Hello September

My favorite month is here!!!!

Why is September my favorite month? Well for many reasons but mainly because it is the start of fall(my favorite season), it is time to Redefine my closet(well clean out my closet, remove spring and summer and place fall and winter clothes in). Sweater weather, boots, and leggings are my favorites!

September is my Birthday month!!! YAY, and why can’t I celebrate the entire month?

September is typically my family beach vacation(although this year we went in May, that was different with all my other travels we had to)

And guess what September is going to be your favorite month this year… Ruby Ribbon has announced the monthly specials!

  1. Leg Craze- If Ruby Ribbon knows how to do something right it is definitely how to make a woman’s legs look amazing!!! With our leggings, skirts, dresses, and of course our foundation intimate pieces

  1. Ponte Season has officially started- yes that is right you heard it here first, Ponte is back and on sale… even better host a show and get it for FREE

  1. Hosting shows are easier now more than ever with my brand new virtual show set up! invite your friends, spend a few minutes in the group for a week and reap the rewards of FREE and reduced Ruby Ribbon!
  2. I have an exclusive deal for you(only found through me) A Pay your date deal you can get some of our most popular items(cami, demiette, R&R lounge pants, one of the active tanks) you pay the date so if you choose to begin your virtual show on September the 10th you would pay $10.00 for a cami meaning you save $64.00 WOW!!!

Help me celebrate my Birthday month by shopping with me or hosting a show with me

*** When I say host a show, many women automatically say No way I can’t do that, I don’t have that kind of time, I don’t host shows… Let me ask you a question?

  • Do you get on FB at least once per day or a couple of times per week?
    • If you answered yes you can host a show!
  • Do you love RR?
  • Do you like a good deal (Like FREE!!!)?
    • If you answered yes you need to host a show!

Get your date booked now!!!

Fashionably yours


I love receiving happy mail

Just for working my business in August(let me just say that I had an amazing month, and it wasn’t hard at all, more like fun!!!)

My amazing team director Susan decided to have a friendly contest for August and guess who was one of the 4 winners????

Me I was a winner😁

She had 2 contests and I was in the running for both prizes… wow, that hasn’t happened in a long time, I forgot how fun it was to work your business(especially when there is q potential gift😊)

Today I went to the mailbox and there was a package peeking out😍

Look what I won

The demiette in cheetah, look how cute it is paired with my briefs😍

So guess what if you purchase 2 this month at $118.00 you can get a pair of leggings for 39 or 69.00

118.00 +39= 157 (free shipping)

118.00 +69= 187 (free shipping and tax is on me)

For any purchase of $100.00 you can add a suedette or leather legging for 69.00 or ponte for 39.00

While we are taking about great deals of you gather your friends for a virtual facebook party and the orders equals $1,000 you will get a ponte jacket for FREE (up to a $99 value) plus 10% of your show($1,000 will give you $100.00 FREE Ruby Ribbon plus a few 50% off items!!!

Fashionably yours