Dream Big

Yes we do dream big but look where we have comeDreams do come true with Ruby RibbonIf you can dream it work it you can…


Yes we do dream big but look where we have come
Dreams do come true with Ruby Ribbon
If you can dream it work it you can do it!

Tonight is a special company-wide call called a dream big call 

Do you have 30 minutes this evening?  
Could you call in and log on to the webinar?
For every two guests that I have the company rewards us with business supplies
I am going to do a personal drawing for a special discount on FALL for guests that attend 
What you have to do

1. call into 1-650-281-0004 guest passcode- 565618
2. if you have access to computer and internet we do a presentation on meet FM log on to meet.fm/rubyribbon.com 
3. when Anna asks for roll call you say that Danielle Chapman invited you 
4. e-mail me or text or message me that you got on to the call and 1 thing that you learned from the call to get entered into my drawing

You may win a gift from Ruby Ribbon during the call and guess what they are doing double the drawings tonight

I will be on the call as well so you can say hi on the chat if you want:) 

What is the call for?
1. to explain what Ruby Ribbon is
2. offer the opportunity- customer, hostess, brand ambassador, stylist(I would love to have you on my Royal team)
3. show our process where we came from and where we are going(it is getting pretty exciting at Ruby Ribbon)

Fashionably yours

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