Restaurant reviews

Here are just some reviews I will leave here of restaurants I have been to both near and far away😊 ***the list of reviews are in no particular order*** I give each a star rating you will find under the name using(*) 1- star is not good probably won’t go back- 5 stars is a great restaurant and I will be back!1. HONEY BONES– 1533 3rd Avenue Huntington, WV 25701
Star Rating: 4A comfort food lovers dream! Fried chicken, biscuits, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and more. The restaraunt also offers a wide variety of local brews.2. SHAFFERS DRIVE IN- 1226 W Main Street Milton, WV 25541
Star Rating: 5A traditional drive in in the heart of Milton WV. Family owned and operated, serving up great cheeseburgers, hot dogs, homemade chips, fries, onion rings, sandwiches, salads and more! Eat in your car or at one of the picnic tables out front!The service is quick- before we could get out of our car a car hop was at the drivers side window wanting to take our order! We decided to sit at the picnic tablesThe food came out not long after we ordered, everything was nice and hot and just the way we ordered it!If you are driving through Milton or in the area be sure to stop by for lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed!3. Bombshells Burgers and Barbeque Diner inside the Bare Arms gun range and store– 2134 5th Strret Road, Huntington, WV 25701STAR RATING- 5This restaurant is a must see, tucked inside the Bare Arms gun range and store this is true gem.The restaurant is decorated like a WWII 50s diner, (go see for yourself from the white table tops to the red/silver glitter chairs… the 2 family style corner booths, the walls decorated with WWII photos. The waitresses have guns holstered to their hips and wear red bandanas(sometimes not sure this is a required dress code but it is so so cute!!!)The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming… like you are walking into a friends house for dinnerThe service is quick, the food came out hot but not too hot(don’t want to burn the tongue or the roof of the mouth)The food is delicious!!! I had no complaintsWe had three orders1. Classic cheeseburger with an upgraded side of onion tangles2. Pulled pork Mac N Cheese with 2 sides: onion tangles, potato salad3. Pulled pork sandwich with a side of chips… she also ordered banana pudding for dessert4. Ritzy’sA 60s theme diner conveniently located at 1335 Hal Greer Blvd Huntington, WV 25701An unexpected review today as I was pleasantly surprised at work with a delivery(I have the BEST mom ever!!!)The moment you step inside the front door you step back in time to records and jukeboxes, a happy timeRitzy’s is a local owned and operated fast food chain in Huntington, more than just any fast food chain it is a town icon(cant imagine Huntington without it)You will immediately see the wide variety of hand dipped ice cream options (amazing milkshakes)The waitress calls out your order through a mike for the grilled to hear the order(love this😊)The cheeseburgers are thin fresh hand pattied beef patties that get a little crispy during the grill session yet remains juicy. Top your cheeseburger however you like on a toasted bun.Not in the mood for cheeseburgers? That is fine you can get salads, hot dogs chili and even more!!!I can’t finish this review without talking about the French fries😍 they are truly out of this world good!!! Shoestring crispy and piping hot ready to dip in their cheese sauce(hey I also dip my cheeseburger too) or ketchup or chilli whatever tickles your fancy.Calamity J cafePhoto taken from their websitePhoto taken from their website showing the outside of the restarauntPhoto taken from google earth and their websiteA reboot of a local hot spot Calamity CafeIn the same building and offering some of the same favorites as well as brand new yummy offerings!!!Plain Jane chicken sandwich is amazing (add a slice of cheese)Do you see those chips… oh my word the BEST, I crave them ever since trying for the very first time. I could drink the Cadillac ranch(just go ahead and bring the whole bottle to the table)I got the city junction steak sandwich and oh my it was so tender and juicy and yummy with an almost sweet spicy taste mmmmmThe pretzel bites are amazing dipped in queso for appetizer… I’m not that big into appetizers…. I want to eat my food but these are worth being extra full!!!And they have the good ice!!!Just went back last week I tried the sun dried tomato pastaOur friend got the crazy bowlThe atmosphere is perfect for ALL ages from college students to young adults to seniors from first dates to family night Calamity J cafe is a great restaraunt in Huntington WV.If you haven’t tried Calamity J yet do it soon, you wont be sorry!!!Jims Steak and SoaghettiA timeless classic, if you have never been you should go at least onceIt is like stepping back in time when you enter through the front doors. Until just recently the only form of payment was cash, and all of the waitresses(no males) wore white dresses and nurses shoes with nude pantyhoseThey have a classic menu that has not been changed or updated and it shouldn’t it needs to stay exactly the same, how it has always been!!!I love a lot on the menu but my absolute favorite is their cheeseburgers!!! I call them grown up grilled cheese, because that is what they are like— a grilled cheese with a hamburger inside(yummy) it comes with mustard, onion and pickle I get it just the way it comes!!!The hostess seats you at your favorite booth then the waitress is right there with a package of crackers and a pad of butterEvery year Jim’s has a phenomenon called Stawberry pie week… people come from all over and wait in lines that back up.around the block just to get a piece of that sweet pie!!!

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