The Royal Rubies Team wants you!!!

I am looking for fashionistas across the gorgeous state of WV and beyond to help spread and share the love of Ruby Ribbon!!!Have you ever…


I am looking for fashionistas across the gorgeous state of WV and beyond to help spread and share the love of Ruby Ribbon!!!

Have you ever wanted to own your own fashion boutique?  Ever looked into how much it would cost to start up a business?  Thousands upon thousands and that is just to get started not to mention the monthly upkeep and expenses the business requires!  

You can start your very own Ruby Ribbon business for less than $500.00 yep you read that right less than $500.00 and you are in business including an e-commerce website, order forms, business supplies, and clothes all you have to add is a clothing rack and hangers!

Why Ruby Ribbon you may be asking when there are so many other direct sales companies out there right now?  Well, First of all we are still at a ground floor opportunity when I joined there were less than 1000 stylists nationwide, I was the very first stylist in my entire state(WOW), now we are growing at an extreme rate and you definitely want to get on this Ruby Ribbon opportunity train!  Second of all the company is stylist friendly– meaning we invest in our company, yes however, it is not a large investment as each capsule (4) are under $300.00 and Ruby Ribbon gives us the chance to earn the kits for FREE or buy using product credits earned, just by working our business!!! Ruby Ribbon offers something that no one else, direct sales or retail can offer and we just keep getting better and better!!!  Other companies require their stylist or consultant to purchase inventory and sell from their inventory, do not offer a unique shopping experience or sales opportunity, are not stylist friendly, and is a trend that will quickly vanish when the next new thing along all the while Ruby Ribbon is still going to be rocking it!!!

You say I don’t really have the time to devote to a home business!  

Oh do I understand, That was a huge thing that was holding me back when I was deciding to join, I work a full-time college instructor job, I am a student getting her masters degree, I am very involved at my church(secretary), and I also have a jewelry shop on ETSY, not to mention my family and extra activities with them– but guess what Ruby Ribbon lets you work your business your way, and when life gets in the way step away and Ruby Ribbon is there when you are ready to come back<3 

You say that is a large investment for me right now!

I understand this, it was a huge leap of faith for me to join but guess what I am your business partner I will help you develop a plan and show you how you can earn your investment back in 30 days– I say join (you get so many great Ruby Ribbon items) try us on for 6 months if after 6 months it isn’t for you, we understand and would love to keep you as a brand ambassador or customer!!!

You say I am not a good sales person!

Good, I am not looking for a sales team!  I want women who have big hearts who want to share with her friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others, helping women rediscover her inner confidence and empower women as we change the world one cami at a time! 

You say I don’t know that many to be successful!

That is okay, every stylist starts with her warm circle and begins to move outside the warm circle to build her business:  What is a warm circle?  Your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, bestie, co-worker, neighbor… 

You say How much can I make as a stylist?

Good question!  Stylists make 20% off retail, when you share your love of being a Ruby Ribbon stylist and become a Sr. Stylist you get a raise to 30% and as a leader(3 stylists under you) you get a raise to 40% on retail price!  Most trunk shows are averaged at 750.00 show so you would bring home $150.00 for 1-2 hours of your time at a stylist level imagine if you were a leader you would bring home $300.00 (WOW where else can you make that kind of money)

So you want to open your own shop, you love to empower and help others, you love Ruby Ribbon, fashion, shapewear, you want to make a real income???? Then I want you on my Royal Rubies team!!!

E-mail me at or call me to schedule an appointment to talk about the sign process!  
or you can go to this link and type in Danielle Chapman as your sponsor 

Fashionably yours and I look forward to having you join us!!!

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