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For as long as I can remember I have loved planning! Every aspect of my life from my daily to do list to my vacation and everything in between. I guess you can probably say I am definitely not spontaneous but I sometimes envy those who can just up and go on a vacation without any planning (wow I could not do that! I can remember being in school and we always had these agendas we had to fill out every day, we even got a grade for it! Most everyone hated the agendas while I loved everything about them!

Planning really should be as unique as you are. Therefore, printable DIY planners seem to be the best planning system available! You can get a planner at pretty much any store from the dollar store to the fanciest stationary store. The planners you buy in the store are already built the way they are with little you can do to customize for your individual planning needs. Stickers do help with this but some people don’t plan using stickers. For years I tried multiple planning systems looking for my perfect planner, I finally came to terms with the fact that my perfect planner just doesn’t exist.


Redefine your plans was born as a way to help busy women take back control of their time. The planning system is fully customizable and printable for you. Whether you are planning out your day, your week, your month, your finances, your business, your meals, or even your vacation Redefine your plans is able to help you organize and plan the life you dream about!

What happens when you don’t plan?

How many times have you heard someone say…”there are just not enough hours in the day!” Did you know that is not actually the case, when people say that their time is not well planned, they are not using redefine your plans planning system.

What are digital downloads?

Digital downloads are high quality PDF files that are sent directly to your email that you can then print using your home printer or your favorite local print shop. Digital downloads are for personal use only which means you are permitted to print over and over as many times as you wish or need to, you are not permitted to sell the file or the completed planner, you are not able to share the file with anyone outside your household, you are not permitted to share the completed planner with anyone outside your household. 

Dated versus undated

Personally I love undated planning systems, this way I can start at any point in the year, I can use the planning system over and over since they are undated. I realize some like dated planning systems so at redefine your plans we offer both, most being undated but we do have some dated versions. 


When you print your own planner, the type of paper you use is very important. If the paper is too thin it will allow your pens to bleed through. If the paper is too thick the planner will be too big and may not fit inside your planner.

Digital planning

Do you plan on your phone or tablet? I personally love paper planners I like to hold them and be able to write inside them. Some people love the digital planning systems, there are a few different ways you can plan digitally. Redefine your plans will be offering some digital planning options!


Sizes of planners are as unique as people! some people love small planners that fit inside their purses or bags while others love larger planners and some like medium sizes! You will be happy to know that Redefine your plans planning inserts are available in all the popular planning sizes; 8.5X11, A5, bullet journal, personal. If you plan with a size that is not currently available let me know and we will try to make it available!

“You were born an original, don’t become a copy”

-Coco Chanel

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