The art of an arm party

The art of an arm party is made simple with Park Lane Jewelry. For several seasons the arm party has been a featured trend, seen…


The art of an arm party is made simple with Park Lane Jewelry. For several seasons the arm party has been a featured trend, seen on all the runways of Fashion week, celebrities rocking major arm stacks! You can too, let me show you how!

Park Lane

Park Lane has been in business for nearly 68 years and you can tell! The quality of our jewelry is superb the price is unmatched!

Park Lane Jewelry

Designer Inspired

Have you ever looked at Tiffany, Cartier, van Cleef and Arpel… and thought to yourself if I just had the money? Do you love the styles presented by these high end designers, you just can’t afford it?

I have awesome news

Park Lane specializes in Designer Inspired, the majority of our line has been created based on the high end design but ours is a unique design and a fraction of the price, in fact pennies to the dollar!

Arm party sounds like fun…

…but you are just not sure I know how to wear one?

I am so glad you are here, I am going to show you how!!!! You will see that the art of arm party is easy with the following steps!

1.Choose your color

Gold or Silver…. hematite or rose gold

How about gemstones to add a pop of color

How about mixed metals…. this is fun!!!

2.Choose your number

It is important to choose an odd number. 1,3,5,7,9

It is a proven fact that odd number arm party is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than an even number!

3.Choose textures and sizes

-beads, metals, leather, linen. Chain

-thin, dainty, chunky, think

4.Choose bracelet types

wrap bracelet, chain, bangle, stretch, adjustable

5.Have fun

This is the most important step! This is a party after all!!!!

Once you have chosen your bracelets have fun stacking them up your wrist!!!

It is important to remember that there are no rules…. you create the bracelet stack that makes you happy!!!

gallery of sample Arm Parties

The art of arm parties shown in the gallery below

The art of the arm party silver edition! silver arm party featuring lava, silver jewel, prosecco in silver
bombshell in black, glow impression, royal, iconic, mellow stretch bangle
prosecco in gold, mavis set, parakeet and mellow
jewel, royal, parakeet, prosecco, embraceable
denali in gold, mellow, glow impression, gold rica
The art of the arm party using the following bracelets; gold marina, willow, reed, yellowstone

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