Isn’t it funny?

Direct sales women will only be able to understand this but it has to be said.

When you are out trying to sell your goods which are the absolute best in the world, right? The reaction is not at all what you anticipated it to be. You hear, well isn’t that awful expensive–oh wow, maybe tell me when you have a sale–I can get it cheaper at the mall, among other various other excuses. Yes, I just called them excuses, because here is the reality– You pay money for what you want and what you want to do. If sports are your thing you will pay premium prices for good seats, if shoes are your thing you will buy those red bottoms without batting an eyelash, handbags your thing, yep you will buy the most expensive bags without any shoppers remorse. Do you get the idea yet?


Direct sales make dreams come true, helps women stay at home with their kids, helps her pay for college to further her education, help her family pay the bills, helps put food on her table, helps to put a down payment on her new car, helps to pay for family vacation, helps her give back to her community, makes all of her dreams come true.


The next time a direct sales stylist, or consultant presents her goods to you please take a second look and think really hard before you automatically turn her down saying you can get it cheaper at the mall, or it really isn’t your thing, let me know when you are having a sale.

Here is the thing about sales– most of the time unless sponsored by corporate office sales take money away from the stylists or consultant, think about that how would you like someone to beg you to give your paycheck away just so they could get a better deal? It really got me thinking even going to consignment shops, estate sales, flea markets– trying to get the seller to come down on a price is taking money out of their pocket and that isn’t something that I want to do.

The truth is many women choose direct sales to make an income it isn’t a hobby it isn’t something that we just do to be doing, we are trying to make a living, and thus when potential customers react in a negative way it can really discourage us from even trying to make our business a success!

Yes you can definitely go to the mall but who really gets that money, whose dreams come true?


If you would just give her a chance to explain her products to you, there is something in every price range for every woman Please just take a look!

Now with all of that being said I am lucky, in my company I don’t just sell gadgets, gizmos, trinkets, handbags, makeup…. (the list could go on) I sell CONFIDENCE yep you heard that right with our 3 part line we deliver confidence to every woman. Are you maybe struggling with confidence right now? Maybe you are not feeling comfortable in your skin, I can help you!  With our amazing cami’s briefs, and other shape wear we can get your confidence back– then with our on trend fashion pieces you will look like you stepped off the runway at fashion week, and now I can even offer you a private swim fitting!!! Who else does that? No one, there is not a single other direct sales company out there that offers foundation pieces, fashion, and SWIM wear oh my goodness this is huge!!!!


I support women who support women do you? when was the last time you helped make a woman’s dream come true?


Are you interested in looking at Ruby Ribbon and are not local to me, no problem I can get you hooked up with a stylist who is local to you! Please just contact me by commenting below or e-mail me at See at Ruby Ribbon we are a big family(big sisterhood) who wants to help each other, there is no competition, no trying to be bigger or better than other stylists we share– we help– we encourage– we build up– Our dreams come true everyday with Ruby Ribbon!



The future of retail may seem grim

So across the nation major department stores are announcing they are closing their doors, malls are closing and becoming empty warehouses. Why are malls becoming less and less attractive, why are more and more major dept. stores closing their doors? To answer this question it would take several different components.

One main reason is the booming online retail market. Women lead busy lives and do not have the time or do not want to take the time to go to a traditional mall and shop all day. It is easier to log on to their computer, tablet or phone and place orders which often times ship in one to two days! Many malls are closing to opening new outlet centers or shopping strip malls, this alleviates the stress of parking at a large mall and walking through the entire mall just to go into a small store. At an outlet mall or strip mall you can quickly park in front of the desired shop and just walk into that store and back to your other daily to dos.

I have read several articles about this subject on one hand it makes me sad to think that my old past-time of going to the mall with friends for a day of shopping , eating and seeing a new movie is a thing of the past. On the other hand it makes me excited to see the opportunity for my Ruby Ribbon business!

I offer a unique in home shopping experience for those who like to shop with their girlfriends can invite them over and host a VIP shopping experience via a trunk show. My business also offers those e-commerce crowd a chance to shop online via my website you can find here

My Ruby Ribbon business is awesome because I can work when and how I want to. With each release of a new line/season I choose to give back to my community through a  Ruby Ribbon fashion with a purpose show! These are so much fun and a way for everyone to give back to their community!

I love the personal relationships I can build with my clients through personal fitting and styling appointments these kinds of relationships do not happen in a traditional retail environment, not even in the highest end boutiques!

I love even more that through my Ruby Ribbon business I can empower other women to start their own Ruby Ribbon business as well!

So even if the traditional retail future looks grim a future with Ruby Ribbon looks brighter and brighter!

Thinking you may want a piece of the 18 billion shapewear pie, or want your own fashion business that will continue to grow and grow? Contact me today by commenting below for more details or you can go here and of course you can always e-mail me at




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RR SWIM is coming

Last night Ruby Ribbon premiered RR SWIM to all stylists in our monthly IQ from HQ call(love this company every month they gather us all together to meet about what is selling, tips, training, and a few previews of things to come!!!)

So during the call I got so excited when they said kit ordering was open that I immediately logged on to my Ruby Ribbon back office and placed my order and it is on its way!!! YIPPEEE I can hardly stand it, don’t think I have ever been this excited before 🙂

Until it comes I wanted to share the Customer sneak peak with you and urge you to schedule your very own Swim Consultation with me!

I am taking pre-orders now e-mail, call, message me today to order your very own EXCLUSIVE RR SWIMsuit believe me you will be thanking me when you look like a superstar swim model walking on the beach this summer!

SWIM customer sneak peak

remember my e-mail is



Things are getting serious here

At Redefine your Closet with Danielle that is!!!

Okay so when did you last shop for a swimsuit? Was it a fun experience, or was it horrendous, did you order way too many just to try them all on for size?

What if I told you I can personally fit you in an exclusive line of swimwear with all of the shaping you love in Ruby Ribbon shapewear and clothes making you feel like you just stepped out of a Magazine or fresh from the runway?

I can do just that and would love to help a girl out

Interested in a one-piece? Great I have 2 styles with 3 different color/print options

Interested in a tankini two piece? Great I have 2 style tops with 3 different color/print option and 2 different bottom styles

with Ruby Ribbon’s Invisashape technology the suit will lift support and make you look and feel gorgeous

At our most recent incentive trip to Punta Cana Dominican Republic some stylists were in tears stating they had not been able to get into a one piece in over 20 years while others were amazed the swimsuit fit them and made them feel gorgeous see the slideshow below of our gorgeous stylists modeling the new RR swim line

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

30 Cake Smash

So I am getting ready to turn the big 3-0 and not really looking forward to it, so what a better way to get ready and be excited than a photo shoot!!!

30 years ago there was no such thing as a 1 year old cake smash photo session– a big reason the 30 year old cake smash is becoming a popular way to celebrate turning 30!!!

I love having my photos taken, growing up with a professional photographer as a father no wonder 🙂

My theme is obviously my favorite color PINK, black and leopard, glitz and glam!!!
I even have a tutu

Are you interested in having a 30th birthday photo shoot call me up I would love to help you out!!!

Of course I had my Ruby Ribbon on making me feel Confident and gorgeous

I ordered a hot pink tutu from ETSY and accessorized with jewelry my mom got me as a gift of making Leader in 2015!(from Monteray California) LOVE IT

used my own photo props and went outside and just had fun here are some shots from the day

It was so much fun…. considering that when we (30s) turned 1 in 1987 they did not do cake smashes I wanted to do it for my 30th Birthday!




Why is this word so scary to most people, why do the rest never think twice about the word?

Confidence is one of those things that you either have it or well you just don’t. But if you don’t have it don’t fear you can get it.

Growing up in my loving supportive family I was one of those that never thought twice about confidence I had it and that was all I needed to know.

In my day job I work as an Instructor at a local junior college and Confidence is something that we  struggle with on the daily. A very sad fact to me but a fact nonetheless.

Why is it that the majority of those that I work with Instructing struggle with something that came so easy for me? Well I truly believe that not all are as blessed as I am to have such a loving and supportive family… really every member of my family and close network of friends believes in me and supports my dreams my goals and every ambition that I could ever conjure up. Not all out there today are as fortunate.

I never thought I couldn’t do something because my mom always told me that I could do anything that I set my mind to. She always taught me to be strong, independent, and positive always because there is always someone out there that is worse off than yourself, I was taught to never feel sorry for myself and to work hard for my dreams and goals.

The people who I deal with on a daily basis has not been taught these values and have not been supported, they were never told they can do it, they were perhaps put down instead of built up, they were not taught to be strong and independent and there I see the problem!

We must teach our young girls that they can be anything they want to be, to be strong independent women! We must teach them to love themselves and to be comfortable in their own skin.

Body image is such a strong issue in today’s culture Hollywood, magazines and the media have put a certain size and body type as the only one that can be beautiful and in reality every size and body type can be beautiful!

I love Ruby Ribbon because even on the worse days when I feel bloated and not beautiful I step into a ruby ribbon cami and my confidence quickly comes back! The cami hugs me all day long making me feel secure which adds to the confidence level!

It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22 you are beautiful and you beYOUtiful when you are yourself that exudes a particular type of beauty because you are authentically YOU remember that everyone else is taken, and God made you special just the way he wanted you to be!

If you would like to step into confidence send me an e-mail( and let me know we can either do a virtual fitting or live fitting depending on where you are located!

My mission is to share confidence building clothing with women in WV and beyond

you can visit my website here to shop the exclusive Ruby Ribbon line





Once again we are the 1st

The first social commerce company to offer an exclusive swimwear line😍

I am so excited I can barely handle it!!!!! We have been requesting shapewear for three years now. Ruby Ribbon listens to their stylists and their customers!

The line launches in April alongside our summer line,so more information will follow as more details get released but stay tuned🎀

Ruby Ribbon announces RR Swim from Ruby Ribbon on Vimeo.


Ruby Ribbon announces RR Swim from Ruby Ribbon on Vimeo.