Fall is officially not here until the end of September but Ruby Ribbon’s fall line launches officially today for ordering!!! I have so many favorite pieces it is going to be hard to just pick one outfit, oh wait I don’t have to I will have everything on my rack I can choose from anytime I want, just one of the perks of being a stylist!!!! 

Fall is the best season to start your business, it is a known fact that women spend more during this season and want to party more than any other time of the year! I can help you get started today for FREE, yep I said that you can join without paying anything– interested in learning more?  call me or e-mail me at rr.daniellec@gmail.com for more information!

One thing that I Love about Ruby Ribbon is the versatility of the line, with one top you can wear it 6 different ways for 6 completely different gorgeous looks(this may be my favorite top)

How cool is that, and this is not the only top we have 3 more released this season that you can wear different ways– Get more for your money– 6 tops in one!

I am scheduling trunks shows
(virtual and live) now through Sept 3rd 
Every trunk show and PSA will help me get to the beach

a virtual copy of the fabulous fall lookbook(I will be mailing out lookbooks to my VIPS do you want to be a VIP?  Let me know)

Fashionably yours

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