When I say that word what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

If s it Tiffany and Co you are probably like most ladies what if I told you there is a new Tiffany in town? What if I told you you will love this Tiffany just as much?

Ruby Ribbon has just launched the new spring color she is gorgeous she is named Tiffany

It comes in the lace demiette as well as the lace cami for a full core support as well as breast support!

She is going to be your new Breast friend!! (See what I did there? 🤣)

As we are all in quarantine from Covid you may be feeling like you will loose your mind.

Take a deep breath turn your computer on and let your fingers do some retail therapy for you

Ruby Ribbon is never closed and just because you are home doesn’t mean you don’t need to feel confident and comfortable

Go here to shop today

We have athletic wear, intimates, leggings and lounge wear come on over and shop a little you will feel better😊

Hope you have a wonderful day with your family safe at home!!!

If you have any styling ar sizing questions just message me or email me at

Trendy earrings

I have created some really cute trendy earrings wanted to share here

Creative corner is the name of my craft studio and ETSY shop, unfortunately I have had to temporarily close my shop because I do not have time to dedicate to my shop

I wanted to share them here and if you are interested let me know I can sell them through this blog along with my statuonary/greeting cards

Tear drops
Classic bar
Lucy in the sky
WV state teardrops
Marigold yellow
We Are Marshall
Bubblegum pink

More colors and shapes coming. These earrings are made to order(keep in mind that colors may vary from what is shown)

Production time is 5-7 days with shipping

Let me know which one you would like

Leather earrings- $8.00

Leather earrings with charms -$10.00

Tassel earrings- $10.00

Buy 2 for $12.00

Buy 3 for $15.00

Buy 4 for $18.00

The more you buy the more you save

Let me know which one you want in the comments or email me

The Demiette

I can not express to you how much I love the Ruby Ribbon Demiettes 🥰

My posture is greatly improved for the price of a bra maybe a tad bit more(depending on which style you choose)

We have a demiette for tour everyday look, as well as a more glamorous occasion

This is not your grandmothers shapewear!!! You know what I am talking about you know the ones that have metal stays and itchy lace and make you feel like a stuffed sausage😫 and absolutely NO underwire

With Ruby Ribbon you will find support, smoothing, shaping, back support, under arm smoothing, and core smoothing (if you choose a cami, torsette, slip,or full body shaper

The demiette is as close to a sports bra you can get without being a sports bra 😂

You know one thing I discovered after wearing nothing but a demiette for a week then going back to a bra for a few days?

  • No adjusting straps
  • No tugging at the bra to readjust the girls no uncomfortable trap like feeling from the underwire
  • Everything stays place until you move it
  • The girls look lifted and larger(wow I was amazed)

See we have a demiette for every occasion

Try one on today you’ll be glad you did!!!

Shop here

Have you tried one already?

What do you think? Comment below we would love to hear!!!

Heart healthy

February is Heart month… how appropriate considering valentines Day is February 14th

Want to help join the cause in helping spread the word about heart Health?

Ruby Ribbon has partnered up with the American Heart Association 10% of every purchase from the zip sports demiette and the laser cut leggings in fog see photo below

Help me out reach my goal to donate to the Anerican Heart Association for more information on ordering sizing help or styling assistance

Go here to shop

Game Changer

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!!

Who are you cheering for?

The San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs

Well I don’t really care who wins this year but I am cheering for the 49ers (my family lives there thsys their team so I will support them too😊)

Anyway do I have some awesome news for you, a true game changer!!!

Ruby Ribbon has done it yet again and made a revolutionary innovative bever before seen in any market product and I am in LOVE!!!

It is called second skin collection 🥰 right now we have a demiette and cami and shhhhh coming soon we are getting panties too😍

My sample was due to arrive Monday but guess what it arrived yesterday

Such a welcome sight to open your mailbox and find Ruby Ribbon

I couldnt wait to RIP that package open and try them on to give my review

Ladies are you listening to me, do I have your attention? YOU ATE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE THE SECOND SKIN COLLECTION!!!

So I started with the demiette 🎉❤😍

Absolutely in love with this piece, it feels like a feather on but yet supports and separates the girls, without an underwire…. whaattt??? Seriously the edges just blend into your skin you see zero lines and you get a more natural shape!!!

Then I tried on the cami also in love

It just lays on top of your skin no hug this is not a piece of shapewear it will not tuck you in or smooth you like our traditional camis do. However it does still offer moisture wicking and a little bust support(I am a B-C cup( kind of in between) and it works excellent for me!!!) I want to get my mom and some others in it to see how it does on larger busted ladies.

This is the first collection that is for A cups… finally. Where are my As at?

Today for church is the true test for the second skin collection demiette it literally feels like I have nothing on, I keep checking to make sure I didnt forget 🤭😂

It is so smooth appearing under my thin sweater I love it!!!!

My review/details of the second skin

  • Smooth as silk or butter feels like nothing on
  • Double binding under the bust line gives you lift and support thinking it like a “faux underwire”
  • The seams are bonded meaning there are zero lines or bumpy edges
  • The edges are lazer cut so they effortlessly blend into your skin
  • The petal pockets are amazing to add a little more coverage nothing like this can be found anywhere
  • This product is going to fly off the shelves order yours today!!!
  • Same principle applies as our shaping camis wear one rest one wash one

I will add more this evening after I wore the demiette all day!!!

So are you still wearing a bra?

I was born in the 80s

I grew up in the 90s

In 2020 I will have lived in 4 different decades and 2 different millennia

and I am only 33 😲

But one thing I don’t remember or didn’t live through was the burn your bra movement in 1968 when women took items that oppressed them(mops, lipstick, bras) and symbolically threw them away

This was a whole 18 years before I was even born.

So now I don’t want you to miss my point when I say ditch your bra… this is not exactly the same thing as it was in 1968

I want to free your girls from the entrapment known as the bra, free them from that pesky underwire(which in a future blog post I am going to tell you how bad they are for breast health)

I never intend for you to just walk around with nothing on but rather to replace your bra with a healthier comfier alternative

The Ruby Ribbon Cami or Demiette

I urge you if you have never tried a Ruby Ribbon Cami or Demiette(demi) take my cami fitting survey here and try one on today risk free

Want to know more about this wonderful company and what else we have to offer jump on over to my website

Feel free to e-mail me or use the contact me page above