Mothers day gift ideas

So this year is a little different this year since we can’t go to the mall and pick out a unique gift, no kids will be bringing home a homemade card/craft from school this year.

I have the solution to your problem

If for no other reason… Park Lanes lifetime guarantee is enough. Did you just read that? Did it sink in? I mean if a bracelet gets broken, she looses an earring, the necklace gets dropped into the garbage disposal and gets tore up(I mean that is a little extreme but yea aby of those happens to your jewelry Park Lane will replace it.

Women love jewelry!!!! Why because it boosts our confidence, it completes our look, it is a way to express ourself in fashion, it boosts our serotonin levels, it gives us compliments that we like to hear(love that necklace…)

Park Lane has so many great sales going

Let me try to explain the great sale

  1. Buy 2 items two least expensive items at full price
  2. Unlocks 4 items any items in the catalog at 50% off
  3. When you spend $40.00 you unlock the next sale
  4. You get to shop the customer special which is a special collection of jewelry at a big reduced price
  5. When your cart reaches $90.00 you unlock the next special
  6. Buy one get one free special but with park lane— choose anything in the catalog priced at $200.00 you pay $25.00 and then you choose any item priced up to $100.00 and you get it for FREE!!!
  7. Until April 29th you receive FREE shipping ($10.50)

Happy shopping

How do you feel about jewlery?

Are you someone who has to have her earrings on before she leaves the house or maybe you just dont care?

When you wear jewelry do you feel more put together more confident than when you dont wear jewelry?

Studies have been done to prove that jewelry helps to improve mood, helps to build confidence, and can completely change your look!!!

By investing in jewelry you expand your wardrobe without purchasing any additional outfits, this is a huge deal… I mean think about it you can have a basic wardrobe mafe up of
-3 pairs of pants
-2 skirts
-1 dress
-1 pair of leggings or lounge pants

-6-10 tops
-2 layering pieces a blazer or cardigan
-by adding a different necklace, earring, ring, bracelet you change the whole look
(Above is just an example you could have more and even less in wardrobe and make it different just by adding jewelry)

I have left the house without earrings and I say “oh I feel naked I didnt put earrings on” have you ever said that? That statement right there is proof Jewelry changes everything❤

I have a challenge fo you

Next time you get dressed and ready to go somewhere(even if it is just to your living room😅)

Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you with no jewlery on

Put a pair of earrings on, another photo

Put a necklace on and a third photo

Now compare your photos to see if you can see if you can tell a difference, I bet you will be able to.

Imagine how your wardrobe will expand with just a few essential pieces of jewelry!!!

Jewelry changes everything

Who would like an earring party?

Everyone loves earrings, her a really cute pair for under $30.00 and the host gets Free jewelry!!!

Gather your friends

For 5 friends 5 orders you will get $100.00 in free jewelry

  • For 5 friends and 5 orders the host will get $100.00 in free jewelry
  • For 6 friends and 6 orders the host will get $120.00 in free jewelry
  • For 7 friends and 7 orders the host will get $140.00 in free jewelry
  • For 8 friends and 8 orders the host will get $160.00 in free jewelry
  • For 9 friends and 9 orders the host will get $180.00 in free jewelry
  • For 10 friends and 10 orders the host will get $400.00 in free jewelry WOW!!!

Can you get 10 orders? You will get $400.00 in free jewelry

And if all of your friends want to take turns here is how this could work

  • You get your friends to participate to buy a $20.00 pair of earrings
  • Your show gets entered and your friends “book” the same show for them everyone participates by doing the same thing
  • At the end of the parties everyone will end up with some gorgeous jewelry for FREE and will spend minimum of $20.00 per party no shipping 😁🙌

Does that sound fun? We can do a zoom too once everyone receives jewelry so we can all see☺

Booking shows now through May 31st

Remember Free shipping promo is through April 29th

Book today

Email me or comment below

Work from home… work from anywhere

With Park Lane the possibilities are endless

You can work completely virtual… completely from your phone/tablet/or computer

You can work while traveling

You can work in addition to a full time job like me

You can work as much or as little as you wish

The earning potential is endless with Park Lane

Commissions start at 30% for entry level stylist meaning you dont even need experience

Speaking of experience… do you have experience in leadership from another direct sales company? Well Park Lane will bring you in at that same level!!!!

How does a weekly paycheck sound?

Pretty good right?

Once you hit a level at park lane there is no going back…. you will always earn at that level unless you promote.

You know how with some companies your commission can go back to the base commission? Example you earn 30% com on personal sales and that rises to 40% when you have a team under you… everything is going great you are earning 40% until your team goes inactive and then you are back to earning only 30% 😩 with Park Lane this will not happen, once you reach a certain earning level you earn that until you promote bo matter what your team does!!!

There are so many great customer promotions going on that will help you launch successfully even amid the stay at home orders

  • 2 for 4 sale
    • Customer buys 2 items at regular price(the 2 least expensive items)
    • Customer receives up to 4 items at 50% off
  • Customer specials
    • With a $40.00 purchase your customers will be able to purchase customer monthly specials at a greatly reduced price
  • Free shipping this is a $10.50 savings and available no matter the order size
  • Free thank you gifts when customer buys $90.00
    • Receive an item of her choice up to $200 for just $25
    • and an item of her choice valued at up to $100 absolutely FREE

The hostess program is a 5 star program

  • She will be rewarded on the number of shoppers she has not the party total
    • 1-10 shoppers= $20.00 per shopper
    • Once you have 10 shoppers that doubles to $40.00 per shopper
  • She will get all the amazing customer specials
  • She is able to purchase from the exclusive hostess reserve collection
  • She always gets free shipping
  • Thank you gift a $100.00 item for only $25.00

Park Lane offers so much support to get you going from

  • Professional graphics to use
  • Words to say to book to recruit
    • Literally you copy and paste if you need to
  • Park Lane allows you the freedom to work your business the way you need or want to and they support you every step of the way
  • The most support I have seen not only from the home office located in Chicago… but also from the stylist community
  • No minimums or quotas to meet you work when you want as much as you want!!!

Park Lane is worldwide… do you know someone in another country? You can build your business across the world… exciting!!!


  • Free jewelry each month
    • Earn by selling and or recruiting
  • 2 incentive trips each year
    • currently working toward Ireland
  • Mercedes car program
  • And more!!!

Right now… today is the last day

Join today for only $99.00

You will get to shop for your own jewlery to create your kit $500.00 worth of jewelry!!! get marketing information

  • $500.00 jewelry
  • Marketing materials
  • Website to shop from
  • Back office
  • Training
  • Support from home office and team mates

Pizzeria at home

So yes we are all under a stay at home order or at least a social distancing order… meaning most if not all restaraunt dining rooms are closed

We always have pizza Wednesday night before church… our favorite is Red Baron thin and crispy or we go to a local pizza place… however in our current situation that is nearly impossible

(I did go through the drive thru… yea to get pizza 3 weeks ago)

Every grocery store is sold out of frozen pizza among other necessities but we didnt let that stop us… we started making our own crust from scratch and boy is it yummy

I do not have a recipe but I encourage you to google a recipe or get pizza dough from the store or pizzeria

Making your own pizza is so much fun and tastes way better than frozen

My kit has arrived

And I could not be more excited!!!

This is truly the most fun I have had in a long time

Who starts her business in the middle of a global pandemic? This girl does…LOL

I mean could there be a better time? I dont think so? I am having fun it is distracting me from all of the negativity on the news and I LOVE to sparkle so why not?

Check out all of those gorgeous jewels… makes me smile from ear to ear and I just want to party and celebrate!!!

I am so in love with everything and cannot wait to add to my collection and share with you and your friends

Love big


Project Sparkle

Do you sit at home and wish there was something you could do? Something that could bring a smile to those on the frontlines fighting against Covid-19?

What if I told you there was a way to do that

Park Lane has launched Project Sparkle

I am so excited will you join me?

For as low as 5.00 up to 68.00 will sponsor a healthcare worker or several healthcare workers with a pair of earrings

Details here

Smiley (1-10)$68.00 for 10 different health care workers a donation of $7.00(1 pair) up to $68.00! (10 pairs)
Canyon (11-20) $50.00 for 9 different healthcare workers!!! A donation of $5.50(1 pair) up to $50.00(9 pairs)
Bumble(21-23) $40.00 for 3 different healthcare workers!!! A donation of $13.00(1 pair) up to $40.00(3 pairs)
Cosmo(23)$16.00 donation for 1 healthcare worker
Dottie(24)$20.00 donation for 1 healthcare worker
Gwenyth(25)$20.00 donation for 1 healthcare worker
Perfection(26)$20.00 donation for 1 healthcare worker
Matinee(27)$22.00 donation for 1 healthcare worket
Dainty(28)$22.00 donation for 1 healthcare worker

Which one would you like to donate?

  1. Smiley- $7.00 donation for 1 pair
  2. Smiley- $14.00 donation for 2 pairs
  3. Smiley-$21.00 donation for 3 pairs
  4. Smiley-$28.00 donation for 4 pairs
  5. Smiley-$35.00 donation for 5 pairs
  6. Smiley-$42.00 donation for 6 pairs
  7. Smiley-$49.00 donation for 7 pairs
  8. Smiley-$56.00 donation for 8 pairs
  9. Smiley-$62.00 donation for 9 pairs
  10. Smiley- $68.00 donation for 10 pairs
  11. Canyon- $6.00 donation for 1 pair
  12. Canyon- $12.00 donation for 2 pairs
  13. Canyon- $18.00 donation for 3 pairs
  14. Canyon- $24.00 donation for 4 pairs
  15. Canyon- $30.00 donation for 5 pairs
  16. Canyon- $36.00 donation for 6 pairs
  17. Canyon- $42.00 donation for 7 pairs
  18. Canyon- $ 48.00 donation for 8 pairs
  19. Canyon- $50.00 donation for 9 pairs
  20. Bumble- $13.00 donation for 1 pair
  21. Bumble- $ 26.00 donation for 2 pairs
  22. Bumble- $ 40.00 donation for 3 pairs
  23. Cosmo- $ 16.00 donation for 1 pair
  24. Dottie- $20.00 donation for 1 pair
  25. Gwenyth- $20.00 donation for 1 pair
  26. Perfection- $20.00 donation for 1 pair
  27. Matinee- $ 22.00 donation for 1 pair
  28. Dainty- $ 22.00 donation for 1 pair

How can you help

  • Comment below with what you wish to donate
  • E-mail me at
  • Message me on facebook
  • Or call/text me

Style Drop- Honey Impression Bracelet

I mean what girl would not want 40 carats of sparkles around her wrist for only $35.00

You will want this honey impression bracelet valued at $248.00 in your jewelry box to add to your arm stack. This bracelet will be gorgeous now, in summer, in fall, even in the winter!!!

So tell me how do I get this beauty for only $35.00?

Certainly I would love to!!!

With any $40.00 purchase

That is all

I would love to help you complete your look

I have put a few looks together and will place them below… I can customize a look just for you

You can go right here and put your own look together too if you like… let me know if I can help you❤

I have some exciting news

So I was invited as you know to a park Lane party(virtual)and I absolutely fell in live with the jewelry.

The stylist conducting the party also happened to be my friend(we worked together with another DS company) she offered me the opportunity, I just couldnt pass it up

I mean who wouldn’t love

Free jewelry every month

  • Free jewelry every month
  • Weekly paychecks
  • Flexible schedule (work when, where and as much as you want)
  • Incentive trips (yes that is plural there are 2 per year)
  • A Mercedes car incentive program

Sign me up I said!!!

Well I really had to think about it, I mean I am already a stylist with Ruby Ribbon, could this be a good fit for me?


Could this be a good fot for you?

Yes it definitely could!!! How would extra money every week help you and your family? What would you do with extra $1000.00 per month?

Answer these questions

  • Do you love jewelry?
  • Do you wear jewelry?
  • Do you have a cell phone?
  • Do you have a tablet?
  • Do you have a laptop?
  • Could you use extra money each month?
  • Do you like getting FREE things?
  • Do you like creating lifelong friendships?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions Park Lane would be a good fit for you!

Contact me for more information on how to join my team… we are getting ready to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Want to test drive the stylist opportunity?

Maybe you think not now… that is fine would you like to share Park Lane with your friends through a virtual party?