Winter is coming

Oh man, I cannot believe I just said that…. seriously???? Winter is by far my least favorite season😫

I am a flower that does best in direct sun, lol 😂 not a cold snowy ice covered pine tree lol😂

So although winter doesnt officially begin until December 21st, and fall has officially kicked in(chilly mornings, warm days and crisp nights). It is never too early to be planning your next wardrobe❤

At Ruby Ribbon we launch 4 capsules per year to go with the changing seasons, and although winter is my least favorite season, the winter capsule is my most favorite one to share and wear😍

Check it out below or jump on over here to shop

And our holiday gift boutique is back and better than ever

We have colors(gorgeous deep jewel tones that are all the rage this season) we have textures of silk, velvet, crushed velvet, bamboo, and cashmere like soft, fur… and more

Go ahead get you an outfit you deserve it😘 shop here

Fashionably yours


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