How important is confidence? Well I believe it is the cornerstone of Life, how we interact with friends, coworkers, business associates, social media, and strangers….


How important is confidence?

Well I believe it is the cornerstone of Life, how we interact with friends, coworkers, business associates, social media, and strangers.

Confidence is how we carry ourselves and confidence determines our mood most days!

If a woman is confident in her skin she will walk through her day with her head held high and she will own the day in all that she does!

On the other hand if a woman is lacking confidence and is feeling self- conscious she will have her head down low and she will stay towards the back of each room she enters, entering quietly hoping not to catch the attention of anyone and exiting quietly. She will count the minutes till she can get back to her safe space(typically home, perhaps her bedroom)

What causes a woman to lack confidence? A great question that doesn’t have a simple answer, could be body image issues, lack of education, lack of personal support, personality, a past that took confidence away, among other valid reasons.

What I absolutley love about being a Ruby Ribbon consultant is my entire business is built around helping women build, rebuild, discover, maintain their confidence I can honestly say that when I wear and share Ruby Ribbon my confidence is overflowing– which is contagious women around me also want that confidence for themselves so they try Ruby Ribbon on for themselves and find that their confidence shines!!!

Ruby Ribbon is more than a fashion company, more than a retail shop at home experience more than a fad, Ruby Ribbon is a business that touches lives, changes lives, builds relationships, friendships, builds confidences, empowers women, Ruby Ribbon is a life-changing experience no matter what opportunity or service that you may choose to partake of!

I offer the following services to my clients all of which can be a virtual experience if you are not local to me!

  1. Personal fitting- this is a free service where I will measure you and you will know what your size is for a cami, leggings, tops, skirts, fashion pieces,
  2.  Wardrobe styling- do you need a new wardrobe? do you need new leggings, new work outfits, new shapewear, I will help you build your dream wardrobe
  3. Closet consultations- I will help you purge your closet, organize your closet, so that when you walk into or to your closet you are not overwhelmed
  4.  Trunk show/Buddy Party- Where you invite 5-7 friends (including yourself) you will get to see the entire Ruby Ribbon line, place orders and receive a FREE shopping spree

Have you not tried Ruby Ribbon yet? Now is defintely the time to try her on, our shapewear is the BEST on the market you cannot find anything like Ruby Ribbon in any Retail or social commerce setting we have a patented technology behind our shapewear! Our clothes wardrobe basics have our little secret inside (our awesome shapewear built in) and our fashion pieces are on trend pieces for the season!

want to see more Ruby Ribbon go to my website look at my gallery at the bottom of my home page

my calendar will fill up quickly so let me know ASAP if you would like an appointment either virtual or live



PS dont let anyone dull your sparkle walk as if you have an invisible crown on!!!

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