My Why

I am the one who everyone says “my goodness, how do you have enough time to get everything done?” A busy bee if you will, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

my momma taught me from a very young age to be independent she encouraged me to do well in school and go all the way to the top , always told me I can do anything I put my mind to!!! She also taught me the importance of work ethic, to be a hard worker and put everything into what I am doing and do it right!!!

so many get into direct sales, influencing, social selling and even blogging to make a financial impact on her family to be a stay at home mom, to be able to enroll her children in the private school or extra curricular activities, to get that much needed girl time guilt free away from her kids.

well, I don’t have children and as much as that statement hurts down deep, I know that my purpose in this season is greater because it is God’s purpose!!!

Not married, either I am very single and most days this is more than perfect for me!!!!

So, you may be asking if she doesn’t have kids or a husband what does she need a side Hustle for?

let me tell you

My why is definitely to make a financial impact on my family!!! To pay down my student loans! My why is to have something fun and creative while I can still develop personally and professionally

Never have I ever wanted to quit my day job, I love my day job… my career I couldn’t imagine not being in my career. Having my side hustles at REDEFINE YOUR CLOSET, CLOSET CANDY, AND PARK LANE gives me something that is all mine, I am in charge of how far I go, when I work, when I take time off, How hard I work and what success looks like.

I love working… so much so that I pretty much work, sleep and then repeat, although I have relaxed a bit the past few years. I realized personal time and family time is so important so I do take more time and I do take breaks. But what happens

when your work doesn’t feel like work

Blogging has been part of my life since 2007 this particular blog in 2013 this is fun to me not like work at all, seriously creating content that I love to share with my readers!!! Closet Candy nope not work either, I mean where else do you get paid for shopping and sharing with your friends, taking photos and having fashion shows… this is a dream job for so many and it can be a dream come true. Park Lane, getting paid to sparkle, I mean it doesn’t get much better than this!

living my dream out in color

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