Did you watch the oscars?

What a great awards show!!!
I think it was last year that woman rose up and said they were more than what they were wearing so don’t just ask what she is wearing on the red carpet but ask her more about herself!  
Chris Rock made a good point last night when he said they don’t ask men what they are wearing because men all wear the same thing 🙂 if George clooney walked the red carpet wearing a lime green suit and had a swan coming out of________________ it is a guarantee that someone if not everyone would ask who is he wearing:)

I love the awards show mainly for the red carpet what is everyone wearing?  who wore it best? who stepped out of the normal dress? who should have wore something else?  Who had shapewear on, who didnt but needed it? Now of course I would be looking for shapwear, as it is my thing with Ruby Ribbon(All celebrities need to be introduced to Ruby Ribbon and if I could figure out a way to get a sample to their stylists you had better believe I would!!! It would change their lives)

So here is my top ten dresses on the red carpet 

Charlize Theron

Tina Fey

Cate Blanchett

Rachel McAdams

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Naomi Watts

Priyanka Chopra

Sofia Vergara

These are my favorite in no particular order!  How many do you think have the wrong shapewear under their gorgeous dresses?