Happy New Year

What are you doing this NYE?

Take time to reflect on 2016 and say goodbye to the year and hello to 2017!

We will be back in 2017 with style tops and more




How important is confidence?

Well I believe it is the cornerstone of Life, how we interact with friends, coworkers, business associates, social media, and strangers.

Confidence is how we carry ourselves and confidence determines our mood most days!

If a woman is confident in her skin she will walk through her day with her head held high and she will own the day in all that she does!

On the other hand if a woman is lacking confidence and is feeling self- conscious she will have her head down low and she will stay towards the back of each room she enters, entering quietly hoping not to catch the attention of anyone and exiting quietly. She will count the minutes till she can get back to her safe space(typically home, perhaps her bedroom)

What causes a woman to lack confidence? A great question that doesn’t have a simple answer, could be body image issues, lack of education, lack of personal support, personality, a past that took confidence away, among other valid reasons.

What I absolutley love about being a Ruby Ribbon consultant is my entire business is built around helping women build, rebuild, discover, maintain their confidence I can honestly say that when I wear and share Ruby Ribbon my confidence is overflowing– which is contagious women around me also want that confidence for themselves so they try Ruby Ribbon on for themselves and find that their confidence shines!!!

Ruby Ribbon is more than a fashion company, more than a retail shop at home experience more than a fad, Ruby Ribbon is a business that touches lives, changes lives, builds relationships, friendships, builds confidences, empowers women, Ruby Ribbon is a life-changing experience no matter what opportunity or service that you may choose to partake of!

I offer the following services to my clients all of which can be a virtual experience if you are not local to me!

  1. Personal fitting- this is a free service where I will measure you and you will know what your size is for a cami, leggings, tops, skirts, fashion pieces,
  2.  Wardrobe styling- do you need a new wardrobe? do you need new leggings, new work outfits, new shapewear, I will help you build your dream wardrobe
  3. Closet consultations- I will help you purge your closet, organize your closet, so that when you walk into or to your closet you are not overwhelmed
  4.  Trunk show/Buddy Party- Where you invite 5-7 friends (including yourself) you will get to see the entire Ruby Ribbon line, place orders and receive a FREE shopping spree

Have you not tried Ruby Ribbon yet? Now is defintely the time to try her on, our shapewear is the BEST on the market you cannot find anything like Ruby Ribbon in any Retail or social commerce setting we have a patented technology behind our shapewear! Our clothes wardrobe basics have our little secret inside (our awesome shapewear built in) and our fashion pieces are on trend pieces for the season!

want to see more Ruby Ribbon go to my website look at my gallery at the bottom of my home page

my calendar will fill up quickly so let me know ASAP if you would like an appointment either virtual or live



PS dont let anyone dull your sparkle walk as if you have an invisible crown on!!!

I am giving away $100.00

Will you be one?

For one week only I have been given “buddy” powers from Ruby Ribbon headquarters that I get to gift you 100.00 off your starter kit you can be in business for less than 200.00 WOW what a gift!!!!

So you are thinking can I do this? Of course you can! The beauty of this business is you work it your way 

Want to do a virtual business you can 

Want to do a trunk show business you can 

Want to do one on one business you can 

Want to incorporate Ruby Ribbon with your consignment shop or boutique you can 

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Want to work part time full time or your time (casual) you can, you set your own hours you set the amount of your paycheck too 

Social time– you are going to make the Best of friends for life through Ruby Ribbon community 

You create your own plan and goals–Ruby Ribbon works for you💖

You can earn just enough to pay for manicures, pedicures, shopping trips or what if you could pay for vacations, bills/debt free with Ruby a ribbon anything is possible 

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I say what do you have to loose try Ruby a ribbon for 6 months and if it isn’t for you, you have your own Ruby a ribbon wardrobe/shapewear you cann keep!!! 20-40% commission/personal discount on what you sell/buy 



Danielle C

HUGE after Christmas SALE 

Did you open all of your presents and didn’t receive Ruby Ribbon? It isn’t too late with our AMAZING few and FINAL  $25 $35 SALE💳💸👜

All the details will be available tomorrow complete with my style boards 

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I have

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Christmas Outfit 5

Merry Christmas I hope each of you are having a fashionable Merry Christmas spent with family and friends

This outfit is inspired by the Christmas song Santa Baby


The gorgeous burnout tunic has damask floral velvet accents (black on black) Perfect for Christmas day and beyond– same style as our rio tunic

jacquard leggings-a feminine look to pair with the feminine damask floral tunic

suedette leggings-these leggings are able to still be dressy yet casual

Vegan Leather leggings– add some sass to your outfit

cami– your favorite cami will be awesome

Accessories- you dont need a necklace with this beautiful tunic, add some sparkly bangles and drop earrings you can add a pop of color with a red, pink, green, silver or gold tote(shopper, bucket)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and remember NYE is coming place your order here or by clicking the links above



Christmas Outfit 4

Today’s outfit is inspired by the Christmas song Rudolph the red nose reindeer!!!!
I love this outfit for ALL year but especially at Christmas time the deep crimson color puts everyone around you in the Christmas spirit!



The Audrey tunic(do you see a theme here Marilyn top yesterday Audrey Tunic today, yes these are named after Hollywood starlets–Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe) Channel your favorite actress in this gorgeous style board!

Audrey tunic- sheer nature of this tunic will allow your favorite cami to show through, swiss dot adorn the entire tunic, long enough to wear with leggins can be tucked in to wear with a skirt for a dressier look!

Kiss cami- v-neck with sheer details will pair with this outfit nicely

Vegan leather leggings– sassy yet sophisticated look for any Holiday gathering

Jacquard leggings– feminine look with zippered detail at ankle can be worn with pumps or inside boots

asymmetric skirt– with a beautiful asymmetric slit above the knee- can be worn with tights or without what ever your personal style

Accessories- with the boldness of this top and the unique neckline a simple necklace will work or you can pull this off without a necklace you don’t want too much distracting from the outfit, chandelier earrings can make this outfit pop

Remember the other holidays coming up that you need a fun festive outfit— NYE, NYD, Valentines day, date nights, Work functions… more!!!

My boutique is never closed I am available by e-mail 7 days a week I will respond within 24 hours







Christmas outfit 3

Today’s outfit is inspired by the Christmas song “I will have a blue Christmas without you”

Velvet is on trend this season and what a better color than this deep midnight blue/navy

of course you are going to want both the top and the skirt to make a 2 pieces dress gorgeous for any Holiday party or event! but you can absolutely mix and match these pieces or use to dress up what you already have in your closet!1482505245398.jpg


Marilyn Top in velvet- this top has a unique neckline that is flattering to most

Ruched skirt in velvet- when paired with the Marilyn top it will make a 2 piece dress a gorgeous silhouette– you can accessorize with tights for a warmer look

Palazzo pants– these will look great paired with the Marilyn top and stilettos

Jacquard leggings will be great paired with theMarilyn top for a warmer outfit (in case where you are located it is cold)

strapless cami– although any cami will work, strapless you wont see the cami peeking out


Accessories: you want a bling necklace (short due to this neckline) drop bling earrings, a small red clutch or silver clutch(nothing oversized) Ruby Red flats or pumps, stilettos will look fabulous with this as well as silver– if you wish to wear tights Hue from Macys are great and have navy that looks great with this outfit(I wore for my work holiday party)

you can purchase the entire outfit by clicking on the direct links or here

If you order today you wont obviously receive for Christmas but would make a great NYE outfit or NYD outfit keep those in mind also we have Valentines day coming  up too!!!



Christmas outfit Day 2

Today’s outfit is inspired by the Christmas tune Let it Snow Let it Snow let it snow

I don’t know about you but I am not going to have a white Christmas which is really the only time I appreciate and kind of want snow. The day after Christmas I am ready for Spring:)


3/4 inch sleeve cross front top in Pearl

Judi Cardigan in black– helps keep you warm on the snowy White Christmas

Palazzo Pants– gorgeous ponte fabric will look awesome with pumps or stilettos these pants are very long, doesn’t work well with flats unless you pin them up

Jacquard leggings– I LOVE LOVE LOVE these leggings they are so feminine. lacy, with a little zipper at the ankle for a nice touch Looks gorgeous with pumps, flats or inside boots

Cami-you can choose from many cami’s this link will take you to the cami page so you can choose your favorite

Accessories: If you pair this with a simple necklace, silver or gold chain, small pendant, bangles for bracelets, simple drop earrings, pumps, stilettos, boots, flats,(shoes depend on your choice of pants) pull hair back away from your neck line(braid, pony tail or up in a clip) you want to see the details of the cross front top! You can pair this outfit with a bucket tote, backpack tote, or a shopper tote to keep all of your Holiday essentials, pair with a tassel belt from Ruby Ribbon to accentuate your waist!

you can purchase this entire outfit (even the belt) at my e-commerce website each item is directly linked to my shop!

Ordering today will not get it here before Christmas but remember we still have NYE, NYD, Valentines day and this outfit is going to take you through  the entire winter as a nice work outfit, date night outfit, or girls day out outfit!




Gift Cards


Do you still need a gift for your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend(bestie), coworker, neighbor or that special girl in your life?

A Ruby Ribbon gift card makes the perfect gift!

Some say that gift cards are not a thoughtful gift or maybe an easy way of gifting

I say gifting a Ruby Ribbon gift card is very thoughtful you are giving more than a card with money attached. With Ruby Ribbon gift card you are gifting Confidence, beauty, fashion, and a personal styling consultation with me your stylist!  How fun this can be done virtually or live!

This gift card doesn’t expire, is the perfect fit, looks great on everyone and will be a great way to introduce friends and family to Ruby Ribbon!!!

Purchase anytime through Christmas to have in time for your gift giving (Perfect for those last minute guests you don’t have a gift for) go to my website and purchase here

Merry Christmas


Christmas Outfit 1

Today is inspired by the Christmas song baby it is cold outside, line I’ve got my love to keep me warm!


Drape top in kiss color(keep this in mind for Valentines day too)- $69

Sheer collection cami in Kiss– $69-79

different bottom options depending on occasion being dressy or casual

Lorna skirt- gorgeous black skirt tea length with a gorgeous lace overlay soft and luxurious features a shaping slip under

Palazzo pants– gorgeous ponte fabric looks great with pumps, stilettos(these pants are very long and do not work well with flats unless pinned up) Features shaping secret around the waist-$89

Sequin skirt– gorgeous fancy mini skirt completely covered in sequins features a shaping slip inside


pair this outfit with a bling necklace, drop earrings, and bracelet, pumps, stilettos, cute patterned tights,

you can purchase all of these at my e-commerce website

Remember you will not receive by Christmas at this point but keep in mind New Years Eve, New Years Day, Valentines Day are all coming up