Below you will find my casserole recipes click on the photo to take you to the recipe!

Cheeseburger Casserole: Everything you love about cheeseburgers in a warm cheesy casserole(can you say comfort food?!?)
Comfort food casserole: it is comfort in a bowl: full of pasta, cheese, sauce, broccoli and did I say cheese?
The cheesiest 4 cheese stuffed shells- wow this is sort of a casserole I mean you do put in a cast iron skillet and it goes in the oven 🙂
Peppy Mac and Cheese: combining my love of macaroni and cheese and pizza a fun meal to make and eat!
French onion soup casserole: My love of French onion soup in a hearty casserole perfect for those chilly fall evenings
Sour Cream Ricotta Rotini bake
This is probably the very first thing I ever learned how to make, and I have perfected my recipe over the years!
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