What if I told you?

That you could start your Ruby Ribbon business for less than $200.00?
Does that make you think about the possibilities of joining a ground floor opportunity? 
2016 is the year of Ruby Ribbon, and it is the time to join and get started!!!!
I am growing my business and my team in WV and beyond, I am ready to help you create the life you have always dreamed of!

When I joined Ruby Ribbon in 2013 it was very exciting as it was new, but now it is more than exciting we are growing at an unbelievable rate of speed at a little over 1000 stylists nationwide there is still lots of room for growth! We are getting the attention of many news media including Woman’s day Magazine, Health Magazine, Direct sales news magazine and more! 

Have you ever thought of owning your own fashion/shapewear company?  As a young girl I thought it would be awesome to own a fashion boutique!  I had actually looked into what it would cost to open a fashion boutique and WOW  lots of overhead and expenses that I would be in the hole for at least 1 year if not more!  Ruby Ribbon business is a turn-key business you have your own fashion boutique with 3 lines that are only found at Ruby Ribbon which gives you the advantage of a return rate of nearly 90%!  Meaning when surveyed 85% of customers said they would definitely be return customers! 

Ruby Ribbon’s business model is stylist friendly after your initial investment which you can earn double that in just your first month in business, you can earn kits that are released 4 times per year and never have to pay another penny for samples or business supplies!  I have never purchased a lookbook, order forms, or other business supplies and I have earned 2 kits for FREE and the other 7 kits I have been able to get for 50% off kit price which is 80% off retail with my product credits! 
Any purchases made for Ruby Ribbon is a tax write off whether it is making copies at Office Depot, or buying a clothing rack and hangers! 
I personally hold back a percentage of my paycheck to go back to my business, to buy extra sizes or supplies!

Speaking of paychecks we get paid 3 times per month, what traditional job would pay you 3 times per month?  (good question) Ruby Ribbon issued the first $10,000 commission check in 2015, excited to see what kind of checks are issued in 2016!  Typical stylists make $75-100 per hour for sharing Ruby Ribbon with women everywhere!  so lets just say that you have 4 trunk shows scheduled that are each $750.00 you will earn $187.50X4= $750.00 is your paycheck, WOW now lets just imagine that you also have 1 stylist under you(because after all it is more fun with friends) you will earn business building amount on her sales (this comes from Ruby Ribbon home office, will not affect her commission) she has 2 shows at $500.00 you will earn $15.00 from each so you will earn $30.00 add that to your $750.00 and you have $780.00!!!

Not to mention the amount of love and support you will receive from EVERYONE at Ruby Ribbon I have never seen the atmosphere that we have, Sisters tied together by a Ruby Ribbon!!!

Think you are ready to join?  Want to talk more about it?  E-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com to set up an opportunity appointment today!  We can talk about purchasing the kit, how to earn your initial investment back in just 30 days and how Ruby Ribbon will fit into your life!  If after the opportunity appointment you are not feeling it, there is no obligation to join, I just want to be there to answer any questions you may have and help you to see what Ruby Ribbon can do for you!

Fashionably yours
Danielle C.

Ruby Ribbon Style By Danielle Snow Day Specialsl

Wow 18-24+inches of snow in one snow storm!!!! So much snow I don’t think a lot of people are getting out for a couple of days!!!
The whole town basically closed down yesterday and today but guess what my Ruby Ribbon website never shuts down, you can shop from the comfort and safety of your own home by going to
Place your order… For any order placed now through Tuesday will be entered to win prizes (50% off spring item, cami, versatile tank, and more depending on amount of orders… the more orders the more prizes!)
Winners will be notified on Wednesday that they have won!!
Good luck and happy snow day shopping!

Spring is Here

What do you think about when you think spring? 
1. bright colors
2. flowers blooming
3. light and flowy clothing
4.  lace (after all lace is a timeless piece)
5. layers for the chill in the spring air

Well you have all of that plus even more with our brand new spring line!  This release is my favorite line as I LOVE every single piece(lots of shopping in my Ruby Ribbon boutique this spring for me!!!)

1.A gorgeous hand drawn floral print
2. Arm candy is a theme– look at the details on the arms, lace, cutouts, loose and flowing
3. Lace is a timeless piece, RR loves to incorporate lace in each line released, this one is no different with an addition of a lace Tee and lace skirt
4. Colors-We have asked for it, and we got it… Pink, white, navy, coral, black, and print!!

We all know how long and bitter cold winter can be, and how exciting the appearance of spring is!  Lets all gather at a girlfriends house and have a girls night out Spring VIP release!!! I am having my spring kit rushed shipped I will have by Monday So I will be booking shows next Monday Tuesday, Thursday, Friday!!! Will one of those dates be yours?  IF so I will gift you an extra spring piece just for being a VIP!!!
Want to host a show but you are not local to me?  Not a problem we can do virtual parties too!!! Just e-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for more information!!!

In the meantime please go to this link and view the gorgeous spring line

Spring is just around the corner

How exciting I love the changing seasons
This means new exciting wardrobe additions, trends, means a girls shopping trip!!!!

Well I am especially excited because Ruby Ribbon officially launches Spring 2016 to stylists tonight, we got a preview at Inspire Up!

What can you expect for Spring? Luxurious fabrics, loose flowy tops, sweaters, Ponte fabrics, lace, floral prints, bright colors, an updated version of the Little Black Dress!!!

I can not wait to show you the Spring Line, I will be on Periscope doing a open the box preview!!!! Advertising on here, facebook, and Instagram follow me @rubyribbonstylebydanielle

Pictured below is of our gorgeous founder and CEO and my friend Anna Zornosa

Inspire Up!


Inspired – of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

This is exactly what happened at our Inspired up! Conference last weekend and this weekend!

Ruby Ribbon had 6 mini conferences across the country the past 2 weekends

We had lots of bonding time with our fellow stylists–sisters:)
Lots of training at the stylist level and leader level, sneak peak of the new line, lots of tecognition, celebration and hugs!!!

We all left Inspired to Rock 2016!!!

Here are a few highlights from the event

Do you have the traits to be a #Girlboss?

Who runs the world?  The song by Beyoncé tells us that Girls run the world and I believe that she is absolutely correct!  Do you have the traits to be a girl boss?

Strong women, confident women, social women, the movers and the shakers, take control women!  Yep with a  Ruby Ribbon business you can take control of your life and create the life that you have always dreamed about!!!

1. The Fire inside- A girl boss has a fire inside of her that will never burn out, this fire lights up the room allowing her to control the room just by walking into it

2. Innovative-  A girl boss is always looking ahead and planning on where she wants to go and how she is going to get there.  She will leave the past in the past but she knows that the past has molded her into what she is today!

3. Filled with Passion- A girl boss wants to be successful and she is determined to get there!!! She is passionate about all that she does!  You can tell because that is really all she talks about whether it be her life, her money, her job, her kids, her husband, her faith!

4. Fearless- A girl boss lives her life without fear, she doesn’t have fear of failing, fear is a weakness that leads into her self doubt and a girl boss refuses to give into self doubt!

5. Risk taker- more often than not a Girl boss is maybe the first in her area to start something, this takes courage and is a huge leap of faith that a girl boss is prepared to take to propel her into success! She is always confident that the risks that she takes will always pay off for her in the end, in a positive way! 

6.  intuitive- a woman’s intuition is not a myth it is actually very true and there is actual psychology reports that back it up!  A girl boss is very intuitive of where she is and where she wants to go she is able to make decisions that are critical to her success without any trouble!

7. Confident- Of course a girl boss is confident and that in itself makes her the most gorgeous woman in the room, not fake confidence either– you can tell the woman that is loud (in both verbal and non-verbal communication, a girl boss can command the attention of the room just by her presence– everyone wants to talk, hug, and get a chance to speak to her!  Every woman desires to be confident but if the confidence isn’t natural you can tell and it defeats the purpose!

8. Miss Congeniality- Yes girl bosses are miss congeniality– she is able to work with a diverse group of people, and is friendly to all people!  She knows how to form a team and have that team work well together.  She can be a team player but she also can the leader of the team!

9. Human- Girl bosses are human they are able to accept that everyone makes mistakes and can take constructive criticism.  Every one has an off day no one can be on there game 24-7, but a girl boss can embrace her flaws and turn them into her strengths!   

10. Inquisitive- A girl boss is curious about what makes things work, how she can be successful so you will see the girl boss asking questions constantly!  she is always brainstorming but also talking to successful women in her field to be her mentor!  She loves learning new things, she will always be signing up for a class or CEU  webinar, or even going back to school!

Are you a girl boss?  Go through the list and see what traits you have?  What traits do you want to pick up?

— Be a #girlboss– Be Confident– BeYOUtiful– Be you everyone else is taken– 
#Girlboss quotes
He asked me “What’s your favorite position?” I answered “CEO”
It takes a special kind of stubbornness to succeed as an entrepreneur
Dont let someone who gave up on their DREAMS talk you out of yours
Think of #Girlbosses you know, what makes them a #Girlboss? 

*I gathered my information from my RR leadership training, elitedaily, and google

Do you like to travel?

Guess What when you are a Ruby Ribbon stylist and the CEO of your business, you will get to TRAVEL!!!

I love to travel, in 2014 Ruby Ribbon took me to CA, OH, Mountains of WV, VA, IN, TN, GA, all of which is a tax right off!!!

Ruby Ribbon offers the stylist 2 conferences per year and leaders a conference or two every year
What a better way to boost and build your business by getting together with your teams and sisters from across the country, a jam packed weekend of business training, and an awesome awards banquet/gala!!!

I also take my rack on the road and have several road trips with Ruby every year, by packing the car up and going on a road trip to have a trunk show or two 🙂

So how does traveling for a weekend to a friends or families house for FREE sound?
pretty good right, well you will still have to pay for everything up front but you will earn commission check for any trunk show(s) that are held while on vacation, and remember to keep all receipts (food, gas, hotel if applicable, any expenses while away) because it will all be a tax right off!!!

Is traveling more on your to do list in 2016?

Is earning more money on your list for 2016?

Check out the Ruby Ribbon opportunity and see how it can fit into your life, yes I said fit into your life you have to change nothing Ruby Ribbon works for you not the other way around!

No matter what your goals are Ruby Ribbon can help to make your every dream come true!!!

If you are interested in finding out more information you can go to my website  or you can send me an e-mail at rr.daniellec@gmail.com

Fashionably yours


What type of Trunk show is the one for you?

There are new ways to do trunk shows Popping up every day!

Which show would be right for you?

1. Traditional in home/live in person trunk show
          I bring my Ruby Ribbon rack with the entire collection to your home! You invite 4-8 friends and you fix something sweet, salty, and a beverage to share with your guests. I present the Ruby Ribbon line and then guests step into the magic of Ruby Ribbon(try on) then guests get a one on one with me at my design Table (place orders, go over wishlists, and discuss business opportunity and hosting opportunity)

2. Online/Virtual Trunk Show
           I create a Facebook group, you will invite all of your friends and family to join group.  I post pics and info about Ruby Ribbon for a week! Then I set up my Ruby Ribbon Rack and get online for a webinar lasting 30 mins, orders are placed directly through my e-commerce website at http://www.rubyribbon.com/daniellechapman

3. Catalog party
       This is where you take catalogs to friends and family (this option works best if the guests have experienced Ruby Ribbon before) if local tou can also take a bag of Cami’s and or leggings to show off
Your catalog party can be open for 7-14 days

4. SOLO Fashion shoes
       This is where I bring my entire Ruby Ribbon collection to you in a suitcase! You invite friends and family to come over and you basically play dress up with Ruby Ribbon! Inside the suitcase is everuthing you will need, including; RR, fit guide, cami  fit explaination, catalogs, order forms, wishlist, and booking/opportunity packets! SOLO Fashion shows have been very successful in other areas, I am excited to try I’m WV!!!
           Who will be my first Fashion Show   hostess?

5. After work party
      The after work option is a traditional trunk show but instead of being in your home it is at your office! A fun way to end a day/week at work with your coworkers

6. Personal Styling Consultation turned Trunk Show
      Schedule a 45 min PSC with me and invite 3 friends to join, after all it is always more fun to shop with friends! I bring Ruby Ribbon to you for a personal wardrobe/style Consultation, and when you invite 3 friends to join you will get rewarded for sharing our secret! Remember you+3=FREE

Which option is best for you?
I also do themed parties for traditional trunk shows— traditional trunk shows are perfect for your girls night out!!!

Host a trunk show, my calendar fills up fast, my goal is to do 2 traditional shows, 2 one on ones, 2 SOLO Fashion shows and 1 virtual party per month!!!

Fashionably yours
Danielle Chapman