Going natural!

Wow that is something that I never thought I would hear myself say

I have had acrylic nails since I was 16 years old and I am now going on 30 so basically for half of my life I have had my nails done twice a month  12 months in a year and 14 years is 168 months paying 30.00 each time making it $60.00 per month that is $10,080!!!! Oh my goodness what could I have done with 10,080 dollars?

I want a more natural look for my nails, I love getting my nails done and looking nice because everyone looks at my hands since I am a teacher, however, this has got to change… I will still have pretty nails, eventually, I hope!

So I have my last nail appointment today, so last night I soaked my nails off with pure acetone, they look and feel horrendous I have two nails that are green, yep I said it green fungus has been growing under my acrylic painted nails. (not too healthy I would say)  pseudomonas to be exact, is that really something that I want for myself? No not at all, It makes me wonder what kind of effects acrylic nails have on my general health

I read an article about giving nails a break, now I know that nails get their nutrition and oxygen from underlying structures(I am an anatomy instructor) however the nail bed itself will benefit from a break from the nail drill, file, buffer, and harsh chemicals applied twice per month.

Is this going to be an overnight fix? Absolutely not I have damaged my nails now for 14 years and it will take time to rebuild my nails, so I am going to have to be patient as I am used to my nails looking near perfect all the time and now they won’t for a long time.  I am going to blog about the process of rebuilding my nails to help me to see the progress!

Day after my manicure not bad so far…

they are continuing to feel better every day…



Have you damaged your nails too? Join me in looking more natural, feeling better and saving money!!!