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Last week my friend invited me to a jewelry party Let me be honest with you, although I was excited to join her party, I…


Last week my friend invited me to a jewelry party

Let me be honest with you, although I was excited to join her party, I was anxious because I had been to a Park Lane party when I was younger I went with my mom. I can remember looking at the catalog sitting in a room of chatty/smiling women, looking at mom shaking our heads quietly, it was too expensive for us… I was sad but we did end up buying an ankle bracelet.

I am not sure if Park Lane changed or what..but it is AWESOME now, I mean you can get a pair of earrings for less than $15.00 good quality earrings and then you have some that are much more expensive.

If you know me I always say every girl deserves to sparkle and feel pretty no matter her situation. I made jewelry for awhile ny main goal was to make it affordable for everyone, trendy pieces that even a teen with a babysitting job could afford!

Well let me tell you anyone can afford Park Lane no matter what your income level is, if you purchase jewelry at a dept store or box store like Target or Walmart you can afford Park Lane!

Are you looking for more expensive sets or pieces yeah Park Lane has you there too.

And I didn’t even mention the sales… the sales are amazing!!! So the customer actually decides what she wants to be on sale… add 2 full price items(the lowest 2 items on your wishlist) then the next 4 will be 50% off…. seriously? Yes I had a hard time believing it too, but it is True!!!

I cannot wait to get my purchase I ordered $354.00 worth Jewelry and only paid $100.00… wow!!! One of my bracelets was $182.00 reg price and I got it for $25.00!!! 5 pieces for a little over 100 is amazing I dont think you can get that kind of a deal at the mall(especially since charming Charlie’s have closed down) and with the pandemic you cant get to the mall, but Park Lane is always open!

A company that have been in business for over 50 years it is just amazing to me how they treat their customers, and stylists like an extended part of their family.

Hosting a virtual style show is so much fun and so easy I have decided to host my own show!!!!

My friend Regina (the Queen) Viscount is now a stylist with Park Lane and I cannot wait to introduce you to her and Park Lane Jewelry

Me and Regina at Ruby Ribbon Runway

Our friendship began 5 or so years ago with Ruby Ribbon I met her at Leaderfest in Palo Alto. I am so excited for her new(ish) adventure with Park Lane Jewelry! She has lots of experience with direct sales and is definitely a role model for me!!!

Still dont believe in Direct Sales? It has allowed me to create so many lifelong friendships with ladies like Regina all across this country and for that I am eternally thankful.

So do you want to sparkle with me?

E-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for an invitation(facebook “virtual” party)

Remember to sparkle!!!

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