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I have always enjoyed the health field I mean I guess you could say it runs in the family with several doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and me a medical coder and auditor!

Dreams have a funny way of changing

It was always my dream to be a labor and delivery nurse, God had different plans and I became a certified medical coder and later a certified medical auditor and I am happy to report I am working my dream job, it just took me a few years to realize it!

For several years after I graduated with my coding degree I taught at a community college, I taught medical students anatomy, terminology, medical coding, and today I am the corporate auditor and compliance officer for a large multi-specialty teaching facility(Medical school). I still get the chance to teach residents, fellows, physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and billing teams!

I had an associates degree in Coding, then a bachelors degree to teach, but there was something missing, so I went back and got my Masters degree in Public Health.

No, I am not a Medical Doctor but in the field of Public Health and auditing Medical records I have lots of exposure to medical cases and information. In my quest to get my Masters in Public health I learned how to research Medical information. If I would happen to share medical information I will always link my resources and I will always encourage you to see your medical provider for their advice.


Everyone has an opinion and are entitled to their own opinions

The problem with opinions is when an opinion endangers others health and safety, I encourage everyone to talk with your medical provider about opinions you hear regarding your health and safety. That is all I am saying just be smart don’t take peoples word for it, research it ask people in the medical community.

An example of what I am talking about would be vaccines (and not just talking about the COVID vaccine) Vaccines are meant to provide immunity against infections like measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, pneumonia, and so many more! These infections can cause the person to experience long lasting effects even death. Each individual must make a decision for themselves and family members(children), whether they want to risk getting the preventable disease or they want to take the vaccine and risk possible side effects. It is very important especially when it comes to health to gather all the facts and make an informed decision on what to do.

Let’s get personal

What would a blog be without some personal posts, now nothing too mushy here! No one likes mushy posts, If I can provide encouragement or motivation to a reader then I will share my story, and you can find those below!

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