Come shop with me- girls day out for lunch

After all the Hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday season… it is nice to gather some friends up and head out to lunch! Come…


After all the Hustle and bustle of the Christmas Holiday season… it is nice to gather some friends up and head out to lunch! Come shop with me at Walmart for a girls day out outfit!

But what will I wear?

Anytime anything is planned that is one of thr first thoughts that enter my mind. What will I wear, I then mentally go through my closet and try to pick something out!

For a lunch out with the girls you will want something casual yet cute yet comfortable because let’s face it the likelihood that you go shopping after is pretty high!!!

Come Shopping with me- girls day out

Walmart Fashion for the win

Walmart fashion has something for everyone and for every occasion take a girl’s day out for instance let’s put a really cute outfit together

first the top

I chose this adorable sweater from Time and Tru it is so soft and comfortable, I LOVE the jewelry tones and that little bit of muted magenta. Remember the color of the year is Magenta!!!!

next let’s grab some pants

I headed over to the Jean display and chose Lee straight leg ankle length in dark wash

next let’s get some shoes

These western style booties will be perfect for this outfit also Time and Tru

tuck your jeans or cuff them either way there booties are a must have!!!!!

Finally we have to have a new bag

I mean I love me a new handbag, don’t you?

walmart has a nice selection of bags and super affordable you can get a new bag with every outfit!!!

Love this accent purse, a true accessory. Look at the pop of color again giving off the color of year vibes. I love adding a

Dont be scared of color, you can add pops of color to your wardrobe through accessories like this bag!!! Wear with the outfit shown or with a black blazer, black sweater, cream or white sweater this bag will give you all the color you need!!!

What do you think?

Come shopping with me- girls day out

Could you see yourself wearing this outfit for your next girls day out?


I am a Park Lane Jewelry Stylist so I will be sharing jewelry ideas from our collection, however walmaet has a very nice selection of jewelry, check it out

Necklace options

Jewelry style board for a girls day out

Chains are on trend for Spring 2023- is gold not your thing?… no problem, we have silver and hematite!

Arm Party idea

Grab these bracelets for a perfect stack; Mavis bracelet set, embraceable, impression in clear

Redefine your closet

keep on following for more fashion tips, outfit inspo, sparkle and recipes!

Have a blessed Day!!!

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