Yanny or Laurel…

blue and black oh but wait maybe it is white and gold?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am sure that everyone has heard the sound bite recording that is driving everyone insane, and when I say insane I am not exaggerating.

It all started at work when a coworker asked me what I heard? I did not know what she was talking about, so she kindly pulled up the recording and asked me again… “What did you hear?” Well  as plain as day I heard the recording say Laurel…Laurel…Laurel…Laurel.

She said you have got to be kidding I hear yanny, I don’t know how because it is plainly saying Laurel, well we went back and forth trying different speakers (first our phones then our computers) I only heard Yanny one time.

Then last night at Thursday night family dinner we had to bring up the experiment and thus started the great debate. there were 8 of us around the dining room table. The sound was played from my cousins phone and here is what was discovered

cousin, myself, and uncle all heard laurel while everyone else heard yanny and everyone was adamant that we were right. So my cousin decided that he needed to research the debacle. and here is what he found…


Lets shop Swimsuits

Okay so when this statement is made does it make you excited, anxious or do you get a little sick at your stomach? Do you dread shopping for swimwear each year, you long for the warmer weather and the beach vacation but you would rather skip the whole swimsuit process?

Believe me when I say I am here to help you!!!

From the time that I began my Ruby Ribbon business(over 4 years ago now) the number one request has always been “why dont you guys sell swimwear” “It would be awesome if you sold swimwear”

Well guess what last summer we launched our revolutionary patented swimwear and it has been more of a success than we ever imagined!

When women shop for swimsuits in a traditional box store or even online, the feelings are loneliness, embarrassment, negative feelings on personal body image, desperation (vacation quickly approaching and cannot find anything)

When women shop for swimsuits with a ruby ribbon stylist either in person or online; the feelings are acceptance, confidence, tears of joy(“I haven’t worn a swimsuit in___years!” ) positive feelings on personal body image, hope, and excitement!!!

Typically women return 30-40% of swimsuits bought in retail or online while at Ruby Ribbon the return rate is 6% (WOW, that should show you right there…you need to give us a try)

try on to buy ratio

in a retail or online setting, women try on an average of 15 suits and purchase 1(but still are not completely happy, right?)

With Ruby Ribbon women try on an average of 2 swimsuits and purchase 1

Why purchase Ruby Ribbon?

You will only find the following features in a Ruby Ribbon swimsuit

  • invisishape
  • great design
  • simple sizing
  • YOU

If you know your cami size you know your swim size, I LOVE our swim sizing– don’t know your cami size I can help you with that (in person, virtually, or over the phone, let me know it is a free sizing consultation)


A stylist friend recently did a target swim haul– she bought swimsuits from Target and compared with our ruby ribbon swim line

check them out below


Shown is the riveria in panther(this is my favorite and you can wear it multiple ways)


Riveria in black compared with a Michael Kors(not Target)


Aruba one piece


Riveria in black shown as a strapless


Fiji in tropical print(new this season, my favorite from this season)

swim8swim7swim6swim5swim4swim3swim2swim130738153_1399181610186462_1834855637108916224_n (1)30738153_1399181610186462_1834855637108916224_n30742174_1399181593519797_4578728144499900416_n

Plus we have 4 Tankini options and two swim bottom options if you prefer two pieces

find them here

Fashionably Yours,