What is a side hustle ? what is a gig job?

Most financially successful individuals have multiple streams of income. In other words they have multiple ways to make money.

I think my entrepreneur spirit came honestly from my dad, he was a professional photographer, he had a photography studio in our house.

At any one given time I am thinking of ways to make money, and this is not even because I want to be some millionaire, I do however want to be smart with my money, be debt free, be able to save, give to charity and live comfortably.

Did you know?

According to the IRS millionaires on average have at least 7 streams of income that contribute to their millions earned! Even if I dont want to be a millionaire it is important to think like one, or I think so anyway.

Time is a factor

I know what you are thinking 7 streams of income… how in the world does someone do that and still have a life? I know it because I thought the same thing.

What are the 7 streams of income?

I am so glad you asked lets reveiw the 7 streams of income and see if any of those would be feasible for you or me?

Active & Passive Income Streams.

1.Diversification income.

2.Earned Income.

3.Profit Income.

4.Interest Income.

5.Dividend Income.

6.Rental Income.

7.Capital Gains Income

Maybe we aren’t that serious, could I still have multiple income streams?

Absolutely, you could work your regular job wherever that may be and then you can add supplemental income jobs like;

  1. direct sales
  2. blogging
  3. virtual assistants
  4. product reviewer or tester
  5. influencer
  6. Creator and ETSY shop owner
  7. get rid of your closet on Poshmark
  8. sell on Ebay
  9. the list could go on and on

If you are interested in how you can build multiple streams of income follow along for posts like the ones below

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