Do you like to travel?

Guess What when you are a Ruby Ribbon stylist and the CEO of your business, you will get to TRAVEL!!!

I love to travel, in 2014 Ruby Ribbon took me to CA, OH, Mountains of WV, VA, IN, TN, GA, all of which is a tax right off!!!

Ruby Ribbon offers the stylist 2 conferences per year and leaders a conference or two every year
What a better way to boost and build your business by getting together with your teams and sisters from across the country, a jam packed weekend of business training, and an awesome awards banquet/gala!!!

I also take my rack on the road and have several road trips with Ruby every year, by packing the car up and going on a road trip to have a trunk show or two 🙂

So how does traveling for a weekend to a friends or families house for FREE sound?
pretty good right, well you will still have to pay for everything up front but you will earn commission check for any trunk show(s) that are held while on vacation, and remember to keep all receipts (food, gas, hotel if applicable, any expenses while away) because it will all be a tax right off!!!

Is traveling more on your to do list in 2016?

Is earning more money on your list for 2016?

Check out the Ruby Ribbon opportunity and see how it can fit into your life, yes I said fit into your life you have to change nothing Ruby Ribbon works for you not the other way around!

No matter what your goals are Ruby Ribbon can help to make your every dream come true!!!

If you are interested in finding out more information you can go to my website  or you can send me an e-mail at

Fashionably yours


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