothing with confidenceSHOP
Park LaneThe most gorgeous most affordable (we have the BEST deals) high fashion jewelry in the industrySHOP
Piper NobleMarketing tools gorgeous display bags to help you sell your products, multi-functional bagsSHOP
Olive and JuneNail polish that actually stays on for weeks!SHOP
Lula RoeComfy yet trendy clothing line sold through independent distributorsSHOP
Macy’sDepartment storeSHOP
JC Penny’sDepartment storeSHOP

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