The DIY Dress

Remember when you were in high school and it was taboo for more than one girl to have the same prom dress?

Well when I packed this awesome dress for our awards gala, this thought crossed my mind.

Let me just say that there were several women in this dress but none of them styled the exact same way. Wow this was awesome, we decided we had to capture it through photos see below

Do you need a black dress that can be as casual or as formal as you need it to be?

Go here to order yours today

Remember if you need help sizing contact me directly

Fashionably yours



I have always heard that when in Chicago one must eat deep dish pizza. So when my Ruby Ribbon Conference location was announced it would be Chicago I knew that I had to incorporate pizza into my plan.

A famous pizzeria was within walking distance of our hotel so we escaped the hotel for a nice dinner away.

Versatile skirt (vintsge piece but it is still my go to for travel)with my popover top and unapologetically letting my cheetah perp through the top😍

When we went to order we really didnt know what to expect, but we ordered pepperoni and zucchini

we did pretty good, we ate half of the small pizza.

The pizza was amazing, was very rich cheesy, and saucy!!! The zucchini had a slight crunch and there was umami in the thick hand cut and cured pepperoni.

If you are near west Higgins road O’Hare airport check out D’agastino’s it is worth the extra wait time for the yummy pizza🍕

Fashionably yours


Sightseeing in Chicago

Scheduled an evening flight so that we would have time to see the city

Here are a few photos from our adventure which included a storm with torrential downpour, a 45 minute train ride a double decker tour bus ride in the rain and time spent at the airport!

Our bag is on the plane, ready to go home now😊

Fashionably yours


Oh and BTW Ruby Ribbon is hosting RUNWAY in Phoenix AZ 2019 and I already have my ticket so stay tuned😁


I was so excited to get this second day started,

Our Key Note Speaker this year was weight loss coach to the stars Liz Josephesberg

I long for the whitewater the exciting times of my business, also the scariest part of my business. She taught us how to ground ourselves, how to stop listening to our brain, it isnt helping us most of the time, how to overcome the negative thoughts and how to get outside the habits! I love hearing her speak(my second opportunity hearing her)

After the key note we went to lunch and had a special table with Anna Zornosa, CEO (I am telling you Ruby Ribbon really knows how to make a girl feel special)

I was one of 12 in the 5 year club and 6 of the 12 were all a part of the sisters at heart team, so honored to be a part of this elite group of women!

How much do I love this lady❤❤❤❤ she is my team’s Senior Director and we have gotten so close during our Ruby Ribbon journey!

After lunch we had a class on virtual trunk shows… I am ready to fill my calendar with virtual parties, want to be my first hostess?

Now that classes were finished for the day, I was able to take my mom out and treat her to Chicago Deep Dish Pizza(see the post about pizza)

Day 2 of Runway was awesome we ended it with an awards gala

I cant believe that Runway 2018 is over now, but I am ready to work and rock my business in WV and beyond… ready to join me?

Runway day 1

Wow what a day it has been

Our 5th Annual Riby Ribbon Runway kicked off

So I woke up at 2:30 AM to get ready to travel to the airport 45 minutes away, arrived to the airport went through security and awaited the plane.

Before we even took off I was fast asleep(sleeping on planes are my favorite😁)

I woke up during the initial descent to this view 😍

Arrived to the airport at O’Hare grabbed our bags and found my teammate Heather, then we awaited our shuttle

Arriving at the hotel excited to get started, we headed to registration and got our swag bags

Inside was the Runway event book and check it out we made the book… 5 year club members(the very first for the company)

Ruby Ribbon sure does know how to make a girl feel special🤗

We then went in to the leadership session

After this we went to lunch with our entire sisters at heart team

Then coming back to conference it was time to get ready for fashion show and guess what….????

I had a reserved front row seat for the fashion show, just like NY fashion week!!!

What an amazing day!!!

Manicure Monday

I have had my nails done for half of my life(crazy isnt it) I can remember being 15 years old and my mom would pick me up from school and drive me 25 minutes to downtown to have my nails filled in😂

As I grew up I continued getting them done every 2-3 weeks

I have ruined my nail beds, nails are paper thin and will not grow and they just didnt look good

I tried to pain’t them, with no luck, all of the time was pretty much wasted when the nails would chip after only a day.

I considered going back to acrylics, I really didn’t want to, I searched for alternatives to acrylics and found gel polish at Sally’s beauty after many steps and using a UV light it was successful… only one problem, I want happy with the look of the thin layer of gel and my nails still broke/tore.

I went with naked nails for 2 years… no gel, no polish, no acrylics, I was ready for something when I found


I researched the company and decided to give them a try

I am on my second peppicure and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my nails

I get compliments on how good they look, and everyone asks me where I get them done😊

Best part is my nails grew after my first peppicure and the nails are all mine, no acrylic or tips needed for gorgeous nails💕

Peppigel is a woman ran entrepreneurship business which is another reason I love it so much

These DIY manicures are going to take the world by storm… watch out nail salons(with that being said peppicure can be time consuming so I can see ladies still opting for a nail salon experience) peppigel is a healthy alternative to acrylic and traditional gel polish.

Want a chemical free way to make your nails look fabulous, give peppigel a try (I am not affiliated nor get anything for this review/referral, I am just a fan wanting to share with you)

Redefine your leftovers

I really have never been a big fan of leftovers but the older I get I am also not a big fan of throwing away perfectly good food.

Friday night we went to a local Italian restaurant, we brought home 6 slices of pepperoni pizza.

I decided I was going to redefine this pizza into a fresh new meal.

I sliced fresh zucchini from the garden, I keep purple onions cut up(finely diced) in the fridge for salads.

Heated a nonstick skillet with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) placed the zucchini and onions and sauteed until tender. I added salt and pepper to taste as well as marinara sauce(I had in fridge) cook on medium until bubbly then add fresh grated parmesan on top(allow to melt)

While the zucchini was cooking, I placed the left over pizza slices in the toaster oven to get hot and crispy.

Once the pizza was good and hot I removed placed the slice on a paper plate, and placed a heaping spoonful of the zucchini on top of the pizza slice.

It was a brand new dish and no one even knew it was based around left overs. I would be more than comfortable serving this dish for company.

Cheesy pepperoni pizza slice straight from the oven(yes I used paper plates, if I were serving company I would use our dinner plates😁)

Look at that cheesy zucchini😋

No fancy plating technique used here again this was just for my family if I were serving company it would have been a little fancier😉

Next time you are thinking about tossing your leftovers… think again

Redefine your leftovers

Fall is here

We may not be ready to settle into fall weather, Friday night football, or back to school time… summer just began… didnt it?

Yes most everyone is in full-swing summer but over at Riby Ribbon we are excited to introduce our fall fashion line!

Next Friday at this very time I will be in Chicago at our annual RUNWAY event(I am getting excited)

The beauty of Ruby Ribbon is that our clothes can be worn and seasons transition so even if it is 100 degrees outside we have the perfect outfit for any occasion


Wildflower top

Back of wildflower top

diamond bomber jacket, such a classic look

the flipside tunic… wear it front way or turn it around for a fun look

The shirt dress makes a second grand entrance with this cute print

the Gypsy top such a delicate feminine piece to add to your wardrobe… get two pieces

Lace body suit a perfect way to layer lace

Stevie leggings with real working snaps (must have piece for fall)

Vegan leather leggings… you will want these!!!

R & R Pant– these are the pants that you will NEVER want to take off… believe me made from bamboo and cotton blend, featuring pockets. I have 2 pairs of these in black excited we have them in grey!!! You can dress them up with a pair of pumps or dress them down with sneakers. Psssttt you will want to wear as lounge/pajamas too!!!

So now that I have shared the new pieces with you, stay tuned i will be creating cute outfits with items you may already have at home!

Go here to see the line yourself and place your order before we sell out, and with a line as awesome as this one we will sell out shortly!

Fashionably yours


Searching for…

The perfect cross-body purse

I have been searching for 3 months for the perfect crossbody purse

The ones I have found were either too big too little the wrong color(really wanting a red bag)

Had my heart set on Michael Kors and when I was on vacation went to the Michael Kors store and was disappointed I could not find it😫

I searched online and found it… but you know about buying designer bags online, never know if it will be authentic, so I tried to find at Macys I couldn’t, so I kind of gave up on this particular bag… still looking for red

Super cute crossbody bags both red at Macys backstage pass but a little on the small side so I passed and continued looking

I went to and found what I thought was the perfect bag, just look at it, even had a bow(girls with bows have more fun🎀

One the bag came in it was not big enough to hold my sunglasses case(a must especially in summer and travel) and it was orange😫

I went to Target after finding this gorgeous red bag online

The feel of it was rough and it was mini as in so tiny too tiny 😂

I went to Marshall’s and found the PERFECT crossbody bag and nope it isnt red lol 😂😂😂

I don’t have any bags this color or shape or style. It hold all of my necessities plus room for more🤗

I was so focused on a red bag I almost missed out on this beautiful bag that feels luxurious(vegan leather… oh so soft)

I don’t know if your Marshall’s/TJ maxx will have it but it doesnt hurt to look😉

Happy shopping