Plus Sized fashion tips using Ruby Ribbon

I recently read an article by Instyle Magazine about dressing tips by Ashley Graham here is the link to the article

So Did you know that Ruby Ribbon offers great style options for plus sized women, We sell our line in size xs-xxxl and as many xxxl pieces sell out as xs, not to mention our award winning shapwear that will help you look fabulous in any outfit!!!
Her nine tips are
1. leather leggings
2. bright colors
3. wrap dress and tops
4. off the shoulder look
5. small prints
6. strategically show skin
7. less is more
8. fit 
9. Little black dress

How can Ruby Ribbon help?

1. We have vegan leather leggings that are absolutely gorgeous and look great on all body shapes

2. We have 2 new colors which are more muted for fall than bright but balsalm and sapphire 

3. We have a gorgeous wrap dress available in black which can also take care of number 9 too

4. We have a talented tunic for fall which can be worn over 18 different ways and one of the ways is off the shoulder

5. We have a new print for fall called the geo print it is a gorgeous print including cinnabar, and sapphire

6. We have a crocheted top in a beautiful fall color of balsam the top is crocheted and shows skin but not too much

7. we have the Judi cardigan in black now which is perfect to dress up or wear to the grocery store and errands

8. We have a ruched top our version of the v-neck tee that fits like a glove and offers a slimming look with our attached shapewear and ruching– we offer it in both short and 3/4 sleeve

9. Our little black dress is the fit and flare black dress, we have the wrap dress and for fall we have a little brown dress with vegan leather accents so we have you covered for dress selection!

Ready to try on fall call me today for your personal appointment!!!

Or click here to shop now

No matter if you are a size 2 or a size 22 I can help you feel confident inside and out!!!

Fashionably yours,


Dream Big

Yes we do dream big but look where we have come
Dreams do come true with Ruby Ribbon
If you can dream it work it you can do it!

Tonight is a special company-wide call called a dream big call 

Do you have 30 minutes this evening?  
Could you call in and log on to the webinar?
For every two guests that I have the company rewards us with business supplies
I am going to do a personal drawing for a special discount on FALL for guests that attend 
What you have to do

1. call into 1-650-281-0004 guest passcode- 565618
2. if you have access to computer and internet we do a presentation on meet FM log on to 
3. when Anna asks for roll call you say that Danielle Chapman invited you 
4. e-mail me or text or message me that you got on to the call and 1 thing that you learned from the call to get entered into my drawing

You may win a gift from Ruby Ribbon during the call and guess what they are doing double the drawings tonight

I will be on the call as well so you can say hi on the chat if you want:) 

What is the call for?
1. to explain what Ruby Ribbon is
2. offer the opportunity- customer, hostess, brand ambassador, stylist(I would love to have you on my Royal team)
3. show our process where we came from and where we are going(it is getting pretty exciting at Ruby Ribbon)

Fashionably yours


Fall is officially not here until the end of September but Ruby Ribbon’s fall line launches officially today for ordering!!! I have so many favorite pieces it is going to be hard to just pick one outfit, oh wait I don’t have to I will have everything on my rack I can choose from anytime I want, just one of the perks of being a stylist!!!! 

Fall is the best season to start your business, it is a known fact that women spend more during this season and want to party more than any other time of the year! I can help you get started today for FREE, yep I said that you can join without paying anything– interested in learning more?  call me or e-mail me at for more information!

One thing that I Love about Ruby Ribbon is the versatility of the line, with one top you can wear it 6 different ways for 6 completely different gorgeous looks(this may be my favorite top)

How cool is that, and this is not the only top we have 3 more released this season that you can wear different ways– Get more for your money– 6 tops in one!

I am scheduling trunks shows
(virtual and live) now through Sept 3rd 
Every trunk show and PSA will help me get to the beach

a virtual copy of the fabulous fall lookbook(I will be mailing out lookbooks to my VIPS do you want to be a VIP?  Let me know)

Fashionably yours

Sample Sale

Exclusive Sample sale Ruby Ribbon style by Danielle
Making room for Fabulous fall 
and you get an AMAZING deal
Ever wanted a Ruby Ribbon outfit but think that the prices are too high?  Check out this sale!!!!

Size small/medium

☆Wrap top in silver(S) and black fit and flare skirt (M) $50.00 for both savings of over $80.00

☆Asymmetric Tunic and Pencil Skirt both Medium and both for $50.00 savings over $70.00

☆ Ava blouse and 2 lingerie tanks (perfect for layering) all Medium and all 3 for $75.00 savings over $90.00

☆Sophia top and ruched Skirt both Medium both for $50.00 savings over $90.00

☆ Marilyn top and ruched Skirt in brushed velvet both Medium both for $75.00 savings over $70.00

☆Sophia top and fit and flare skirt both small both for $50.00 savings over $80.00

☆ ballet top and white tank both small both $40.00 savings over $40.00

☆sequin top and sheer collection cami in plum both small both $50.00 savings of over 100.00

☆Rita Panel Dress(m) and lana top (s) both $75.00 savings over $140.00

☆Lace lingerie tanks both xs both $10.00 savings over $70.00

Size large/extra large

☆ Lana top and cold shoulder top both large and both $50.00 savings over $100.00

☆lace dress and cabana tunic both large both $50.00 savings over $150.00

☆optic dress and lana top both large and $75.00 savings over $140.00

☆tunics: Ruby Ribbon classic– Manhattan tunic, and Vivien tunic both large and both $50.00 savings over $100.00

☆Asymmetric tunic and Marilyn top both XL both $50.00 savings over $80.00

☆lux Cardigan and Audrey Tunic both XL both $75.00 savings over $100.00

☆ruched v-neck tee and jane top both XL for $50.00 savings over $70.00

☆wrap top and versatile dress (maxi skirt) both XL both $75.00 savings over $80.00

 ☆Sophia top and Marilyn top in black both XL both $50.00 savings over $90.00

Fit guide

Bust- 30-33
Waist- 24-26
Hip- 34-36

Bust- 34-35
Waist- 27-28
Hip- 37-38

Bust- 36-38
Waist- 29-30
Hip- 39-40

Bust- 39-41
Waist- 31-34
Hip- 41-43

Bust- 42-44
Waist- 35-37
Hip- 44-46

Happy Shopping
Prices do not include shipping or tax

All sales are final no returns or exchanges

The Royal Rubies Team wants you!!!

I am looking for fashionistas across the gorgeous state of WV and beyond to help spread and share the love of Ruby Ribbon!!!

Have you ever wanted to own your own fashion boutique?  Ever looked into how much it would cost to start up a business?  Thousands upon thousands and that is just to get started not to mention the monthly upkeep and expenses the business requires!  

You can start your very own Ruby Ribbon business for less than $500.00 yep you read that right less than $500.00 and you are in business including an e-commerce website, order forms, business supplies, and clothes all you have to add is a clothing rack and hangers!

Why Ruby Ribbon you may be asking when there are so many other direct sales companies out there right now?  Well, First of all we are still at a ground floor opportunity when I joined there were less than 1000 stylists nationwide, I was the very first stylist in my entire state(WOW), now we are growing at an extreme rate and you definitely want to get on this Ruby Ribbon opportunity train!  Second of all the company is stylist friendly– meaning we invest in our company, yes however, it is not a large investment as each capsule (4) are under $300.00 and Ruby Ribbon gives us the chance to earn the kits for FREE or buy using product credits earned, just by working our business!!! Ruby Ribbon offers something that no one else, direct sales or retail can offer and we just keep getting better and better!!!  Other companies require their stylist or consultant to purchase inventory and sell from their inventory, do not offer a unique shopping experience or sales opportunity, are not stylist friendly, and is a trend that will quickly vanish when the next new thing along all the while Ruby Ribbon is still going to be rocking it!!!

You say I don’t really have the time to devote to a home business!  

Oh do I understand, That was a huge thing that was holding me back when I was deciding to join, I work a full-time college instructor job, I am a student getting her masters degree, I am very involved at my church(secretary), and I also have a jewelry shop on ETSY, not to mention my family and extra activities with them– but guess what Ruby Ribbon lets you work your business your way, and when life gets in the way step away and Ruby Ribbon is there when you are ready to come back<3 

You say that is a large investment for me right now!

I understand this, it was a huge leap of faith for me to join but guess what I am your business partner I will help you develop a plan and show you how you can earn your investment back in 30 days– I say join (you get so many great Ruby Ribbon items) try us on for 6 months if after 6 months it isn’t for you, we understand and would love to keep you as a brand ambassador or customer!!!

You say I am not a good sales person!

Good, I am not looking for a sales team!  I want women who have big hearts who want to share with her friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others, helping women rediscover her inner confidence and empower women as we change the world one cami at a time! 

You say I don’t know that many to be successful!

That is okay, every stylist starts with her warm circle and begins to move outside the warm circle to build her business:  What is a warm circle?  Your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, bestie, co-worker, neighbor… 

You say How much can I make as a stylist?

Good question!  Stylists make 20% off retail, when you share your love of being a Ruby Ribbon stylist and become a Sr. Stylist you get a raise to 30% and as a leader(3 stylists under you) you get a raise to 40% on retail price!  Most trunk shows are averaged at 750.00 show so you would bring home $150.00 for 1-2 hours of your time at a stylist level imagine if you were a leader you would bring home $300.00 (WOW where else can you make that kind of money)

So you want to open your own shop, you love to empower and help others, you love Ruby Ribbon, fashion, shapewear, you want to make a real income???? Then I want you on my Royal Rubies team!!!

E-mail me at or call me to schedule an appointment to talk about the sign process!  
or you can go to this link and type in Danielle Chapman as your sponsor 

Fashionably yours and I look forward to having you join us!!!

Do you need a personal stylist?

I am here for you!!!
from shapewear specialist to fashionista I can help you to step into confidence today!

I have transformed my car into a mobile boutique and I am ready to help you to rock out your fall wardrobe!!!

At one time personal stylists were reserved only for the rich and famous but now anyone can get a RR personal stylist!  

What services do I provide?
1. Personal Style consultation- a 10-15 min phone or video chat

2. Personal Style Appointment- 30 min-1 hour try on only available after the phone 
3. ConsultationTrunk show- a 1-2 hour party at your home 
4. Cami challenge- you try a cami for 24 hours then take a simple survey and follow-up

 5. girls night out- trunk show and ruby ribbon presentation
6. Re-Define your closet- I will show you how Ruby Ribbon will fit into your existing wardrobe
7. after hours- I bring my RR rack to your office or workplace for a quick after work show
8. fundraiser- have a good cause you need funds for?  I will do a fashion show fundraiser for your cause
9. cheer teams, dance teams, gymnastic teams and more- I can provide shapewear and warm up outfits for your team

Schedule your own today and my RR mobile will come to you!!!

All of the above can be done live or virtual!!!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram, twitter, and facebook 

Fashionably yours,


Shaping up my RR Business

This is the most awesome ground floor opportunity!!! 
I  am so thankful I took the leap of faith 3 years ago and signed up as a stylist!
The opportunity just keeps getting better and better and better
Here is one reason
The company lets you work your business your own way!
I purchased the shape pop box (a business in a box) this is a new option for stylists deciding to join Ruby Ribbon
Could it be easier?
Want to join as a fashion stylist, shapewear stylist or a personal stylist(both fashion and shapewear)?
Another reason
We are working towards the 2nd incentive trip – the program is set up so that ANYONE can work to earn the incentive trip and fabulous prizes
And the last reason
The products are out of this world, fashion is on trend, shapewear is award winning pieces that allows you to say #byebyebra  (really, ditch that bra, it is medically known that bras are more harmful than a benefit to our girls, not to mention how uncomfortable they are)
I know I know you are too used to wearing your Bra but I encourage you to try a cami without your bra, you will ♡ it!!!! It may be a process that you will wear a bra with your cami fir awhile then you will eventually ditch the bra for good!!!
I am currently looking for shapewear specialists to add to my team, (5 women who wants to empower other women, helping them feel confident, all while earning a real income)
Look what you will get as a shapewear specialist
Shapebox full of shapewear 

Inside of empty box

Gorgeous box with our saying BYE BYE BRA!!!
look at all of those ruby ribbon goodies!!!!
Ready for business!!!!
Personal note from our gorgeous founder and CEO Anna Zornosa <3 
All the business supplies you need to get started
Summer fashion booklets
Shapewer booklets
Opportunity brochures
Yes as a brand new stylist you also get 40% during your first 60 days(wow what a deal)
Not to mention all of the incentives new stylists get for working their businesses!!!