Getting Dressed should be fun!!!

Are you overwhelmed every time you open your closet door?
Do you want to know your personal style?
Would you like to feel like a model every day?
Do you struggle knowing what jewelry to wear with your outfit?
Would you like to redefine your closet?
You have come to the right place!!!

Getting dressed should be FUN!!!

Tater Taco casserole

I LOVE casseroles don’t you!!! I love them because they are typically very yummy and easy which is great for busy weeknights!!! Here is the recipe if you like Give this recipe a try? I would love to hear how you like it… tell us below Xoxo Danielle

History of Costume Jewelry

You probably did not know but I have a minor in history I LOVE it so much I took so many history classes in college I ended up with a minor in history…. pretty cool huh? Anyway I was wondering where costume jewelry really came from and so I began researching it and found some … Continue reading “History of Costume Jewelry”

When we take things for granted

When we take things for granted…. remembering how blessed we are!!!

Quick and easy Buffalo Chicken wraps

One of my absolute favourite meals to get at a restaurant … Is a Buffalo chicken wrap ! I order it both with fried chicken and grilled chicken, we have a local restaraunt Fat Patty’s and I LOVE the Buffalo chicken wraps the best!!!! For Christmas we got an air fryer but not just any … Continue reading “Quick and easy Buffalo Chicken wraps”

High end fashion for less money

Go ahead and get those designer looks for a lot less with Park Lane!!!!

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