We are living with an entitled generation

I see it over and over and a recent conversation with a coworker just made me sad and start thinking wow we really are living…


I see it over and over and a recent conversation with a coworker just made me sad and start thinking wow we really are living among a lot of entitled people.

So the conversation went something like this. I supported my kids until they moved out, and I would support them if they came back home, I Love my kids.

What exactly do you mean? I asked with anticipation of hearing the answer.

Well you know those parents who make their kids pay for their own stuff like cars and school(college) and other “necessities” like rent utilities…

Yea… well parents who really love their kids support their kids.

I said with all do respect I have to disagree

My mom loved me very much but I paid for my car(s)… my bills… my schooling(grad school) I got a job at 18 and have not been without a job since(blessed)

My mom taught me how to be a productive member of society and how to be an adult! I am responsible I pay my Bill’s, my taxes, I have a career where I show up and work all day long, dont goof off. My mom taught me that being adult is a mandatory part of life, is isn’t always fun no but you have to do it every day.

I am so very thankful for everything my mom has and continues to teach me.

I am also proud to say I have worked very hard for everything I have, I was handed nothing in life, I appreciate the small things as well as the big things.

I look around at the younger and some who are my age and even older but mostly younger, and say how are they ever going to make it?

Their poor parents thought that they were doing them a favor by giving them everything, by not teaching them responsibility, the adage I hear all the time is you’re young go out have fun you deserve it!

What are they deserving of if they have never done really anything to earn it?

It makes me both sad and anxious to think what the future holds for these individuals… I mean if the parents just continue handing them everything and they are responsible for nothing… life is going to hit them in the face really soon. Instead of “helping” their kids they are “hindering” their kids holding them back from their full potential.

Watch national geographic sometime and you will see a mommy/daddy(sometimes) and a baby animal… watch closely as the parents teach and instruct their baby how to survive, teach them basic life skills. Then the parents and baby separate and the child then lives on it’s own because the mommy and it’s daddy showed them how to be independent.

Maybe because I have worked for everything I have, it irritates me to see someone just get everything handed to them. Then, when I stop and think I really feel sorry for them because they dont truly appreciate anything and they will never truly be independent, or know how to survive on their own.

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