Shaping up my RR Business

This is the most awesome ground floor opportunity!!! 
I  am so thankful I took the leap of faith 3 years ago and signed up as a stylist!
The opportunity just keeps getting better and better and better
Here is one reason
The company lets you work your business your own way!
I purchased the shape pop box (a business in a box) this is a new option for stylists deciding to join Ruby Ribbon
Could it be easier?
Want to join as a fashion stylist, shapewear stylist or a personal stylist(both fashion and shapewear)?
Another reason
We are working towards the 2nd incentive trip – the program is set up so that ANYONE can work to earn the incentive trip and fabulous prizes
And the last reason
The products are out of this world, fashion is on trend, shapewear is award winning pieces that allows you to say #byebyebra  (really, ditch that bra, it is medically known that bras are more harmful than a benefit to our girls, not to mention how uncomfortable they are)
I know I know you are too used to wearing your Bra but I encourage you to try a cami without your bra, you will ♡ it!!!! It may be a process that you will wear a bra with your cami fir awhile then you will eventually ditch the bra for good!!!
I am currently looking for shapewear specialists to add to my team, (5 women who wants to empower other women, helping them feel confident, all while earning a real income)
Look what you will get as a shapewear specialist
Shapebox full of shapewear 

Inside of empty box

Gorgeous box with our saying BYE BYE BRA!!!
look at all of those ruby ribbon goodies!!!!
Ready for business!!!!
Personal note from our gorgeous founder and CEO Anna Zornosa <3 
All the business supplies you need to get started
Summer fashion booklets
Shapewer booklets
Opportunity brochures
Yes as a brand new stylist you also get 40% during your first 60 days(wow what a deal)
Not to mention all of the incentives new stylists get for working their businesses!!!

Author: redefineyourclosetwithdanielle

I am a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Whisperer with Ruby Ribbon! By Day I teach allied Health mainly Medical Coding, I am a Certified Medical Coder, Auditor and Instructor through the AAPC. I love learning new techniques, skills, and subjects, I am currently enrolled at Capella getting my Masters Degree in Public Health! I absolutely love Ruby Ribbon, my business not only helps me to pay for fun activities for my family but also helps me empower women through confidence building clothes and fashion. I have always loved blogs, reading and writing so here I am I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you are interested in learning more about what I do at Ruby Ribbon please contact me!

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