Busy in the creative corner

Sometimes I am so busy, I feel I could quit my day job while other times it feel more like a hobby and other times it is a side hustle!

Do any of you have side hustles or gig jobs? I think of it as not putting all of my eggs into one basket 😂

So my day job is an office administrative job, which I absolutely LOVE… It is my dream job actually❤

My Ruby Ribbon business has given me the opportunity to help many women feel confident once again, and this job fulfills my need to help

My creative Corner Handmade boutique offers me the opportunity to unleash my creativity and make a profit while doing so!

I still teach online part-time as well

Back to the reason for this post…

My Creative Corner has been busy I have had a few sales the past month and now looking to Christmas and 2019 wanting to make Creative Corner a more consistent earning opportunity, I have been busy crafting and brainstorming🤯

Let’s also keep in mind I will be sitting for 2 board exams at the end of this year, just trying to make time for everything and everyone😊

I will leave you with my latest creation in the creative Corner

A Christmas countdown decorative wall hanging and my no bull sweatshirt!!! These and more designs will be coming soon to the boutique, be sure to check them out(maybe pick up a gift or two😉)

Have a creative Day

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