The Tennis Necklace– Biggest Jewelry trend this Spring

The newest trend in Jewelry, the tennis necklace! I think everyone knows what a tennis bracelet is, right? The tennis bracelet got its name from…


The newest trend in Jewelry, the tennis necklace! I think everyone knows what a tennis bracelet is, right?

The tennis bracelet got its name from a tennis match when George Bedewi’s diamond bracelet fell from wrist while competing in the US open. The tennis match was halted so the bracelet could be retrieved. It was a big deal!

Jewelers saw this as an opportunity to improve bracelets creating a more secure clasp for diamond bracelets so they would stay on even if playing tennis, the bracelet was called the Tennis Bracelet!

Tennis bracelets have been popular for years, actually I remember I got my first and only diamond tennis bracelet for my 16th birthday(I am 35 now) and I still wear this bracelet! The tennis bracelet has never and will never go out of style!

Major Trend Alert

2022 is making Tennis necklaces a thing, a pretty big thing!

The tennis bracelet got a sister the tennis necklace is GORGEOUS!!!! At one point the tennis necklace was reserved for royalty and celebrities (rich celebrities)

Fashion jewelers are catching the trend wave and are bringing the tennis necklace to their mainstream designs, affordable for everyday people!

Don’t get me wrong tennis necklaces are all the rage on the red carpet right now, as well as celebrities on TV and reality TV. Now, even lifestyle bloggers can wear a tennis necklace now, even you can wear a tennis necklace now

Style tips

  • Layer
    • The messy neck look just got a sparkle upgrade, layering chains, dainty necklaces and adding a tennis necklace is an elevated layered look
  • Solo
    • Of course the tennis necklace is a necklace that can be worn solo, will look fabulous dressed up or worn casual
  • Dressed up
    • Spring formals and wedding season is approaching how gorgeous would a tennis necklace be with your formal dress?
  • Casual
    • graphic tee, v-neck tee or tank, layered with a denim jacket or cardigan….Elevate this style with a tennis necklace
  • Work ready
    • Tennis looks great with blazers or sweaters and a little black dress
  • Vacation ready
    • Tennis necklace will look fabulous swimwear by the pool( don’t get in the pool, but imagine it sparkling in the sun!!!) also will look great with your resort wear fashions

Things to consider when buying a tennis necklace

  • Length
    • Look for a necklace that hits just above or just below your clavicle
    • remember that most tennis necklaces wont be adjustable due to the special “tennis” closure
  • Color
    • Most tennis necklaces are clear stones diamonds or cubic Zirconia or Swarovski crystals or gemstones
    • There are some however that are in a gorgeous rainbow or Ombre effect

This is a personal opinion here but I LOVE the look of clear stones it is such a timeless and stunning look that will go with anything and everything in your closet!

Park Lane introduces Famous

Famous is Park Lanes newest release and it is a tennis necklace! Famous is stunning and affordable

$74 with a $40 purchase! This delicate yet sparkly necklace is a timeless staple.  Famous Necklace is polished in a high golden finish and is adorned with hand placed micro princess cut czs.  This necklace has a continuous strand of princess cut czs, that creates an elegant look that encircles your neckline.  Wear our Famous Necklace on its own for a more classy look or layer it with your other golden favorites for a more trendy look. 16” – Open Box Clasp… Shop Famous here

Look how beautiful Famous is

Celebrities Love this trend

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