I am so excited

Last week my friend invited me to a jewelry party

Let me be honest with you, although I was excited to join her party, I was anxious because I had been to a Park Lane party when I was younger I went with my mom. I can remember looking at the catalog sitting in a room of chatty/smiling women, looking at mom shaking our heads quietly, it was too expensive for us… I was sad but we did end up buying an ankle bracelet.

I am not sure if Park Lane changed or what..but it is AWESOME now, I mean you can get a pair of earrings for less than $15.00 good quality earrings and then you have some that are much more expensive.

If you know me I always say every girl deserves to sparkle and feel pretty no matter her situation. I made jewelry for awhile ny main goal was to make it affordable for everyone, trendy pieces that even a teen with a babysitting job could afford!

Well let me tell you anyone can afford Park Lane no matter what your income level is, if you purchase jewelry at a dept store or box store like Target or Walmart you can afford Park Lane!

Are you looking for more expensive sets or pieces yeah Park Lane has you there too.

And I didn’t even mention the sales… the sales are amazing!!! So the customer actually decides what she wants to be on sale… add 2 full price items(the lowest 2 items on your wishlist) then the next 4 will be 50% off…. seriously? Yes I had a hard time believing it too, but it is True!!!

I cannot wait to get my purchase I ordered $354.00 worth Jewelry and only paid $100.00… wow!!! One of my bracelets was $182.00 reg price and I got it for $25.00!!! 5 pieces for a little over 100 is amazing I dont think you can get that kind of a deal at the mall(especially since charming Charlie’s have closed down) and with the pandemic you cant get to the mall, but Park Lane is always open!

A company that have been in business for over 50 years it is just amazing to me how they treat their customers, and stylists like an extended part of their family.

Hosting a virtual style show is so much fun and so easy I have decided to host my own show!!!!

My friend Regina (the Queen) Viscount is now a stylist with Park Lane and I cannot wait to introduce you to her and Park Lane Jewelry

Me and Regina at Ruby Ribbon Runway

Our friendship began 5 or so years ago with Ruby Ribbon I met her at Leaderfest in Palo Alto. I am so excited for her new(ish) adventure with Park Lane Jewelry! She has lots of experience with direct sales and is definitely a role model for me!!!

Still dont believe in Direct Sales? It has allowed me to create so many lifelong friendships with ladies like Regina all across this country and for that I am eternally thankful.

So do you want to sparkle with me?

E-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for an invitation(facebook “virtual” party)

Remember to sparkle!!!


When I say that word what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

If s it Tiffany and Co you are probably like most ladies what if I told you there is a new Tiffany in town? What if I told you you will love this Tiffany just as much?

Ruby Ribbon has just launched the new spring color she is gorgeous she is named Tiffany

It comes in the lace demiette as well as the lace cami for a full core support as well as breast support!

She is going to be your new Breast friend!! (See what I did there? 🤣)

As we are all in quarantine from Covid you may be feeling like you will loose your mind.

Take a deep breath turn your computer on and let your fingers do some retail therapy for you

Ruby Ribbon is never closed and just because you are home doesn’t mean you don’t need to feel confident and comfortable

Go here to shop today

We have athletic wear, intimates, leggings and lounge wear come on over and shop a little you will feel better😊

Hope you have a wonderful day with your family safe at home!!!

If you have any styling ar sizing questions just message me or email me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com

Macaroni and cheese soup

I love me some comfort food, nothing better than homemade macaroni and cheese except maybe homemade macaroni and cheese soup!

So we got into a discussion just the other day after I saw an ad for Panera bread mac n cheese served in a bread bowl(I have to try this!!!) And it was mentioned about the carbs… yes it would be a lot of carbs but since I dont really watch my carb intake I didnt care, then “you know what’s good in that bread bowl? Broccoli cheese soup!” I cannot disagree at all but I do think there are still quite a few carbs in the soup.

I did a google search on carbs of macaroni and cheese and broccoli cheese soup and it hit me like a ton of bricks… what if I made macaroni and cheese soup? Is there such a thing?

I began jotting down an ingredient list and tonight I built the recipe I will share with you!

Ingredient list

  • 2 cups elbow macaroni noodles
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped celery
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 tsp crushed red pepper
  • 3 1/2 cup cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 quart chicken broth
  • 1 can of evaporated milk


  • In a medium saucepan bring 6 cups water to a boil(remember to salt water generously)
  • Once water is boiling add 2 cups macaroni stirring occasionally
  • Cook noodles al dente and remove from heat and drain
  • In a large soup pot or non stick cooking pot melt butter add the following… onions, celery, salt, pepper, garlic, crushed red pepper,ground mustard and simmer until onions and celery are translucent and tender
  • Add cornstarch to butter and stir over low heat(you may need to remove from heat so it doesnt burn)
  • Add 1 carton of chicken broth bring to a boil
  • Add the 3 1/2 cups of cheese stirring constantly to melt through
  • Add the macaroni noodles and stir in 1 can if evaporated milk
  • Simmer for 10 minutes or until ready to eat
  • Serve with cooked broccoli, extra cheese, garlic toast

I hope you enjoy this macaroni and cheese soup

Recipe is 100% created, written, and tested by me, Danielle

Let me know if you try it!!!

Money saving breakfast

I am not a big fan if breakfast and actually for the majority of the week I fast breakfast buf on Sundays I enjoy a nice breakfast before church!

This breakfast takes approx 10 minutes and you need the following

  • English muffins
  • Egg
  • Slice of cheese
  • 2-3 slices of bacon prepared
  • Butter

You are going to prepare your bacon the way you prefer, I crisp mine up in the microwave… while the bacon is cooking place your English muffin in the toaster oven and brown it lightly. You will now want to fry your egg once the white is getting done(opaque) break the yolk and turn the egg continuing to cook until done to your liking.

Remove the english muffin(you can smear some butter on if you wish) place your egg on the bottom piece, top with cheese and break your strips of bacon in half stacking on top. Place the top on and enjoy! If you are taking it to go wrap in a paper towel and foil!

Hope you enjoy your day!

It is not hard to save money just think

  • 12 eggs come in a carton for approx $2.00(.17 per egg)
  • 6 english muffins for approx 2.49(.42 per muffin)
  • Kraft singles 22 slices for approx 4.00(.18 per slice)
  • 1 lb bacon approx 20 strips for approx 5.00(.25 per slice)

For 1 english muffin you are looking at approx $1.52 and you will have enough supplies to make 6 so for a whole week!!! Less than 10.00 for the entire week!!!! WOW!!!!

At the local fast food restaraunt you will pay nearly 3.00 for the same meal… savings of nearly half$1.48

So if you eat said meal say 6 times it would be approx $18.00 (of course tax)

Girls day out at the Armory

Smokehouse that is

Ironton Ohio has a special restaurant hidden just behind Frischs Big Boy and next to Route 52 exit for Ironton

Total Americana theme Military from the entrance to the decorations in the lobby and dining room

The menu has something for everyone

Steak, seafood, chicken, pork, brisket, BBQ, pasta dishes, sandwiches and of course the all American Cheeseburger

The starters are great too… cheese bites, nachos, deep fried banana peppers, chicken strips, chips and salsa and more

The sides are many from fresh cut fries, which can be loaded with cheese, bacon or gravy(think poutine) to baked potatoes, mac n cheese, green beans and more

It was very welcoming we entered it felt like we were at a tourist location, like a museum lots of cases with military memorabilia

With a bar area to the right with high top tables and booths and low tables to the left

We were immediately greeted and asked about beverages

I decided I wanted to try a cheeseburger

We started with the cheese bites as a starter

I loved how they were garnished with parmesan they were hot but not unbearably hot when they arrived at the table and the cheese was super stringy which is what you want!

Cheeseburger with your choice of toppings. I had jack cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, mustard and mayo. A huge burger grilled to perfection on top of a toasted brioche bun

Our friend also got a brisket sandwich that had caramelized onions and cheese with roasted red peppers served on a fried hoagie roll!!!

The armory smokehouse has a variety of desserts including a amish donut served with icecream and hot fudge sauce(wow!!! I must try this next visit!!!!)

Go here to see more info about the Armory Smokehouse

We are living with an entitled generation

I see it over and over and a recent conversation with a coworker just made me sad and start thinking wow we really are living among a lot of entitled people.

So the conversation went something like this. I supported my kids until they moved out, and I would support them if they came back home, I Love my kids.

What exactly do you mean? I asked with anticipation of hearing the answer.

Well you know those parents who make their kids pay for their own stuff like cars and school(college) and other “necessities” like rent utilities…

Yea… well parents who really love their kids support their kids.

I said with all do respect I have to disagree

My mom loved me very much but I paid for my car(s)… my bills… my schooling(grad school) I got a job at 18 and have not been without a job since(blessed)

My mom taught me how to be a productive member of society and how to be an adult! I am responsible I pay my Bill’s, my taxes, I have a career where I show up and work all day long, dont goof off. My mom taught me that being adult is a mandatory part of life, is isn’t always fun no but you have to do it every day.

I am so very thankful for everything my mom has and continues to teach me.

I am also proud to say I have worked very hard for everything I have, I was handed nothing in life, I appreciate the small things as well as the big things.

I look around at the younger and some who are my age and even older but mostly younger, and say how are they ever going to make it?

Their poor parents thought that they were doing them a favor by giving them everything, by not teaching them responsibility, the adage I hear all the time is you’re young go out have fun you deserve it!

What are they deserving of if they have never done really anything to earn it?

It makes me both sad and anxious to think what the future holds for these individuals… I mean if the parents just continue handing them everything and they are responsible for nothing… life is going to hit them in the face really soon. Instead of “helping” their kids they are “hindering” their kids holding them back from their full potential.

Watch national geographic sometime and you will see a mommy/daddy(sometimes) and a baby animal… watch closely as the parents teach and instruct their baby how to survive, teach them basic life skills. Then the parents and baby separate and the child then lives on it’s own because the mommy and it’s daddy showed them how to be independent.

Maybe because I have worked for everything I have, it irritates me to see someone just get everything handed to them. Then, when I stop and think I really feel sorry for them because they dont truly appreciate anything and they will never truly be independent, or know how to survive on their own.

Just a little anatomy fun

Oh so if you know anything about me you would know that my first career I was a college instructor… loved my job teaching was my thing(never knew it was but it definitely was)

My favorite thing to teach was Anatomy

I still color in my anatomy coloring book, study anatomy and other health related subjects… it is My favorite

So it is no surprise when I found these awesome cookie cutters I had to order them😍

Look at how cool

Human heart
Human brain
Knee x-ray

The need in me goes wild the forever student in me wants to label the cookies and I wish I had them for my students when I taught!