Winter is coming

Oh man, I cannot believe I just said that…. seriously???? Winter is by far my least favorite season😫

I am a flower that does best in direct sun, lol 😂 not a cold snowy ice covered pine tree lol😂

So although winter doesnt officially begin until December 21st, and fall has officially kicked in(chilly mornings, warm days and crisp nights). It is never too early to be planning your next wardrobe❤

At Ruby Ribbon we launch 4 capsules per year to go with the changing seasons, and although winter is my least favorite season, the winter capsule is my most favorite one to share and wear😍

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And our holiday gift boutique is back and better than ever

We have colors(gorgeous deep jewel tones that are all the rage this season) we have textures of silk, velvet, crushed velvet, bamboo, and cashmere like soft, fur… and more

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Fashionably yours


Support your girls😘

So most of you know that Thursday is my favorite day of the week!!!

Well today is even better because I have a HUGE sale to share with you😁

As you begin thinking about Christmas 2018, this sale would be a great way to get some really great gifts at a discounted price🎉🎁🎄

See the following photos and as always you can go to here to shop!

And check that out because it is October we are having special items for RR Cares which a portion of the proceeds goes to City of Hope to fight breast cancer through research!!!

Cute outfits, awesome foundation pieces and for a great cause!!!

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Have a happy Thursday

Busy in the creative corner

Sometimes I am so busy, I feel I could quit my day job while other times it feel more like a hobby and other times it is a side hustle!

Do any of you have side hustles or gig jobs? I think of it as not putting all of my eggs into one basket 😂

So my day job is an office administrative job, which I absolutely LOVE… It is my dream job actually❤

My Ruby Ribbon business has given me the opportunity to help many women feel confident once again, and this job fulfills my need to help

My creative Corner Handmade boutique offers me the opportunity to unleash my creativity and make a profit while doing so!

I still teach online part-time as well

Back to the reason for this post…

My Creative Corner has been busy I have had a few sales the past month and now looking to Christmas and 2019 wanting to make Creative Corner a more consistent earning opportunity, I have been busy crafting and brainstorming🤯

Let’s also keep in mind I will be sitting for 2 board exams at the end of this year, just trying to make time for everything and everyone😊

I will leave you with my latest creation in the creative Corner

A Christmas countdown decorative wall hanging and my no bull sweatshirt!!! These and more designs will be coming soon to the boutique, be sure to check them out(maybe pick up a gift or two😉)

Have a creative Day

Soup weather here

Fall has to be one of my if not my very favorite season… for many reasons but the main one we can eat soup everyday(well not every day but we could if we wanted to)

Sweater weather boots and leggings is my kind of wardrobe for fall too!!!

So it was a rainy gloomy and chilly day only in the lower 50s but felt cooler due to the cold rain. I work all day then I had a dentist office and Fresno had a vet appointment so it was another late evening. I really didnt feel like cooking but didnt want to go out either. What to do? The instant pot to the rescue!!!!

I made an amazing cheesy potato soup in under 20 minutes… wow but it tasted as though I had slaved over the stove all day! The longest most time consuming was the veggie prep(cutting them up)

Mmmmm if you like your potato soup thick, creamy and cheesy try this recipe


☆ 1 medium onion diced

☆ 1 celery stalk diced

☆7 or 8 medium russet potatoes peeled and diced

☆3 cups of chicken stock(richer than broth)

☆3 cloves of garlic peeled and diced

☆salt and pepper to taste

☆4 tablespoons butter

☆2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

☆3 mini blocks of velveeta cheese or half of a large 1lb block

Milk slurry

☆1 cup of milk

☆3 tablespoons flour


1. Place butter in instant pot turn on to saute

2. Once butter is melted and bubbling add onion and celery cooking until tender(about 4 minutes) stir so not to stick to bottom

3. Add garlic and cook additional minute

4. Turn off instant pot

5. Add chicken stock, potatoes, salt and pepper to taste

6. Stir contents

7. Place lid on instant pot and turn to pressure cook 4 minutes (make sure valve is set to seal) meanwhile make your milk slurry and sit to the side(stir milk and flour together… this will thicken the potato soup)

8. Quick release pressure

9. Take lid off only after pressure pin drops

10. Stir contents, add cheese(I cut cheese cubes up)

11. Add milk slurry

12. Turn instant pit to saute and cook while stirring 4-5 minutes

13. Add 2 cups of shredded cheese

14. Serve with bread or crackers (contents will be extremely hot… let sit in serving bowl 5 minutes before eating)