Sparkle Box November 2022

Sparkle is a word that really gets my attention!!!! Are you the same? I love sparkle, I mean come on it is a major part…


Sparkle is a word that really gets my attention!!!! Are you the same? I love sparkle, I mean come on it is a major part of my brand and mission!!!! So Sparkle box that is a box of Sparkle or a box with Sparkle, and definitely either way a box that I have to have!!!!

What is a sparkle box?

I am sure everyone has heard of subscription or auto ship programs… right? I mean pretty much every company has a program similar. Sparkle box is Park Lane Jewelry’s version of a subscription program! Every month gorgeous jewelry automatically show up at your door or in your mailbox!

Tell me more

I am so glad you are here and want to know more about our Sparkle Box Program!!!!

Subscription cost

Of course the very first thing we all want to know is how much is it?

  • standard box- $24 each month
  • Premium box- $39 each month

What do you get?

Park Lane offers 2 options a standard Box and a premium box subscription

  • Standard box- comes with 1 piece valued at $80
  • Premium box- comes with 2 pieces valued at $129

Along with the jewelry you will also receive a microfiber jewelry storage bag and a gorgeous jewelry gift box.

Did I mention the sparkle box ships FREE?!?!

How long is the subscription?

Great question!!!! We have options here too

  • 3 month
  • 6 month
  • 9 month
  • ongoing

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, at anytime if you need to cancel your subscription you may do so, no questions asked.

What if I don’t like what I get?

I can tell you I have been a sparkle box subscriber for nearly 2 years and 99% of the time I absolutely love what I get, there have been a few that were not my style, so I gifted them! Think about everyone you give gifts to throughout the year, someone would love the sparkle box that you didn’t like!

Sparkle box jewelry

The jewlery in the sparkle box is exclusive to the Sparkle box, you will not be able to purchase on the website!

You are going to find that the sparkle box blends so well with our current, our past, and future collections as well as with any jewelry you have in your jewelry box!

Sparkle box Makes an awesome gift

That is right you can subscribe for yourself, or you can sign a friend up. Think about how fun that would be going to your mailbox the first of every month and finding a gift inside!!!! A delight that would be instead of seeing bills and junk mail, that sparkle box is going to bring smiles and joy to your day, your week, your month!!!!

Exclusive Collector edition

January Premium Sparkle Box subscribers will receive a gorgeous collector edition jewlery box along with their gorgeous jewelry

Premium sparkle box- a special limited edition collectors Godl box

Ready to sign up

There is still time to sign up and get the collector jewelry box sign up online go to the Sparkle box tab and subscribe today!!!!

Past Sparkle Box Style

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