Getting Dressed should be fun!!!

Are you overwhelmed every time you open your closet door?
Do you want to know your personal style?
Would you like to feel like a model every day?
Do you struggle knowing what jewelry to wear with your outfit?
Would you like to redefine your closet?
You have come to the right place!!!

Getting dressed should be FUN!!!

Washing those masks

Wearing masks(face coverings) are the way we are going to help slow the spread, also helps protect us from COVID19 Wearing dirty masks defeats the purpose though so make sure yiu are washing them after every use(every use 8+hours of wear or when wearing it in close contact in big groups of people) You can … Continue reading “Washing those masks”

Peppy Mac and Cheese

Tired of serving a regular box of macaroni and cheese to your family How about you pep it up with this peppy macaroni recipe? Growing up we would have this at least once a week maybe once every two weeks it was a staple in my household. The other day I said why don’t we … Continue reading “Peppy Mac and Cheese”

Goal Setting

When you are in business for yourself GOALS will be like your GPS. How you get to where you are going! Goals are important in business and I personally set several different goals each day, week, month, quarter and year! As we are now in Q4 the biggest sales quarter of the year I have … Continue reading “Goal Setting”

Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese

Oh my if you are anything like me there is nothing better on a rainy, snowy, dreary or any day for that matter than a big bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese. Can someone say comfort food? The cheesy carb loaded dish can be a side dish or can be a meal all by itself, … Continue reading “Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese”

My favorite things SALE

My 34th Birthday favorite things sale!!! So many GREAT things are happening right now with Park Lane!!! Who has ever dreamed of being a fashion model for a day…. I have my hand raised for sure!!! Guess what with $1000.00 in sales in the next 12 days will get you a ticket to apply… are … Continue reading “My favorite things SALE”

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