Runway day 1

Wow what a day it has been

Our 5th Annual Riby Ribbon Runway kicked off

So I woke up at 2:30 AM to get ready to travel to the airport 45 minutes away, arrived to the airport went through security and awaited the plane.

Before we even took off I was fast asleep(sleeping on planes are my favoritešŸ˜)

I woke up during the initial descent to this view šŸ˜

Arrived to the airport at O’Hare grabbed our bags and found my teammate Heather, then we awaited our shuttle

Arriving at the hotel excited to get started, we headed to registration and got our swag bags

Inside was the Runway event book and check it out we made the book… 5 year club members(the very first for the company)

Ruby Ribbon sure does know how to make a girl feel specialšŸ¤—

We then went in to the leadership session

After this we went to lunch with our entire sisters at heart team

Then coming back to conference it was time to get ready for fashion show and guess what….????

I had a reserved front row seat for the fashion show, just like NY fashion week!!!

What an amazing day!!!

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