Do you have the traits to be a #Girlboss?

Who runs the world?  The song by Beyoncé tells us that Girls run the world and I believe that she is absolutely correct!  Do you…


Who runs the world?  The song by Beyoncé tells us that Girls run the world and I believe that she is absolutely correct!  Do you have the traits to be a girl boss?

Strong women, confident women, social women, the movers and the shakers, take control women!  Yep with a  Ruby Ribbon business you can take control of your life and create the life that you have always dreamed about!!!

1. The Fire inside- A girl boss has a fire inside of her that will never burn out, this fire lights up the room allowing her to control the room just by walking into it

2. Innovative-  A girl boss is always looking ahead and planning on where she wants to go and how she is going to get there.  She will leave the past in the past but she knows that the past has molded her into what she is today!

3. Filled with Passion- A girl boss wants to be successful and she is determined to get there!!! She is passionate about all that she does!  You can tell because that is really all she talks about whether it be her life, her money, her job, her kids, her husband, her faith!

4. Fearless- A girl boss lives her life without fear, she doesn’t have fear of failing, fear is a weakness that leads into her self doubt and a girl boss refuses to give into self doubt!

5. Risk taker- more often than not a Girl boss is maybe the first in her area to start something, this takes courage and is a huge leap of faith that a girl boss is prepared to take to propel her into success! She is always confident that the risks that she takes will always pay off for her in the end, in a positive way! 

6.  intuitive- a woman’s intuition is not a myth it is actually very true and there is actual psychology reports that back it up!  A girl boss is very intuitive of where she is and where she wants to go she is able to make decisions that are critical to her success without any trouble!

7. Confident- Of course a girl boss is confident and that in itself makes her the most gorgeous woman in the room, not fake confidence either– you can tell the woman that is loud (in both verbal and non-verbal communication, a girl boss can command the attention of the room just by her presence– everyone wants to talk, hug, and get a chance to speak to her!  Every woman desires to be confident but if the confidence isn’t natural you can tell and it defeats the purpose!

8. Miss Congeniality- Yes girl bosses are miss congeniality– she is able to work with a diverse group of people, and is friendly to all people!  She knows how to form a team and have that team work well together.  She can be a team player but she also can the leader of the team!

9. Human- Girl bosses are human they are able to accept that everyone makes mistakes and can take constructive criticism.  Every one has an off day no one can be on there game 24-7, but a girl boss can embrace her flaws and turn them into her strengths!   

10. Inquisitive- A girl boss is curious about what makes things work, how she can be successful so you will see the girl boss asking questions constantly!  she is always brainstorming but also talking to successful women in her field to be her mentor!  She loves learning new things, she will always be signing up for a class or CEU  webinar, or even going back to school!

Are you a girl boss?  Go through the list and see what traits you have?  What traits do you want to pick up?

— Be a #girlboss– Be Confident– BeYOUtiful– Be you everyone else is taken– 
#Girlboss quotes
He asked me “What’s your favorite position?” I answered “CEO”
It takes a special kind of stubbornness to succeed as an entrepreneur
Dont let someone who gave up on their DREAMS talk you out of yours
Think of #Girlbosses you know, what makes them a #Girlboss? 

*I gathered my information from my RR leadership training, elitedaily, and google

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